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**Blog Tour** The Storm by Samantha Towle

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the storm amazon
STORM (noun)—a turbulent disturbance; a disruption or dispute.

Jake Wethers’s life is perfect. He’s married to the woman he’s always loved, and they have three beautiful children. The Mighty Storm is still going strong, and his record label is thriving.

Jake has everything—a life he thought he would never have and one that he didn’t think he deserved.
Not so long ago, Jake’s life wasn’t perfect. The unexpected and untimely death of his best friend, Jonny Creed, sent an already out-of-control Jake spiraling down further.

Drug addiction. Alcohol. Women.

Jake was in the fast lane to following Jonny to the grave until Tru Bennett walked back into his life and changed everything.

But now, the past that Jake left behind has come back to find him. And what the past brings with it is going to be one of the biggest challenges he has ever faced.


The Storm Teaser
I’m just mid piss when I hear my baby girl’s sleepy voice from behind me, “Dada, why I not have a peenis?”

Shifting to the side so that I’m covering myself from Belle’s view, I glance over my shoulder, a chuckle escaping me. “’Cause you’re a girl, Beauty.”

“But I wanna be a boy, like you, JJ, and Billy.” She juts her lips out, pouting. “I wanna peenis!”

She’s standing there, demanding a penis, in her Disney princess pajamas, with her arms folded across her chest, her foot tapping.

God, she is exactly like her mother. Not that Tru ever wanted a cock—well, aside from mine inside her, of course.

But Belle has Tru’s steely determination, and she looks exactly like her mother, which means trouble for me when she’s older.

But like I know how to handle my wife’s temperament, I know how to handle Belle.

“Okay, Beauty, how about this?” I say in a pacifying tone, holding in my laughter. I tuck myself back into my pajama pants and go to wash my hands. “Why don’t you ask Santa for a penis for Christmas?” The second that I’ve said it, I know that it sounds all kinds of wrong. It’s so wrong that I wish to God I could take it back.

“Santa, give me a peenis!” Belle starts squealing, jumping around and clapping her hands.

“Fuck. Shit! No!” I panic as soon as the words leave my mouth, knowing exactly what Belle is like.

A goddamn parrot is what she’s like.

“Fuck! Shit! Santa, peenis!” Belle starts to mimic, hands still clapping together.

Crap. Tru is going to kill me. Kill me dead.

“Christ.” I cover my face with my hands. “Belle, no.”

I reach down and pick her up. She wraps her little chubby legs around my hips, her hands clutching at my neck.

“Don’t say those words. Bad words.” I touch my fingertip to her nose, staring into her big brown eyes—Tru’s eyes.

“Fuck. Sh—”

“Bad words,” I reiterate, giving her a serious look. “We do not repeat those words. Ever. And especially not in front of Mommy. Okay?”

“So, Santa gimme peenis if I say no bad wowds?”

“Oh God,” I groan.

“Santa! Peenis!” She giggles.

“Breakfast, Belle!” I exclaim. “You want some Frozen cereal?” I say to distract her.

That fucking annoying Disney film is her favorite, and she will only eat that particular brand of cereal.

“Fwozen!” she shrieks.

Then, she launches into the chorus of “Let It Go” as I carry her out of the bathroom, heading downstairs to the kitchen where my tribe should be.

Wendy's 5 Bare Naked Stars Review

While reading The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle 3 years ago, Jake forced his egotistical arse into my Top 10 book boyfriends.  He was far from perfect in that first book but that is maybe why I fell for him, with his addictions providing a crutch for his loss.

Throughout Jake’s story we have seen how much the untimely death of Jonny Creed sent an already out of control Jake further into a tailspin of self-destruction.  The drugs, the alcohol and let’s not forget the many, many women.  There was only one person who was ever going to save him. Tru Bennett.

Standing in the doorway, I watch her….the first, last and only woman, I will ever love.

The Storm probably won’t give the die-hard Storm Troopers enough Jake and Tru, but then is there ever enough of these two?  The story unfolds with a peak into Jake and Tru’s life now with their lovely children, Bella is just such a cutie pie.

“Mama!” Belle yells the instant we enter the kitchen.  “Dada say Santa gimme peenis for Christmas!”
Tru’s eyes meet mine.  “Did he now?”
I grin shrugging.  “What my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets.”

Life is good, they clearly still adore each other, they adore family life and it’s difficult to imagine what could spoil this.  Although when that spoiler knocks at their door it occurs to me with Jake’s history how this has not happened before.

So here I am at 33% crying god damn it, and I can assure you the tears were never far away throughout this story.

However it doesn’t lead where you think it will lead, and with memories of Jonny being brought to the fore, will Jake be able to fight off the demons of his younger years. 

The ending.  I. CAN’T. EVEN. TELL. YOU.  Congratulations Ms Towle, you broke me.

So let’s just say Ms Towle and I will be having words next time I see her, so be warned lady, you owe me a box of tissues and a bottle of wine, because this is what I needed to get through this. I. WILL. SEE. YOU. IN. LEEDS!!!!!!

This is a novella that is packed with an emotional story, just enough Tru and Jake to keep fans happy and a twist that will hurt your heart.

But rest assured Jake retains his spot in my Top 10……..

“And this is why I love you” I tell her. “The only reason?” She bites her lip again. “Oh. No. I love you for a lot of other reasons, too – especially that amazing rack of yours.  Now take your top off, and show me your tits.”

samantha towle

New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and international bestselling author Samantha Towle began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn't stopped writing since.
She has also written paranormal romances, THE BRINGER and the ALEXANDRA JONES SERIES, all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, and more of her favourite musicians.
A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.

Book 1 - The Mighty Storm
Kindle Edition
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Book 2 - Wethering the Storm
Kindle Edition
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Book 3 - Taming the Storm
Kindle Edition
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**Sale Blitz & Review** Be My December by Rachel Brookes

Title: Be My December
Series: The Crawford Brothers #1
Author: Rachel Brookes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: August 27, 2014

I knew the exact moment I’d become a ‘yes’ girl.
December 16th, a cold winter’s night, four years ago.
The night my innocence was stolen, the night I made the mistake of saying no—a mistake I’d never make again.
The dream of a ‘happily ever after' was now a locked away myth. I promised myself that I’d never return to the place of my worst nightmare, that I’d never let anyone get close, but then again, I never thought I’d meet someone like him.
The intense, confident and beautiful Ky Crawford.

I had no plans to become someone’s Prince Charming.
I couldn’t be. I refused to be. My plan was simple—do whatever it takes to correct my biggest mistake, my one regret that now controlled my life.
I was on track. I had plans, but then everything changed when I saw her—the girl in the red jacket, the girl who I was told couldn’t say no.
The reserved yet stunning Eden Rivers.

A girl who can’t say no.
A guy who craves redemption.
A chance encounter?

It all comes down to this.
One question.
One month.

Be My December?

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First Reviewed by Wendy - August 2014

Eden’s life changed forever 4 years ago on December 16th.

You could say that mine changed too when I met Rachel online in July 2013 she had just released her debut novel Just Breathe, which had one of the best Prologues I had ever read, and it was in honour of that prologue that Just Breathe was the first review I ever posted on Bare Naked Words blog, July 9th.  Rachel and I have been friends ever since, and I was honoured when she asked me to Beta read Be My December for her.

The Prologue for Be My December is very different to Just Breathe, in fact it is so heartbreakingly realistic, that I still dub Ms Brookes the prologue queen, but this time it wasn’t the beauty of the prologue that impressed me it was the utter despair and bone chilling fear it evoked in me.

We meet Eden, broken beyond repair on the inside, but surviving of sorts on the outside.  She is hiding behind a fa├žade of quiet yet fragile confidence, hoping to remain invisible to all, especially to the opposite sex.

Enter Ky Crawford, successful, confident, honey eyed, and dripping in deliciousness, he is practically beating the ladies off, actually he’s not beating them off he’s “getting his dick wet” regularly as his brother Josh so eloquently puts it. But he’s clearly also working all the hours god sends him to bury the memories from his past, but when he sees the beauty in the red jacket across a crowded room, those memories resurface.  But so do feelings that he isn’t ready to deal with.

Be My December?  One simple question, one not so simple story.  

Ky is delicious (I think I may have mentioned that), a little intense and very protective of Eden.
Eden is vulnerable and yet strong, and together there is dynamite waiting to happen.

I love that Rachel’s female leads are sassy, funny and strong, although in Eden’s case she doesn’t know just how strong she is, and her strength is tested to the limits when her past catches up with her future and revenge is the only thing on everyone’s mind.

The dynamics of all the characters works so well, for the Breathe Series fans, you are in for a treat and you just know there is more to come.

What transpires between Ky and Eden, is slow, sweet and sexy.  Ky sure has a way with words, if you know what I mean.  And I defy you not to fall for him. (Tate I’m so sorry)

Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on this journey with her, a journey where I’ve cried for Eden and with Eden, swooned over Ky, but admired his sensitivity, laughed with Josh and rooted for second chances and a happy ever after all the way.

If I can tell you one thing, it’s my review really does not do this story justice, so if you do one thing today, go and 1-click this book and prepare to be completely overwhelmed with emotions. 

Also Available


Rachel Brookes is from the east coast of Australia and writes angst ridden love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance, and a bucketload of sexiness. With five novels currently published, she is constantly writing and getting ready to release her next hero and heroine into the world. An avid reader, Rachel can often be found with her kindle in her hand, and getting lost in a happily ever after. She has an unhealthy obsession with The Walking Dead, and social media, and loves hearing from readers at rachelbrookeswrites@gmail.com.

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**Book Blitz & Interview** Wild Games by Mila Rossi

Book title: WILD GAMES
Author: Mila Rossi
Release date: 11/25/2015
(113 pages)

Despite warnings of annoying mosquitos and beastly spiders, Becca Glover couldn’t be more excited about her expedition to Costa Rica. Rooming with Matt Ritter, however, is an inconvenience she doesn’t see coming. He wields a machete, shaves with a knife and needs to wear a decent amount of clothes to cover the muscles she can’t stop staring at. 

Hired to lead a group of scientists through the jungle, Matt is convinced the fiery redhead is intent on making his job harder than it needs to be. Rebecca doesn’t listen and seems to invite danger at every turn. Her attitude is as much of a distraction as her curves and emerald green eyes. Now if he could only pay as much attention to his job as he does to her, their one-month adventure would fly by without a hitch. 

Hot temperatures, wild animals and a shared tree house are just the beginning of Becca and Matt’s obstacles. The real challenge lies in surviving each other.

Review by Wendy

This is a short, humorous and hot read that will entertain you throughout.

I’ll be honest Becca needs to work on her interpersonal skills at the start of this book. She certainly does not endear herself when she first meets Matt.

Matt, a rough and ready outdoor type, typical bloke with no filter but he made me laugh, I love blokes that say it how it is.

These two characters clashed over most things, but being made to bunk up together for this jungle adventure sparks were bound to fly.

Becca is a scientist, so she is smart and feisty and yet at first I wanted to smack her up the side of the head sometimes.  She was unnecessarily snotty to Matt, the only reason I forgave her was because I genuinely believed she behaved this way because she found him overwhelming and it was her defense mechanism.  She wasn’t used to the over protective alpha type and her natural reaction was to protest against it which just got her in to more trouble.

Once she lightened up a bit she found herself attracted to the maleness of him, of course his super ripped physique helped too. He is certainly easy on the eye and given they are in the jungle and its so hot, shirts were optional.

The steamy moments were not overdone, there was a story in there too, and although this is only a short story it is well worth the read.  And if you like this one, then take a look at Mila’s other fast paced novellas.

For me this was a quick read, very entertaining with just the right amount of saucy scenes.  

Mila Rossi is a contemporary romance author. She creates heroines who don't back down, stand up for themselves and insist on freedom and independence until the right man comes along. Then all rules are thrown out the window. The heroes must be clever, generous and able to throw a girl over their shoulder.

Mila has seen the world and loves to write about it. She also loves to paint vintage anime characters, belly dance, try new foods and perfect her archery skills. She wishes she could partake in extreme sports but only allows her characters to tempt fate. Her own chances of causing disasters are just too high.

She writes historical romance under the name Alice Lake and her e-books are available on Amazon.

Author website: www.milarossi.com

What were your go to books as a child? 

I grew up in Romania and Austria, so my reading was centered around the fairy tales of the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. I also loved Die Knickerbockerbande, which was a German mystery series for kids, and my favorite book was Das Doppelte Lottchen, the story of separated twins who run into each other at camp and then try to reunite their parents. 

Who inspired you to become an author? 

Does it sound cheesy if I say I motivated myself? My aunt found a letter I wrote to her when I was nine years old declaring I was going to become a writer. It’s been a long journey I guess. My love for reading naturally led me to the writing process, so when I was twenty-four, I decided to write a book. It was a disaster, but at least a beginning.
Do you have a set process for writing?  Or do you wing it? 

I do have a process. After trying to wing it unsuccessfully, I had to become organized, not my speciality. Since doing that, my writing flows so much better and I can get the first draft of a novella done in about a month. I outline chapters, subchapters and add writing prompts for each subchapter, so I know where the story is going when I sit down to write every day. I try everything possible not to get stuck, because once writer’s block kicks in, I’m screwed.

Who are your favourite book characters in the Contemporary Romance genre? 

Goodness, I have no idea. I read so many books over the years, I sometimes buy the same book not remembering that I’ve already read it. Trying to pick a favourite character is impossible. I do enjoy Stephanie Plum, who is Janet Evanovich’s creation. Any heroine encompassing self-deprecating humour, guts and a dash of walking disaster is alright in my book.

Which book can you reread over and over?

I’d love to have a list of rereads but after rehashing the same books in college for my Bachelors and Masters degrees (I was an English major and Technical Writing grad student), I am hesitant to get stuck on reading the same thing. I’d rather discover new authors and stories, but having said that, I have an enormous wall covered with bookshelves housing books I thought were keepers. Amongst them are historical romances by Amanda Quick, Tessa Dare, Mary Balogh, just to name a few, as well as contemporary romances by Robyn Carr and Jayne Ann Krentz. Outside the romance genre, I like Stephen King’s twisted mind. The book that has stuck with me forever is Gerald’s Game. I’d reread that one probably.

What would it surprise your readers to know about you? 

I love awesomely bad movies, like the kind where a shark fights an alligator, for example. I’m shaking my head and laughing at this because it sounds ridiculous. So yes, I’m a Sharknado fan. What else? I write my books in English, which is my third language (Romanian and German are my first two). And lastly, I’m very competitive with my husband. We try to outdo each other all the time, at photography, movie quoting, and sometimes even sports, but so far I only beat him at kayaking. Until I got seasick and threw up.

What's next for Mila Rossi? 

I have an outline done for a romance set in a snowy cabin, but another story keeps butting in, demanding to be written first. It’s about a smart yet cynical scientist, a badass fighter and the consequences of their one-night-stand. Hm. Not sure which story will make it onto the page first. Other than that, I am getting ready to publish the first Victorian-era romance book in my GUILD OF HYBRIDS series which I write under the name Alice Lake. That should come out, fingers crossed. I also have several other Mila Rossi novellas brewing for next year, but we’ll see how much my brain can handle.

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**Cover Reveal** Snack by Emme Burton

Snack cover
Title: Snack
Author: Emme Burton
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 5, 2016
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations



Marcus "Snack" Snackenberg is a born ladykiller.
When Minnie Cooper moves back to her dad's hometown as a child, with her two brothers and Star Wars action figures in tow, they become immediate friends.
By junior high, Minnie, although unaware, is in love with him.
Snack is completely in touch with his feelings for her.
Sometimes the villain in the story isn't a person.
Sometimes it's time.
And space.
And fear.
Fear of losing the best friend you’ve ever had.
An overnight romance…twenty-six years in the making.

About The Author

Emme Burton is the author of the Better Than Series: BETTER THAN ME (Book 1), FIX IT FOR US (Book 2) and STILL INTO YOU (Book 3). She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her amazing husband and sons, and her "fur boy." Emme has never, ever been lost in a mall either as a child or an adult. Her mother, and now her family, have always known where to find her. At the bookstore.

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Snack Full


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Into the Fire (Bridge Series #2) by Meredith Wild

Into the Fire (Bridge Series #2)

by Meredith Wild

Pre-order Now:



Release Date: June 21, 2016

Darren Bridge is living a bachelor’s dream. When he’s not running into burning buildings with his crew, he’s training the flavor of the week at his brother’s gym. Few women have ever been off limits...until Vanessa. Smart, beautiful, and legs for days, she’s unlike anyone he’s ever met. Too bad he’s sworn to leave her alone.

Overworked with no end in sight, Vanessa Hawkins hasn’t had a vacation in nearly two years. When Cameron and Maya’s destination wedding takes her out of the office for a much-needed break, she finds herself struggling to resist her attraction to the best man. Darren is dangerously good-looking with enough charm to make any hot-blooded woman want to drop her panties and enjoy the ride, no matter how long it lasts.

When they return to the city, Darren realizes the single life has lost its glimmer. But with everything else on her plate, Vanessa doesn’t have room in her life for a man, let alone a player. Can Darren find his way into her heart and convince her that he’s worth the risk?

Other books in The Bridge Series

Over the Edge (Bridge #3)

Release Date: October 25, 2016



Olivia Bridge has always been a good girl—good grades, good friends, a good job that her wealthy parents handed her. The only thing missing is a husband to complete her role of the perfect daughter. 

Then she walked away from it all. 

Desperate to carve out a new life that is truly hers, Liv takes on the challenge of helping her brothers open a new fitness center in New York City. When she comes between two men who couldn’t be more different or more determined to turn all her goodness inside out, she has to decide how far she’s really willing to step outside of her family’s expectations. 

On My Knees (Bridge Series #1)

Available Now:

Haunted by the responsibility of caring for her troubled family, Maya Jacobs gave the only answer she could when Cameron asked her to marry him. Years later, entrenched in a soulless professional routine, she distracts herself from the lingering regret of her decision with a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle that guarantees no man will ever find his way into her heart again.

Cameron Bridge has spent the past five years married to the military, trying to escape the painful memory of losing Maya. After fighting his own war in the desert, he starts a new life in New York City, with his siblings, Olivia and Darren, by his side. When fate brings Maya back to him in the heart of a city filled with its own hopes and shadows, can Cameron find the girl he once loved in the woman she’s become?

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**Review** Talon by Carian Cole

Talon by Carian Cole
Released 24th November
Amazon US


Caring. Hard-working. A devoted family man, loves kids.
Clean cut, funny, smart, quiet, but a good communicator.

~ Asia Jenson


Independent. Tall, blonde, sexy. Outgoing. Intelligent, 
neat. Unslutty. Confident. Loves to travel. Committed.

~ Talon Valentine


The concept was scary but exciting... 

Marry a total stranger.

Live together for six months.

Journal everything. (Feelings. Fights. All of it.)

After six months, we each get $50K in trade for our journals, whether we stay married or not. But the goal is to commit to the experience and see if the relationship experts could put together the perfect matches.

I have never been lucky in love. This was my chance to find my soulmate.

I couldn’t wait to meet the man the experts felt was perfect for me.

My hopes were immediately dashed when I saw him at the altar.

Shit. I married my worst nightmare.


I almost spit my water out. “Adorable?  I don’t do adorable.  I do models.  I do actresses.  I do sexy long legs and big tits. I do women who beg for me”, I gesture at the little waif across the room who refuses to look at me.  “I do not do that.”

Talon has no filter, and he certainly doesn’t know how to speak the language of “Wife”

This was a fun idea for a book.  Hot rock star agrees to marry total stranger as part of a social experiment, stay together for 6 months and at the end either walk away or stay married.

But boy oh boy was he a dumb ass when it comes to women.  He is so used to the fake Barbie dolls that throw themselves at him that he had not mastered the art of “wooing” a woman, and certainly not a woman like Asia. Talking big dicks and blowjobs was not the way forward.

“Its not funny,” I say, slapping his arm.
“I’m just kidding.”
“How do you know it’s eleven inches, anyway?”
“I measure it. We can do a recount if you want.  Call the front desk and ask for a ruler.”

Asia is shy, quirky, a teeny tiny little thing, with beautiful lavender eyes and a lost soul.  I adored her, and adorable was totally the right description for her.

However Talon didn’t want adorable, or at least he didn’t THINK he wanted adorable.

And what of Asia, what was she looking for?  Well it definitely was not, muscles, tattoos and long hair. 

Talon is slightly obsessed with his dick, he’s a walking taking innuendo and it makes for some really funny moments between these two.

And then it got kinda sweet and you could see it kinda working.  For all his faults Talon threw himself into trying to making it work, he was caring, sweet and tried to curb that potty mouth of his. 
At least a bit!

And then he freaking blew it! BLEW IT!

So Talon, watcha gonna do now you arse? Ok this may seem a little harsh, but, well, I was mad.

Oh and one more thing.  Just when you think it’s all over, there is a little old chapter thrown in there, all innocent, cute, and all adorable.  Do not be fooled I sobbed for an hour solid.  Be warned.

Carian has become one of my favourite authors over the last year and we have become friends too. It all started with her debut novel Storm, and we had the pleasure of working with her on the blog tour.

The Ashes & Embers series just keeps getting better and better as she brings us each one of her “bad boys, covered in tattoos, with sexy smirks, ripped jeans, fast cars, motorcycles”, those are her words not mine. And each one of those bad boys is unique and that’s why I love these books.