Let me introduce you to the Bare Naked Ladies

Wendy & Claire, two peas in a pod who found each other through our Wonderland Twitter friends and over time realised that we may well have been separated at birth we are so alike.

Nicola, Tammy, Tara & Tbird joined us because of their love of books and for some reason which we can't quite put our finger on, they wanted to join the craziness that is BNW blogging!

Sally is a book lover and Graphics Whizz!

Bare Naked Words - Blog Boss & wordy woman
My name is Wendy, but most of my friends call me Mrs S, in April 2012 I was on holiday, I had just turned 37 (for the 3rd or possible 4th time), and I was not having a great holiday, I was feeling a little lost, my daughter was in her first year an University (I was a gymslip Mum), and I was lying there on my sunbed by the pool thinking “What the hell do I do next”?

So I powered up my kindle and opened a book that I had downloaded the day before we left for holiday, something I didn’t really know much about but thought I’d give it a shot.  And so it began, I read all day, only stopping to appease my somewhat bored husband.  I finished the book and had my first WTF moment at the end of a book in quite some time.  The book was “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  I practically sprinted to reception to get WIFI signal to download the next 2 books and finished all 3 on holiday.  My love of reading was rekindled and over the following months I was reading every day.  I knew nothing about “Indie” authors and self-publishing and suddenly I was finding some great people on Facebook and Twitter and do you know what?  They interacted with their readers and shared comments about their books and suddenly I felt like I was home.

Over the next few months I had read:

·         Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire

·         Gabriels Rapture & Inferno, Sylvain Reynard

·         Rock Me, Cherrie Lynn

·         Bared to You, Sylvia Day

·         While it Lasts, Abbi Glines

·         The Future of our Past, Kahlen Aymes

·         Easy, Tammara Webber

·         The Wild Ones, Michelle Leighton

·         Because of Low, Abbi Glines (she is a Dixie Princess and i have met her in the flesh so i know)

·         Reflected in You, Sylvia Day

·         The Mighty Storm, Samantha Towle

·         The Perfect Game, J Sterling (love this girl)

·         Laid Bare, Lauren Dane

·         The Siren, Tiffany Reisz (I adore Nora) & The Original Sinners Series

·         Come Away with Me, Kristen Proby

·         Backstage Pass, Olivia Cunning (hot as hell)

·         Thoughtless, SC Stevens ( and this just ruined me for so long, i couldn't move on)

·         Undeniable, Madeline Sheehan (OMFG I adore this Crazy Ass writer)

·         Up to Me, Michelle Leighton
·         Effortless, SC Stevens

·         This Man, Jodi Ellen Malpas

·         Wallbanger, Alice Clayton (laughed out loud)

·         Reckless, SC Stevens (need I say more!)

·         Until I Break, Michelle Leighton ( I mention this because I liked it, but Michelle got a hard time from some quarters)

·         You Belong with Me, MR Joseph (loved the cover loved the book, oh and did i mention she's awesome)

·         Unbeautifully, Madeline Sheehan (another OMFG moment, oh and I adore her, like i want to adopt her ass adore her)

I could go on and on and on, and I hate to miss out any one of the many authors that saved me from myself that summer and over the weeks and months that followed, but oh boy what a summer it was.

And then I started not only downloading to the Kindle but buying the books so I could see them sat looking beautiful on my bookcase. My husband or The Biker as he is affectionately known, really doesn’t understand this need either.

So here I am, because I’d like to give something back to the inspirational writers that devote a huge chunk of their lives to giving us some of the best book boyfriends ever, those heart in the mouth moments, those sick to our stomach moments, WTF, OMFG and the ultimate happy ever afters.

I hope I can do these books justice by sharing my very humble opinion with you all.

Feel free to contact me on FB or Twitter:


Wendy's partner in crime, Editor Extraordinaire & book junkie

I’m a 40 (ish) married mum of 3 boys, and a male dog! So is there any wonder I immerse myself in the world of books??

Seriously, I’ve always been a reader, I don’t feel whole unless I have a good book underway, so when I saw Wendy’s facebook plea for help with her blog, I knew, that it was for me!!

Little did I know when I sent the first e mail that she was my twin! We have so much in common that it’s scary! So she’s teaching me her world of blogging and reviewing and I love every minute!

Here's just of few of my favourite books:

· 50 Shades Trilogy by E L James……..I know it’s not the most beautifully written book in the world, but I fell in love! I questioned my life, my loves and why I wasn’t getting seduced on a pool table……..so that’s enough for me!

· The Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz! ALL OF THEM! If you haven’t come across this lady you need to read’ The Siren’……then head to her website where you’ll find loads of freebie novellas. There are 4 books, then coming soon 4 prequels……..Enjoy!

· On The Island and Covet by Tracey Garvis- Graves……See!– I don’t always read sexy books! OK these do have a little sex in them, but they’re a bit different and unputdownable (a made up word but I like it)!

The stay up all night reader
Why hello!!  I'm the newbie to the beautiful gang of bloggers and I must say...I love this world!!

I am a wife, mother of two little girls and a preschool teacher!  My love of reading took a turn the second I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Christian turned my world upside down. After him I was hook on "Chick Lit".  I've met so many wonderful men...Christian, Kellan, Travis, TJ...the list goes on.

A little bird from Wonderland, (one of my most favorite places) knew how much I loved reading (and well, how much I read) and she suggested I contact the beauties at Barenaked Words. They took me under their wings and made me feel so at home!  I'm truly honored to be part of their world!

Some of my Fav Books:
•Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy
•Thoughtless trilogy (Yum!)
•Beautiful Disaster
•Walking Disaster
•Beautiful Wedding
•The Colters Series
•Breathless Series
•On the Island

Enjoy the books on my list and let me know of your favs! ❤️


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