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Monday 23rd December 2013

Part 2 (please read Part 1 below first)

"The airport?" she whispers down the phone. "Mav, you're scaring me."

I slowly turn to see the dark outline of Ethan's face in the back of the cab. He's not looking at me, not even when I grip his hand and squeeze it as the taxi driver bounds along the windy roads at ridiculous speeds. No, Ethan is lost. He's so lost in his own thoughts and his grief over Scott, he's not here anymore.

Swallowing down the sadness and the fear, I turn to look out of the window and try so damn hard to keep my voice as calm as I can. "Paris, I need you to do this for me. Our passports are in a safe in my old room at Casa."

"They're here?" 

"Yes. Seems somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have known it would come to this. I put them there a few weeks ago. They're in the back of the wardrobe. The entry code is two-nine-eight-three." I roll my tongue across the roof of my mouth to try and keep my lips moving with words, instead of them closing up like I know they want to. "Ethan and I need to get out of the country as fast as we can. I... I can't explain in detail, not over the phone. Please be there... Please," I beg as my voice breaks. "We really need you."

"Two-nine-eight-three," she repeats softly. 

"Two-nine-eight-three," I confirm in a whisper as Ethan's fingers twitch beneath my own. 

"I'll be there in thirty minutes."

My shoulders momentarily sag with relief as I close my eyes and whisper a thank you. 

"Mav? I don't know what trouble you're in, but if you don't keep yourself alive and safe before I get to you, I will never forgive you, do you understand?"

"Then you need to get to me fast," I breathe just before she hangs up the call, her cries for Joel to wake up ringing down the phone like a taunting echo in my mind. 

She's worried. My best friend is scared and there's nothing I can do to reassure her.

The car hits some street lights and I dare myself to look back at the man I love. The faint orange glow of the outside world casts shadows all over his face and twinkles against the moisture in his eyes. His cheeks are stained with the silent tears he has already shed for his friend. I'm heartbroken just from looking at him. He's drowning and I can't save him. I can't offer him a life jacket or swim him to shore... Because I'm drowning, too. The sound of the explosion rattles around in my brain on repeat. I'm barely breathing. I'm barely able to speak. But I know I have to. 

"Paris is meeting us at terminal one. Whichever flight comes free first and leaves the soonest, we jump on."

He doesn't answer for a while. He doesn't do anything but stare in front of him with nothing but emptiness. I'm so focused on his mouth, just watching and waiting for it to move, I almost miss the quick flinch of his shoulders and scrunching of his eyes... The very things that remind me he's just heard the explosion again in his head, too. 


"Dean," he mumbles, so quietly it's almost nothing but air. 

"I'm going to call him now. I want him to go to Max's place and to take Kirsten, too. I'll call Max whilst we're in the airport... I'll wait until we're just about to board, otherwise he will try to make us stay. I know he will."

"Max," he mouths.

The driver takes a sharp corner, forcing Ethan's body to slide closer to mine, snapping him from his trance just enough for him to reach out and stop himself from bumping into me, and just enough for him to look at me for the first time since we got in this thing. 

"Max. Our friend," I remind him, quickly removing my seatbelt, unable to care about anything but being beside him. My free hand cups his cheek gently as his lost eyes continue to gaze back into mine. 

"Okay," he whispers.

"No. It's not okay. None of this is okay. But... We need to get out of here and we need to stay focused until we are in the sky." Tilting my head, I dig my teeth in to my bottom lip to try and stop it from trembling. "I need you to wake up so we can do this together. I don't want us to die, too." 

A heavy tears falls from his eye as he continues to stare through me. I've never seen him look so lost... So afraid. I don't know what to do or say to make any of this right, mainly because there isn't anything. Scott has gone.

He's dead... And we're not. We're running. We're running away when we should be by his side.

"Stop it," he eventually croaks after what seems like hours of silence. 

"What?" I ask, my brows creasing together.

Ethan's hand lifts to my face before he tenderly wipes a stray tear from my cheek. "The guilt." 

The lights around us seem to get brighter and brighter all at once, the faint orange glow of the street lamps suddenly changing to a bright, harsh, blinding white. Moving away without thinking, my head scans our surroundings right about the same time my stomach rolls with nausea.

"We're here," I tell him as the driver continues up the entryway towards the terminal. 

Ethan doesn't reply. Neither of us can say anything to the other that's going to make this any less difficult to pull off. It doesn't take long before the car has slowed as it leads us to the front doorways of terminal one, before coming to a complete stop. 

Finding some hidden courage from somewhere deep within, I reach into the pocket of my jeans, grab a few notes and throw them at the driver. "Thank you." I smile weakly at him before grabbing Ethan's hand and pulling him out of the car right behind me. 

Then the instincts to survive seem to kick in again and I'm suddenly aware that we aren't out of danger at all, yet. There could be more of them out there. More of them following us, waiting for us to mess up so they can deal with us properly, once and for all. The thought of more people wanting to hurt Ethan makes me move forward, dragging him along with me as I find the nearest disabled toilet and throw us both inside, locking the door behind us.

"Ethan," I say, gripping his face in both hands, looking up at him through heavy, mournful eyes. 

"Don't..." he pleads quietly. 

I want to tell him how I sorry I am for everything. For thinking we could do this alone, for filling him with false hope. For allowing him to love me so much that he risked his own life and lost his friend in the process. For leaving Scott. For losing Scott. For... Everything. 

But I know none of that will matter to him now. There's only one thing he needs to know in this moment. 

"I love you." 

And then I watch as the tears fall down his face again and pull him as close as I can get him whilst he buries his face in my neck and cries. 

We stand in silence, each one holding the other up as the reality of what's just happened rips through us both like the sharp edge of a blade.


Twenty minutes later, I hang up the phone and rub my lips together worryingly whilst Ethan stares at me, waiting for answers. 

"He's upset," I start as I pace inside the bathroom. "In fact, he's a mess. I've never heard Dean like that before."

"I should have told him."

"No. No... It's too hard for you." I already know the sound of Dean's cries when I told him about Scott will haunt me forever, along with everything else that's happened tonight... But I can't let the man I love see that. He needs me to be strong for him. Just this once. "You can call him when we land wherever we end up. He's in shock, but he just wants you safe. He's agreed to go to Max's house and take Kirsten with him. I'll call Max just before we board."

Emotion seems to strangle my voice all at once. Ethan's hands are suddenly holding on to both my shoulders with a gentle urgency. I don't want to cry anymore. We don't have time. I'm about to fall apart when we both jump at the sudden pinging of my phone. 

'We're here. Outside the BA check in desk. Where are you, Mav? x'

"She's here," I whisper before taking a deep breath, reaching for his hand once again and focusing on his eyes as I reach around and unlock the door, the sound of it releasing echoing around us. "We're almost there."

As soon as we walk out and scan the area, I see her. She's stands out like a beacon to me. Her body spins in slow circles, her head whipping from side to side as she searches for me in the crowds of people. 

I can't stop myself from moving. I don't know what it is that drives me to let go of Ethan's hand, but one minute I'm next to him, holding him tight, the next, I'm flinging myself at my best friend, embracing her with such force and with such a death grip that I almost send us both flying.

"You made it." I sob uncontrollably, the outpouring of grief mixed with relief completely overwhelming me. "I knew you wouldn't let me down. I knew it."

Her returning hold is tense. I can almost feel her deep set frown projecting itself on to me through the questioning silence. It doesn't take long for her to pull away and take a hold of my shoulders. 

Paris' eyes are swollen and tear stained. She's already been crying before she even got here and it's all my fault. How can I tell her what has happened? How?

"Mav. Do I want to know?" she whispers.

My swallow is loud as I try to find some moisture in my mouth. "Maybe in time," I breathe.

"Has someone hurt you?"

"Not directly... But..."
Ethan's presence soon reminds me why we're here. The feel of his familiar hands as they find my hips from behind makes me want to cry. All the times he's touched and held me in this way. I've never needed it more than I need it now. 

"But what?" she asks, her glare never losing focus.

"I can't explain. It's just... We're both in a lot of danger and we need to get out of here. Fast."

Paris searches my face for any hint of a lie, but it's clear all she can see is my fear. And she's torn. She doesn't know what to do. Her instincts are telling her to shout and scream at me and ask me what the hell is going on, to tell me to sit the fuck down and not move until I explain why me and Ethan look so god damn messed up. But her heart just wants to help in anyway she can, and if that means a quiet silence and a supportive hand, that's what she will do. It's what she always does. 

"Tell me what you need me to do," she whispers as she let's go of me and slowly straightens her back.

My eyes close for the briefest of moments. "I just need our passports."

"Okay.” This time it's her turn to gulp nervously. 
"Do you have them?" 
"I have them all."

"All?" I frown. 

She reaches inside her coat pocket and carefully collects them, holding out a stack of passports towards me. One. Two. Three. Four. I count four. Four passports. That means...

"No!" I snap back, shaking my head.

Ethan's hands grip my waist tighter in support.

"Pip, you're not getting involved with this," he speaks roughly.

Paris' eyes look up to meet his face. "With all due respect to the both of you, I don't need your permission." Her face slowly drops back down to mine. "Now, I'm not asking to know anything until we're out of here. But the way I see it, you two have been involved in some heavy shit. Something that's got you scared and wanting to leave the fucking country on the eve of Christmas Eve. Whatever it is that's driving you away from Manchester can kiss my arse if it thinks it's driving you away from me at Christmas."

"I... You... This is your first Christmas with Joel..."

Her hand reaches out for my chin, gripping it tight as she lifts it to meet her stare. "We ride together..."

"We die together," I breathe. 

"Bad girls for life." 

Somewhere in the back of my head is a young girl who is screaming at me to let her be a part of all this. She's telling the old me not to be stubborn and to let my friends help. And quite frankly, I'm too damn weak to argue with either her or Pip. 

"You win," I concede quietly. 

Paris reaches out to pull me into a hug right about the same time that Joel comes rushing up behind her with two suitcases in tow. 

"So, we're taking a trip?" he asks as he comes to stand next to his wife, never once questioning the look on Ethan's or my face. 

"You don't have to do this, mate?" Ethan states, unable to quite keep the tremble out of his voice.

"Are you in trouble?" Joel asks.

"Big time." Ethan nods almost looking ashamed of himself. 

"Is Mav in trouble?"

"Because of me, yes."

My frown deepens quickly. "This is because of the guys who murdered your mother. Do not put this on your shoulders, Ethan. If it wasn't for you, I would be dead now." 

He doesn't say anything as he drops his chin to his chest. He doesn't have to say anything. I know his thoughts have gone back to Scott. Joel's hand reaches out for my fiance's shoulder. 

"If you're in trouble, so are we. We're all in this thing called life together."

"Exactly," Paris chimes in.

All I can do is look between the three of them, desperate to show them how much I love them for being here. For always being here when I need them. 

"We need to go," I croak, unable to stop a few more tears from spilling down my cheeks. 

"Have you bought tickets?" Paris asks.

I shake my head slowly. We haven't done anything but run. All we've been doing for weeks is running. 

"Anywhere in particular?" Joel asks, dumping the cases on the ground before pulling his phone out and tapping away on it quickly. 

"Somewhere no-one will ever find us," Ethan groans as he pinches the bridge of his nose between his fingers. "Somewhere where I won't be putting my fiancée's life in danger for just one single fucking second." 

"Ethan, stop it," I beg softly.

"Check out the first flights out of here, Joel." Paris tells him quietly as she rubs my back.

"I don't care where. I have money in the club account I can use," Ethan says as he tilts his head and returns his sad eyes to mine.

"I have money, too." I tell him. 

"This one’s on me. No arguments," Joel says firmly, his eyes roaming over his brightly lit screen.
"But-" Ethan starts.

"He said no arguments," Paris chirps. "We have millions. Saving our friends is the best thing we could ever spend it on."

"What the wife said," Joel agrees. 

My free hand reaches out for Ethan's and I gently hook his little finger with mine and squeeze. "I just want to crawl under a rock and disappear." 

"I know just the place," Joel whispers, his head snapping up to look at all the check in desk destinations in a frenzy. "Follow me, let's get you both out of here."

Ethan quickly pulls me closer, his arms circling my body tighter than they ever have done before. His lips press hard against my head whilst our friends make arrangements around us and push us forward, our feet moving where they tell them to go, both of us blind to what is happening around us. 

"I'll never forgive myself for this," Ethan says quietly. 

"Stop it," I tell him, my arms holding him tighter as we follow Joel. 


"The guilt," I say flatly, repeating his words from earlier back to him. Raising my head to look up at him, my heart cracks even more at seeing him so broken. "I love you. You're the most important thing in my life. You're all that matters to me. You and me against the world, remember?"

His returning smile is weak as he runs a thumb under my sore, swollen eyes and down across my cheeks. "Izzy, I love you so fucking much."

The next thing I know, we're being escorted through security, guided into a first class departure lounge before boarding a flight to God knows where. The hazy memory of Joel and Paris' words floats loosely around in the back of my mind. There was talk of hotels, talk of beaches, talk of being thousands and thousands of miles away, but all I could focus on was the heartbeat underneath my hand as I held my palm against Ethan's chest. 

He's alive. He's here beside me. His heart still beats, his blood still pumps through his body and his breaths keep on coming. 

He's really alive and so am I.

Maybe some day soon, I'll wake up to find all this has been nothing but a bad dream and Scott is still alive, too. Maybe someday, I'll wake up to see him hovering above me with that oh so familiar smile upon his face. Maybe one day, we'll all get to hold our friend again. 


One day.

We'll get to see him at the pearly gates of heaven.

God... I really fucking hope so. 

(story written by @Moffy_MPWL)

Part 1

In a blink of an eye, your whole life can change. It happened in the past, with my mum. One moment things were completely normal, then she was gone. Now, here I was again, only this time I had more power over our fate. I knew what was coming and I knew I had to get us out of there. They made it abundantly clear they were coming for us. I couldn't protect us in the loft anymore.

What I hadn’t expected, however, was the Peugeot that was sitting outside, hidden behind a plumber’s van, just waiting for us to make our move. For days they'd made their presence known. They'd hung over us like a dead weight, putting on the pressure and never giving us a moment’s peace. When I hadn't seen it out there, we'd tried to run, and became pawns in their twisted little game.

I now had two lives in my hands and I would be damned if I let either of them down. Come hell or high water, my plan was to get the three of us the hell out of there without a scratch. We'd come this far, there was no turning back now. It had come down to us and Lucy and them in the Peugeot.

Whether it was foresight or just plain luck, Lucy had a full tank of petrol and the roads in Manchester were blessedly empty. The panic when we started ensured that chaos reigned. The three of us were speaking over one another, ideas being thrown out in every direction as I navigated to God knew where.

Every turn had them up our arses, every light had them lingering behind us, edging toward our bumper in warning. I was so proud of Izzy. Other than the initial panic we'd all partaken in, she was as solid as a rock. Her solemn silence gave me the opportunity to focus on the road and the car tailing us.

We managed to lose them once, but they didn’t give up. The tenacious bastards managed to catch up with us on the motorway. How they knew what direction we were going in was beyond me, but they pulled in behind us, forcing me to put my foot down.

Weaving through the other cars around us ensured the tension in the car had grown. The death grip on the back of my seat and the creak of the leather under Izzy's nails had me easing to a more manageable speed that finally loosened her grip.

We’d been driving for hours, the darkness of the country roads washing us with a temporary silence. It was anything but relaxed. I could feel Scott’s eyes on the back of my head, and Izzy’s glances weren’t missed either. Two of the few people that had become my world, were looking to me for guidance, and all I could do was look at the road. I didn’t know where to go or what to do to get us past this. No matter how fast I went, or how many corners I took, that stupid car was behind us, the very obvious threat making my stomach roll.

If it hadn't been for the adrenaline coursing through my bloodstream, I was almost certain that the drone of the tyres on the road would have put me to sleep. It had been at least two hours of the same monotonous noise, nobody talking. The ideas had dissipated into nothing, leaving that damned hum and the purr of the engine filling in the blanks.

This was my fault. My digging had done this, and my desperation had forced us from our home. I should have had Scott take Izzy in the opposite direction the moment we lost them the first time. My arrogance managed to get us all in trouble, and now… I leaned forward, my chest against the steering wheel as the lights picked up specks falling from the sky.

It was snowing.

“Seatbelts, both of you,” I barked out, my eyes flicking to the rear view mirror and finding the car exactly where it had been the last time I looked. My eyes met Scott’s briefly and I could see that he was just as lost as I was. There was no answer to this now. We knew who they were and they knew it, too. They weren’t just going to let us walk around with that knowledge. They were going to buy my silence with a life, but I wasn’t prepared to let that happen.

Dean was on high alert knowing what we were going to attempt. He made sure he and Kirsten were safe and out of the way so they couldn't go to him as a backup plan. I held off contacting him even as we were being chased because he'd want to help, and right now, I couldn't afford for him to put himself in that position. I couldn't let them win.

The growl of Lucy’s engine roared as my foot took control and pushed us forward. It wasn’t a conscious thought to do it. Desperation and hopelessness had their claws buried in me. My need to get away driving me further forward for a moment, forgetting exactly what precious cargo I had in my car with me.

“Ethan, slow down,” Izzy squeaked, her hand grappling for the handle above the door, her chest rising and falling in panicked breaths.

“Take it easy, man,” Scott said from the back. “We’ll figure something out. I just need you to stay rational for me. I can’t drive this car like you can.”

My eyes flickered to the rear view again. The lights behind us had fallen back a little, and the urge to keep going, to see those lights fall into dots in the overwhelming darkness, was almost too much to ignore. If I could lose them, we’d have a chance. We’d have a fighting chance, which was more than we had now.

“Ethan, please,” Izzy whispered, her hand reaching out to cup my cheek, the cool metal of her ring snapping me back into reality. If it had just been me, I would have gone for it. I would have put my foot to the floor and taken a risk, but my future was sat right next to me, pleading me to save us all and I felt hopeless.

How the hell had we got ourselves here? How had we come from being completely elated and in a blissful state of euphoria to this in a blink of an eye? All I wanted in life was to marry the woman sat next to me, have our two kids and the big house she'd spoken about. That future was being threatened though. Not just by the bastards behind me, but now by me and my reckless driving.

Picking up my foot, I heard the growl of the engine fade back into the purr. I was out of ideas, and the snow that had been nothing but a flurry was now coming with more force, the lights highlighting them before the flakes hit the screen and the squeak of the wipers removed them from sight.

“We have the proof, right?” Scott asked, leaning forward between the two seats. “I mean you’ve been gathering shit all week. There has to be something in there to implicate them. What about the reg number?”

“It’s in the safe at the apartment. It's all in the safe, including the information Paige managed to get for us. Do we have enough to nail their arses to the wall? I don't know! But it would be really nice to try.”

“Then let’s go back there. Let’s get what we need and head to the police. It's worth a chance, right? They can’t ignore evidence!”

“No, they can’t, but these arseholes won’t let us get there. The moment we stop at the loft, they’ll be on us like flies on shit.”

“Dean…” Izzy said, her hand falling to my arm and squeezing. “He may get in there without being noticed. Maybe they’ll call off their attack dogs if they think they’ve been caught? Maybe we can get them running scared for a change!”

I looked over at her briefly before my eyes moved back to the road and the steadily increasing drive of snow flurries. As much as I wanted to protect Dean, I knew she felt that almost doubled. It was who she was and a part of her I loved. If she was the one suggesting it, I had to take her seriously.

Sure, they could be watching the loft, but once inside, Dean would be safe. I'd had the place fixed so it rivaled Fort Knox for impenetrability. It was just getting from there to the police. Then again, it was in a good area of Manchester. He could get the police to him quickly if necessary.

“It may just work. Call him. If nothing else he’ll be aware of what’s going on, or maybe he'll have some ideas.”

The light from her phone lit up the inside of the car, and for a moment I could see just how shaky she was. The screen trembled in her hands as she scrolled through her contacts, and within seconds, the car had fallen into darkness again, the phone up at her ear.

“Come on, Dean. Answer your damn phone,” she mumbled, her leg tapping against the floorboard of the car as she waited for what felt like an eternity. “Shit. Voicemail.”

“Leave him a message. Hopefully he’ll get it before we run out of gas,” I growled, my glance flickering to her and picking up her nod.

I was so focused on the voicemail she was leaving, I wasn’t paying attention to my speed or the car behind us. I only had a second’s notice thanks to Scott.


The impact of their car was hard enough to send Lucy fishtailing forward. My hands gripped the wheel, turning into the gradual spin as they came in for a second hit, propelling us forward. Izzy’s scream brought my mind into immediate focus, and my foot pushed the pedal as far down as I could manage, straightening us out as the growl from the engine drowned out the sound.

We shot further into the darkness, the wheels spinning for a second before finding a grip and leaving the lights fading behind us. Their shitty car couldn’t keep up with the six cylinders hauling us into the nothing that lay ahead. I was caught between the need to keep us ahead and to slow us down. The snow was making the roads slick. I could feel the back end stepping out as we drifted over slowly freezing patches on the road surface. I needed to get us back to the main roads where traffic would be wearing a path we could follow.

“What the fuck was that?” Scott shouted, turning in his seat to look out the back window at the dwindling lights we were leaving behind.

“They had to have seen the light of the phone,” Izzy said, the trembling now echoing in her voice. She was staring at the screen and biting her lip, telling me Dean had more than likely heard the crunch of metal and her scream. “They’re not going to give up are they?”

Scott’s hand came through the gap between seats and squeezed her shoulder while I fought to find words of reassurance. I didn’t want to lie to her; we’d made that mistake in the past. She trusted me to tell her the truth and to keep us safe. We’d both come so far in the last couple of months, the thought of losing that because of these arseholes was enough to make my hands tighten around the steering wheel. The only option I had was to give her the truth. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I knew one thing.

“No, they’re not, but neither are we,” I said with absolute conviction, my eyes catching hers for a second, before I gave the road my full attention again.

The car fell silent once more, aside from the growl of the engine. The lights were fading behind us, but I didn’t want to take chances. I kept the speed high and vigilance higher, easing around curves, the lights glancing off the trees and hedgerows before we straightened and the darkness ate them again.

“I think we’re good, mate.” Scott breathed from the back seat, leaning back into the leather and blowing out his breath. I knew he was right, if they came up on us again, we would see them.

Easing off the accelerator, I felt the death grip on my arm loosen. I’d barely realized her nails were pushing into my arm until they were gone and the rush of blood flooded the area again. I hated that I was subjecting her to this. I hated that I was the reason for this fear.

“Don’t do that,” she whispered, her hands pushing her hair back from her face.

“Do what?”

“Blame yourself.”

“Why not? This is all my fault, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I was the one that was digging and digging, forcing their hands.”

“That’s bullshit, and you know it, Ethan.”

“She’s right,” Scott said, shifting in the back. “If it wasn’t now, it would have come up eventually. Things like this can’t stay buried forever. You said yourself you didn’t believe it until you saw that scar. You dug because you knew it was the only way to get answers. You had to play them at their own game.”

“And I risked everyone I love in the process.”

“You think it would have been better to go it alone?” Izzy asked, the quiet anger infused in her tone bringing more relief than I’d thought it could. It was so much better than the fear that had been there since the car showed up behind us.

“If you lot had been safe, it would be absolutely worth it.”

“Don’t you fucking dare say that. Do you have any idea what it would do to me to lose you now? Do you?”

If it was anything close to the way I knew I would feel if I lost her… My blood seemed to chill in my veins as the echo of the thought rocked through me. There was a part of me that knew something like that would devastate me. I didn't think I could survive losing her.

“I’m sorry.”

“You better be. We’re in this together, Ethan. All of us. We all made our own decisions in this, and now we have to work together.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Scott chimed in. “But now would be a great time to come up with a plan.”

“We need to get back to a main road. I have no idea where we are. These roads are too dangerous to stay on. It's freezing.”

Both of them pulled their phones out at the same time, lighting up the interior of the car, making the stilted silence grow more tense. My eyes flickered to the mirror and back to the road. The snow was now falling heavier with every second that passed. Much longer and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to see anything at all.

“This road doesn’t exist according to my phone,” Scott said quietly. My eyes flicked to him in the back seat. His face was lit up blue from the screen and I could see the frown as he flipped his phone around.


“It’s just empty fields. Oh, wait. Hang on. Sorry, there we are. There should be a turn coming up any minute. It should lead us back toward Manchester. At least we’ll know where the fuck we are.”

“Won’t they expect us to go that way?” Izzy asked, turning in her seat to look between Scott and I.

“She’s right.” I looked in the mirror again and back to the road.

“What other choice do we have? At least we can get lost in the city. Out here we’re the only fuckers for miles, and we can’t turn off the lights.”

Damn his logic, I could see his point, too. There were curves in these roads, but all it would have taken was a long straight road for them to see us and know they still had us on the run. Being in the city would would give us more chances. I saw the corner Scott had mentioned ahead, and knew I had to make a decision. My foot let off and I coasted for a second, making sure it was clear until I took the corner.

I knew I'd fucked up the moment I turned the wheel. The breath stuck in my throat as my heart pounded against my chest with an urgency I'd never felt before. Everything seemed to slow down as gravity took control sending us spinning in the darkness - Izzy's scream of desperation, Scott's rain of expletives, the scream of the tires as the lights highlighted everything moving past us at a dizzying rate.

For a moment, I saw my life flash before my eyes. Not the one I'd lived, but one I could have if we just survived this. My hands gripped the wheel as my foot pumped the brake in hopes I could slow us down as we corralled toward the trees lining the road at an alarming rate.

The powder from the airbags filled the car before I felt the impact. Glass shattering drowned out the sound of our hopeless voices and the impact in my face made my vision blur with stars as I tried to blink past it.

Then everything stopped. The pain on my face throbbed, my breaths coming in a pant as the engine hissed and spat, the last fragments of glass settling as a clicking sounded only moments before sending us into darkness.

My mental cataloging of the pain took only a moment. From my boxing days I knew it was mostly bruises. Bruises I could live with. My brain seemed to engage slowly, thoughts filtering them through the hazy buzz.

The thoughts that came through weren't for myself. No, everything in my head was attuned to the woman I loved and my best friend, who would have been far more at risk than I was.

"Izzy?" I croaked out, the pain infused into my tone evident even to me.

"I'm okay!" she croaked, groaning a little as she shifted. "Scott?"

There was silence from the back seat. I took a second to drag in a breath before turning and spotting a large branch punching through the windshield and between the two front seats, aimed directly at Scott's chest. Another inch and he would have been impaled on the thing.

"Izzy, can you get out?" I asked quietly as not to startle Scott, who was evidently in shock. I needed her to give him a way to get out of the car. He couldn't lean forward, so he’d have to slide to get past the branch.

She didn't reply, but I heard the whine of the door on its hinges as she pushed it open.

"Get out if you can. I'm going to see if I can get him moved."


"Izzy, please! I can't do anything if I know you're in danger. I need you to help him out once we get him out from behind this thing!"

"Okay. Just be careful, both of you!"

I heard her pull the seat forward and her footsteps crunching in the frost on the ground and started tugging at the branch. My other hand slapped Scott's leg to get him to pay attention. Coaxing him to move to the left to slide out the gap Izzy had made for him.

For a brief moment, I thought we were in the clear. He blinked and started to move, his eyes zoning in on the branch, the leather scrunching under him as he shuffled slowly.

"Focus on m—" I didn't get the rest out. The flash of light, followed by Izzy's scream and the squeal of tyres on the road, brought with it an all consuming darkness.

(story written by @Ethan_MPWL)

Sunday 3rd November

Wonderland Special

An Experience in Palma - Remember who this girl is?

The music echo’s round like it owns the place. The lack of people to absorb the vibrations is prominent. Yet I am lost. That’s what it’s all about.

You have to feel the music, really feel it, let it hit a nerve with you, take over your body & the rest comes naturally. If you have the mindset to do it that is. Resting my elbows on the bar, cupping my face to watch more closely.

Some can do it, some can’t, and it’s visible within the first few minutes of a set. I’ve never been a slacker so my heart & soul goes into it. The girls I work with have got to be the same. I’m a team player, there’s no room for “I” or “me” its “US” end of story.

Temperature, that’s the key. Three variations, that have to be executed to perfection to make it work.

Room temperature …. The fluid movements that come naturally, without hesitation & thought

Freezing point ….Knowing when to hold it, straight back, strength, bodily position

Boiling point ….Where you can’t control it, your blood runs thick and fast, for those few seconds you are not really there.

You have to forget you’re human & pretend you’re water, and then you’ll have nailed it.

My eyes haven’t left one of the girls all night. She has it. My god she has it in abundance, she’s a keeper. The others, well they’re ok, nothing to shout about, just ok. If I’m going to be part of a team then it can only be the best team. Sighing as the girls dismount all the poles & go to clean up for the evening.

Home time for me as well I think. Times run away with me tonight, looking at the clock, seeing its struck 4am, correction, this morning. Nature of the job I guess.

Grabbing my bag & shouting to the guys

“Same again tomorrow guys, I’ll see you late afternoon”

Its actually cooler walking out onto the streets than it is in the club. The sun hasn’t risen yet & there’s the cool sea breeze. The lights of other clubs are still flickering as I pass them, the last of the drunken holiday makers been thrown out to return to their hotels for the night. Seeing the state of some of them makes me laugh out loud. A few looks are thrown my way which I choose to ignore. Little do they know, I’ve been there & done that more times than they have had hot dinners.

Girls stumbling, some sat on the curb, some even with their heads between their legs. Usual sights I’m all too familiar with. Groups of lads, singing & dancing down the middle of the streets. Voices raised shouting at each other; the drink has taken over & turned them.

For some reason one voice sticks out. It’s louder than the rest, it’s direct & it’s coming from behind me. It’s aimed at me & it sends a chill down my spine.

“OY, you dancer girl, the night is young, where do you think you’re going”

I’m not turning around; I don’t recognise the voice so it’s just another drunk looking to get his leg over, NOT this girl. Instead I just raise my arm to acknowledge him, shouting as I carry on walking

“Not tonight, go sleep off all that drink eh, much better idea”

Feet are approaching me fast, they’re coming up behind me, an arm wraps round my shoulders. My body dips side ways to get out of his grip.

“You didn’t hear me the first time?”

He doesn’t respond yet carries on walking next to me. I don’t like the vibe he’s giving off & pick up my pace.

Instinct has kicked in, I know his type, they don’t give up too easily. 1st rule, if you’re ever followed NEVER go home, go somewhere else, make a deliberate wrong turn, that’s something that Dad once told me & it’s true.

Hanging a right turn down a street he’s a pace behind me & I’ve had enough. I want to be left alone. My body spins so I’m face to face with him

“Look how about you just leave me be & get yourself off home to your hotel. Sleep all that be------

I can’t finish my sentence as his hand is round my throat, lifting me, slamming me hard against the wall in the side alley. The stone rips against my skin as he drags me down back onto my feet.

If I fight back I’ll only end up off worse. Trying to stay calm, holding all my emotions in, watching & waiting for his next move, for him to speak, do anything.

There it is.

His hand drops to my leg, his fingers run up the inside of my thigh, trace the hem of my skirt. My body tenses & I know he feels it.

“Feisty little thing aren’t you, think you need teaching a lesson” 

His hands getting higher. It’s under my skirt, inching its way up. My skins crawling, I want him off me. I turn my face out of his before speaking.  

“Is that so, and how do you intend on doing that may I ask”

The fire in his eyes says it all. His fingers grip my thigh with force, my skin screams. The grip round my throat gets tighter. He moves his face down into my neck & bites down hard.

That’s it, that’s the point of no return. No one does this to me, I’m about to snap.

Blood is pumping through my veins. My hands rise & grip his throat. My right leg lifts at a fast rate & makes contact with his groin. His grip on me loosens as he falls back slightly, yet doesn’t let go.

“Nice move, who taught you that, Daddy”

Then he launches at me, right hand raised, something’s in it, I don’t know what but I instantly grab it to stop him.

His eyes widen at my move & he almost drops his hand from my throat….Almost.

My hand run warm, I don’t know why but I can’t break his stare to find out. Raising my leg again & putting all the force I have into one last hit.

Slowly he retreats, his hand drops from my throat, his legs go from under him, his hand moves away from mine, dragged out whatever’s in my grip.

Adrenaline is soaring through my body, looking down at him, knowing I really shouldn’t but unable to control myself, I kick him again, Hard. .

“No, I learnt that one myself. Now stay the hell away from me”

My feet have taken me back to the street before I know it. My hearts about to burst out of my chest, my mouths gone dry but I can’t stop; I’ve got to keep going. Get away, get into the light, and get somewhere safe.

I can feel my hand, the throb has started to take over. Stopping. Closing my eyes for a second, before moving my hand into view.

Blood, all I can see is blood. Running my hand across my stomach. Feeling the drench across my skin as I do. Looking again, open flesh spanning my palm, blood pouring out, running everywhere.

Knife, he had a knife.

What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.

19th August 2009Palma
Diary Entry

Thursday 17th October 2013

Wonderland - Moffy & Ethan's Anniversary

Carefully pulling his arms behind him, I secure his wrists to the chair with rope, making sure he has no way of moving. My hands slide across his neck, loosening his tie just enough for me to unfasten the top button of his crisp, white shirt before leaning over, softly blowing in his ear and whispering;

"Happy Anniversary, Baby."

Reaching behind me, I grab the remote for the sound system, hit play and wait for the sounds of Closer by 'Nine Inch Nails' to fill the room.

Then... I let go and lose myself in nothing but him. My hands slide along his shoulders as my hips move from side to side in time with the slow, heavy beats. I am in charge, I am here solely to make him crazy with want, and the power of this fact alone drives me wild before I've even really begun

Gripping the back of his neck with one hand, I drag my steps out in time with the music, moving around the chair to stand beside him, running my palm along his skin and around to his jaw where I firmly grip his chin between my thumb and index finger... making sure that the first time we make eye contact, he sees nothing but confidence and seduction staring back at him.

He gulps quietly before licking his top lip and allowing his mouth to fall open, ever so slightly... his gaze looking up through hooded lids before he lets his eyes drift down to my chest, then my stomach, then to my underwear, where he stops and stares at the subtle movement of my hips.

Releasing him from my hold, my fingers fall, tracing a line down the center of his tie before curling the end around my fist, tight and yanking him forward, as far as his restrained arms will allow him to go.

Straddling his leg, I slide down on to his knee, keeping my back arched as I begin to roll my ass and stomach in time with the music, making sure he can feel the heat from my sex as I rub myself against him, never removing my eyes from his as the lyrics finally begin to kick in.

The look in his eyes tells me he's turned on more than ever before... his stare penetrates deep in to my soul and keeps me moving forward as the feeling of seduction flows through my blood. His heavy gaze drops to my mouth as I slowly bit down on my bottom lip, push my hand back against his chest and slam him in to the chair... lifting my ass up off of him, I lean forward, and roll my chest up on him in a slow ripple, pushing my breasts against his shirt as my face breathes heavily in to his neck.

Ethan's pulse throbs against my lips. I give his skin a soft lick before biting down, sucking then dragging out a kiss... his head dropping back as a low groan gathers in his throat.

Using the balls of my heeled feet to straighten my legs out fully, I lift my ass in the air and move it from side to side in time with the song, pushing my hands down on his hips... digging my fingers in to them forcefully as I swing my outside leg in to the middle, between both of his.

My body begins to sway as I stand up straight, looking down into his eyes before gracefully crossing my ankles and slowly turning around so my ass is level with his face... my hips still turning in a figure of eight before I tip them back, ever so slightly, move my hands to my edge of my knickers and then quickly snap forward, reaching down to grab both my ankles just as the lyrics hit the verse.

All I want him to hear are those words. All I want him to see is me. All I want him to feel is need.

My mind is lost in the song as I slowly move the muscles in my stomach from side to side, forcing my legs to stay still as I begin to raise my chest, smoothly running my fingers back up the outside of my thighs at a torturous pace... my ass maintaining its subtle teasing motion the whole time.

A small one-sided smile creeps on my face as I hear him try to pull against his restraints. Turning my head to one side, I peer over my shoulder looking back in to his eyes, pouting my lips as I reach around to grab both my ass cheeks... digging my fingers into my own skin, squeezing them in my hands... watching as his eyes narrow on nothing but my behind.

He's obvious internal struggle drives me on as I begin to strut forward in front of him, lifting my knees high as I walk, showing off my long legs in my high heels. Reaching the coffee table, I begin to unhook my bra with one hand, pushing my shoulders together and watching as the piece of fabric falls to the floor in front of me. Then I grab the, already opened, bottle of champagne from the surface, holding it high in one hand as I turn and make my way back over to him... my breasts bouncing, my nipples hard and aching to be touched... my body burning with a need to be grabbed and treated with nothing but disrespect.

Swaying my hips, I move to around to stand behind him, running my fingers through the ends of his hair... yanking his head back in one swift motion...looking down in to his wide eyes, I drop my face and part his lips with my tongue... sealing them back together with one deep, passionate kiss before tipping the end of champagne bottle against both our lips and allowing the ice cold, fizzing liquid to trickle between both our mouths.

My tongue flicks against his... I can hear him swallow hard... watching as his eyes close and he goes off in to that head space of his that I can't access. He's trying to control his need... he's trying to control the feelings he really can't control... And I can't help but fucking love seeing him become so undone.

Breaking away, my body moves back to the side of him, turning around and dropping my ass on to his leg, grinding it back and forth in a perfect rhythm that matches the seductive beat of the music. Champagne bottle still in hand, I swing my legs around in to the triangle of his parted knees... standing up straight in front of him, pulling on his hair again as I urge his face forward so his mouth is in line with my breasts. His eyes open slowly... the desire in them like nothing I've ever seen before as I raise the bottle to my chest, tip it against my naked skin and begin to pour... watching as the liquid runs off my hardened nipple and down on to his chin.

Keeping my back straight, I slide my hand down the back of his neck, pulling him forward until his mouth meets my breast... my body still moving as I slowly tease the tip of my nipple in to his mouth... allowing him just one taste of my hot skin mixed with the champagne.

His tongue swirls in seductive circles as he loses himself in the feel of me inside his mouth. His hands tug against the rope in desperation. Ethan likes to be in control... his need to reach out and grab me, pin me down and fuck me like the lyrics tell him to is driving him wild... crazier than I've ever seen him before. And just as the low growl escapes the back of his throat, I pull myself away from him, drop the bottle to the floor and fall to my knees in-front of him, leaving him breathless for air as he looks down on me.

Parting my legs, I begin to run my hands over every single inch of my almost naked body... leaning back on one arm, I flick my head back fast then roll my neck slowly, allowing my long hair to fall against the soles of my shoes... pushing my chest forward and lifting my hips up towards him, I circle them in a slow, agonizing motion... Watching him watching me as I sway my body back upright, bringing my hands on to my breasts and squeezing them hard... touching myself in a way I know he is beyond desperate to... always keeping the subtle movements flowing to the music.

As the song moves on, I slide my hands on to his thighs, pulling myself up slowly until my head is level with his groin... my mouth carefully moving down to trace the outline of his throbbing erection... my teeth scraping along the fabric that is wrapped tight around his dick. It's impossible to miss the flinch of his body and the small hiss he makes through his gritted teeth.

Aware that he's harder than I think I've ever felt him, I run my hands up his shirt, slowly undoing each button until both sides fall free, showing me nothing but his ridiculously toned body and the small black tie that runs down the middle of his torso.

Grabbing hold of it, I pull myself up on him, seductively straddling his lap with both legs... wanting him to feel my own arousal as I use the last minute of the song to move against him... my hips circling against his erection... the heat passing between both our sexes enough to drive me crazy with an aching need for him. Trying hard to remember that this is solely for him as I push my weight on to the heels of my shoes and grind in perfect rhythm... my thighs occasionally squeezing his waist, my moist body moving in a wave like motion against his, my sensitive nipples tingling as they meet his skin... both my hands pulling on the back of his hair... watching him...just watching him as I move.

His chest his heaving, his body his tense, his lips are parted and his eyes are hungry. I know that as soon as this song is over, I'm done for... I know that he's using every ounce of restraint he has to sit there whilst I tease him not only with my body, but through the song, too.

Placing my hands on his shoulders, I run the tip of my tongue along his jaw, straightening my legs up to stand before swinging one back around and moving to stand behind him... swaying my hips from side to side... listening as the song fades out... finishing the dance in exactly the same position I started it in.

Once the music stops, the only sound that fills the apartment is both our soft yet heavy breathing. His hands begin to tug gently on the ropes as I slide my hands around his neck to undo his tie completely... pulling it on one side, I let it drag around the back of his neck as I lift it away from him. His body shudders at the tender touch of the silky fabric against his skin.

Dropping the tie, I bend my knees to one side and begin to release the rope that has held him in place for the last seven minutes... a smirk breaking free as a rush of excited anticipation runs through me at the sight of his twitchy fingers beneath mine. As I free the last knot and watch it fall to the floor, all I can do is part my lips, stay exactly where I am... and pray to god that he enjoyed that as much as I did.


Thursday 3rd October 2013

The Wedding Night....

It's done, the “I do's” have been said, the pictures taken, cake cut and the party still in full swing. Looking around, I laugh at the antics going on. Mav finally won the battle of her Converse, and I can't believe she's actually rocking the look. Surprisingly, Ethan looks like he's liking it. Those two haven't stopped touching and kissing all night. If someone walked in right now, they would assume they were next, down the aisle. Max and Andi. What else can I say but those two are headed somewhere. I've always heard stories of her crazy, strong ways, but all I see is her soft look as she leans back admiring him. With the bottle of tequila in her hands. Dean. Damn. If I've never seen a kid so oblivious to the attention the women give him. Why? I have no clue, maybe they are trying to figure out what he's saying. Either way, the kid is out there on the floor, tearing around with a trail of ladies behind him. And Grannie D. She makes me smile. All her fierce protectiveness and love wraps you up and you just don't want to let go. She's currently beside Dean on the dance floor, showing him she still has her moves.

Looking down at the woman leaning against me, her back to my front, and my arms around her. I smile when I see our rings touching. We are married. For better or worse, richer or poor (not like that's an issue but hey), in sickness and in health. Till death do us part. That means forever. She's mine. Nothing in this world is going to change that, and for once in my entire life, I feel wanted. Needed. Kissing her on her head, breathing her in, I say the only thing I can think of at the time

"Ready to blow this joint?"


Squinting dopily as I look around the garden. The most perfect garden I’ve ever laid eyes on. Realising how corny that must sound but I have had a few drinks now and honestly, I’m feeling pretty squiffy. It was beautifully decorated, vintage style throughout. The peonies I specifically ordered in every shade of pink and white are elegantly scattered around. Yes they do have different shades of white, believe it or not. All the favours, the cake, card box, bunting are simply perfect. The hours I spent deliberating over the finer details definitely paid off. I smile, proud as punch, basking in the glory, at what we achieved in such a short space of time. But the décor, is not what makes it complete. It’s the amazing family and friends I find myself surrounded by. This was my day, my wedding and without each and every one them, a tiny bit of that special would have been missing. Shrugging as I look over at Derik….no Dave….no….well whoever he is, even him, because he appears to have a strong brotherly bond with Ethan, who is the love of Mav’s life, therefore, it makes him important.

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the pair of them all day. I sense she feels exactly the way I have been, vulnerable and unguarded, but there’s definitely something more holding her back. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I make a mental note to discuss it with her when we are alone, comforted by the warm thought, Ethan will stand by her and take good care of her, I can see it in the small, affectionate touches he gives her, the reassuring smiles he sends in her direction every now and then. He’s memorised by her every move, spell bound almost.   

My eyes wonder to where Maxy and Andi are stood. He’s sat playing a soft, soulful melody on the guitar, serenading her. His ruffled up hair and alluring charm has her captivated as she watches intently with her bottle of tequila and a delicate, fragile smile. This is new territory for her but I’m convinced, Max is the one to lead the way, tightly holding her hand through the bumpy road. He’s a gem.

I’m distracted from my loved up analysis when I hear Grandma crying out from the dance floor as that D guy flings her around. Chuckling to myself, praying I’m as carefree as she is when I reach her age. I can’t help but imagine what my dad would have been like if he was still with us today. I can only hope he would have been delighted and proud to have Joel as a son in law. Unlike my mum, who for one day, couldn’t find it in her heart to put aside our difficulties to support her daughter, on the most important day of her life. Making a pact with myself not to waste anymore of my musing on her, when I’m distracted in the most perfect way. A kiss on the top of my head. Wearing a big ditzy smile when I hear the words

"Ready to blow this joint?"

Turning around in his strong, cosy arms, I feast my eyes on my husband, gazing at his handsome, dazzling face, I reply

“You read my mind, but where exactly are we going?”


Cupping her cheeks, I laugh.

"You will see soon, my impatient wife!"

Her face curves into that cute pout as she pulls me down to her mouth, her eyes narrowed. Kissing her quick, rubbing my thumbs over her cheeks.

"The quicker we go, the quicker you find out babe. Go say goodbye to Mav, and we will hit the road ok?"

Watching her hurry off, I head over to Brad, some blonde sitting on his lap.

"Hey Brad, we are hitting the road. Feel free to continue on as if we are still here ok?"

Watching the girl fidget in his lap, I know it's not long before he's out of here too. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch her talking to Mav. I also see Ethan, jump up, grab Dean and pull him outside. Brothers.

Looking back to Brad, realizing he's been talking the entire time. He sees my vacant look, laughs and pulls out a chair

"Sit before you fall face first because of your wife."

He shakes his head in disgust, caresses the girls back, and takes a drink

"No clue why you bother with marriage man, it's a trap."

Grabbing his drink, finishing it for him, I laugh

"You will see one day. You will see!"

Eyes back on the two women, I see them wiping the tears from each other's faces, and my heart tugs. They are a twosome that has changed. A lot. Each moving in a different direction, but still on the same path. She turns to me and smiles, hugging Mav one last time, before heading towards me. Jumping up, I give Brad a sarcastic salute and head to meet her halfway, each step closer to her, my smile grows. Meeting up, I hold my hand out to hers

"Let's go wife!"

Her hand grabs mine, and I spin her into my arms. One last kiss for them, a million more for us. Our lips touch, that familiar but shocking spark racing through us as it deepens. My tongue stroking hers, my hands gripping her hips and lifting her until our faces are even. Softly moaning as her hands find their normal home in my hair, holding me to her as she ramps the kiss to intense levels. All I hear in my head is she's mine. Mine, and thank fuck. The cat calls and whistles finally pierce my conscious and I slowly let her go, sliding her down my body, leaving her personal mark on my entire body.

Looking around, I grab her hand in mine and pull her to the door, waving goodbye as we head out to the front of the house. Her gasp makes me look around. Oh no. Not her baby! I see a grinning Dean and a slightly apologetic looking Ethan standing beside her bike, which is covered in so many decorations, you can't even tell it's hers. They are so clueless. She's going to fucking kill them. Squeezing her hand, all I can think is…I hope my wife isn't arrested before the honeymoon.


Stopping in my tracks when I reach the front of the house, I’m overcome with shock. My hand snapping to my mouth.

“Oh my god” I state, before slowly stepping closer, one foot at a time, towards my bike.

A pair of hands appear on my shoulders, gently massaging. A soft, calming voice in my ear

“Its tradition babe, just let it go for one night”

Hearing those words, feeling those reassuring hands, I instantly relax. Moving closer, pointing between Ethan and his brother, I remark

“You’re lucky it’s my wedding night and for once nothing is going to spoil my particularly upbeat mood. Besides, I’m not sure Mav would be best pleased if I did you some damage, down there”

The boys saunter off back towards the house, cheeky grins intact. Ethan kisses my cheek, wishing us a great honeymoon. I happily sigh as he shakes Joel’s hand, before disappearing, gratified watching the two guys get on.

“Arghhh” I shriek

In one swift motion, Joel has swept me off my feet, true Tarzan style, and smoothly places me on the bike. I sit there giggling whilst he removes my heels, pushing my boots onto my feet. Grabbing my jacket and helmet from the pavement, he hands them to me.

“My, you have thought of everything haven’t you?”

Slipping my leather jacket on, the one my dad gave me which I wore down the aisle, I wrap myself up, soothed by the over powering, smoky smell. I strap my helmet on, matching Joel’s actions. Ridiculously, turned on as he straddles the bike, I am now totally oblivious to the paraphernalia, just bursting with passion and eager to arrive at our destination, so we can finally spend the time together which we have been lacking over the past few weeks. Clutching to his flawless, toned torso we set off riding down the road, casa becoming a distant view, my mind straying…..


The miles speedily fade into the distance while her arms are tightly wrapped around me. My senses are bombarded by the scent of the road and the thrill of the bike. I feel antsy, ready to crawl out of my skin in my haste to get us to the private airplane, with the plush bed I had decorated on it. The need to consummate our marriage, claim her this last way, is over bearing. The mere thought of her absolute, complete gift of herself, has me aware I am more primal than I thought. I can now fully understand why she gave me the nickname, Tarzan.

Her hands have been stroking my stomach for the past hour. I honestly can't take much more. My every muscle is taut and aching with the effort of suppressing the desire to take her now. At that exact moment when I’m struggling with my inner cravings, her fingernails decide to dig in. Fuck. It! Spotting a turn up ahead, I take it quicker than I anticipated, forcing the rear tire to spin….Breathe in. Breathe out. That's all I can do.

Cutting off down a path, I'm sure isn't meant for bikes, I sense her nervousness at my actions, but I can't help it. I'm driven by my thirst to continue. Pushing the brake, slowing down, I skirt the holes in the path, glad of the distraction from exploding.

Finally, I feel confident that we are alone. Switching the bike off, I tear my helmet from my head and toss it aside. Turning in the seat, I watch her slowly take her helmet off, confused. My eyes race from her tousled hair, all the way to the tips of her boot enclosed feet. Every inch I see, pushing me closer to the edge. When she sweetly quizzes

“What are we doing here, Joel?”

I can no longer contain myself, dragging my eyes back to her face, watching her tiny, panting breaths and her hooded eyes, I know. She's experiencing the same raw emotion. Sliding my hands into her hair, I pull her face to mine, a throaty "mine" escapes my lips before I snatch her mouth into a bruising, possessive kiss.


Startlingly aroused by his impromptu, domineering onslaught, both my hands fist his hair, tugging in the same manner as he nips my lips, stinging. The dark woods surrounding us, the whistle in the night breeze, sends urges coursing through my veins, a deep animal attraction, I find myself pleasurably purring into his mouth, my back arching, grinding my chest into his.  My hands fall to his jacket, frantically pulling it off, a desperate need to feel his bare skin. Ripping the buttons on his shirt, sweeping it to the sides, I pull away for a brief moment to appreciate his impeccable, muscular physique. Still bewildered as to how I became so lucky to call this amazing man my husband. I shakily hold my hand out, tenderly placing it over his heart, my fingers tracing along his tattoo. He attentively observes, remaining silent. Sparked by the reminder of the brandings of me across his chest and back, I hoist myself off the bike being careful not to damage my dress. Twisting my back to Joel, lifting the hair from the nape of my neck with both hands, he delicately undoes the long line of buttons down my back. Lightly pushing the dress from my shoulders, it elegantly falls to the ground. Tiptoeing from the middle, I calmly twirl around to face him, the moon light shining on my curves, allowing him to cherish the first moment of seeing me in my wedding lingerie.


"Wow!" Unable to say anything else, but that one three letter word. Placing my finger along the edge of the tiny garment, a scrap of lace pushing her perfection together, I trace along the edge softly, watching her slight shiver at my touch. My brain seems to shut down completely, except for my focus on her. Bathed in the silver of the moonlight, the white of the bra, panties and garter shine to me, begging me to appreciate it. Smiling, feeling the need crash over me again, I pull her to me and arrange her on the bike, stretched out and completely mine for the taking.

Removing my pants and boxers, freeing my erection, I straddle the bike, facing her. I release the snap of her bra and her lush breasts come into view, "Perfect.. Mine" are the words that escape my lips as I cup them together, dragging my thumbs across her nipples. Her small whimper, along with the way she scoots down and pushes against my aching erection, and I'm lost.

Leaning over, I take a nipple deep into my mouth, soft but rock hard against my tongue. Moaning at the taste that is completely hers alone, I stroke along her skin, greedy to touch and taste every inch of her. One hand stroking her other nipple, my other hand fists in her panties and pulls them tight and up, knowing the friction will drive her wild. All of a sudden, I feel the fabric tear in my hand.

Pulling back, I look down and see her completely bare for the first time as my wife. Fuck. I could have never expected this in a million years, but at the same time, I don't want to be anywhere else. Slowly dragging my finger down her, pausing on her swollen clit, then delving into her soaked opening, "God babe" kissing her belly "you are so fucking perfect you blow my mind!"


Shivering from the tingly touch of his lips and the cool air, my nipples taut and aching. A low moan 
escapes me, my knees tightly press against the bike, as his finger, slowly circles my mound, my hips automatically pushing closer to him, needing to feel him deeper. Kissing, biting along his shoulder, the burning desire cramping in my lower stomach. I take his hardened length in my hand, sliding my fingers down his shaft, stroking. Licking up his neck, I nip his earlobe, a soft, breathy pant  "I promise this will never change. I will always need this. Closer and deeper" Using my free hand, I push my palm against his chest, urging him to lean backwards, allowing me further access to bend over. I stare into his eyes "I want to taste you" Licking my lips, running my tongue up his cock, swirling my tongue teasingly around the tip. My hand gripping the base firmly, gliding my mouth up and down, sucking and dragging my teeth. His hands tug my hair, begging me to go faster, deeper "Fuck, babe, fuck" All of sudden his hand fists my hair, whipping my head away, I lick my lips savouring the taste, before his crash onto mine, sharing his flavour with him. Our tongues caressing hard, he pushes me back, demanding "Turn around, NOW" My yearning desire heightened, I swiftly swivel on the bike, not wanting to fight him, willing to give him everything and anything he craves.


The eagerness in which she spins around, leaning forward, yet her delicious ass pushed back, causes 
my erection to throb more than I can ever remember it happening. Stroking it softly as I lean forward and lick her juices from her thighs, my tongue dragging up until I am lapping along her slit, front to back, sliding inside as I pass. Moaning, I quickly suck her clit into mouth, flicking my tongue over it repeatedly as she thrashes and moans.  Unable to wait anymore, I pull back, grip her hips, and slam my length inside. Her tight wet sheath immediately clamps down and quivers around me, drawing a guttural moan from my lips.  "God Paris, FUCK!" Her answering chants of "more, more" along with the natural movements of her hips is the most erotic thing I have ever seen and heard. My entire body is taut with need, and the unquenchable desire to claim her hard and fast. My hips find a brutally desperate pace, slamming and bruising in force, but she isn't complaining. Far from it. I feel her walls, hot and tight flutter in the way that begs me for more.  I can't fight it. I lean forward and start biting and sucking her skin along her spine, my hands gripping her tighter as I move her on me, the only sounds are the sounds of us. Her mewls of pleasure, my panting and deep moans. And the sound of skin. Slapping and hitting against each other in our own private dance.

Feeling the tingles shooting down my spine, my balls tight, I know I'm close. It's all too much to 
make it last longer. Reaching around, I find her clit, and start rubbing and gently pulling it in time to my thrusts. God. Her body arches back, her cries getting desperate as she gets close  "Come on love. Cum for me! God fuck please cum!" Stroking her faster, thrusting harder and deeper than I've ever been before "FUCK!!" Her body explodes around and beneath me. My mind goes completely blank except for the pleasure or her orgasm for me. One, two, three thrusts later and I feel like I'm in a million pieces. All conscious thought leaves me as I lose myself in my new wife, howling
“I fucking love being married”

Thursday 3rd October 2013

Wonderland Wedding day......

During Wonderland Week it was my greatest pleasure to be able to interview Paris and Joel and exclusively reveal their Wedding date which also happens to be Joel’s birthday.
The whole of the Wonderland crew will be attending the ceremony this afternoon and then celebrating on in to the night, followed by another exclusive being posted to the Bare Naked Words Blog late tonight.
However what the Wonderlanders didn’t know was that Andi Breaux and BNW have been working together on a few surprises for Paris & Joel.
So join me in wishing Paris & Joel all the very best today and always.
Good Luck Paris & Joel xx

Wonderland Wishing Line

Write a note & peg it up
The wind will blow
And wish them luck

I'm wishing on every star I ever see, for your future together as man and wife to be filled with nothing but happiness.

My wingman just became a wing-doo. I'll be forever by your sides, cheering you on through all of life's adventures.

I love you guys ...Endlessly, unconditionally and without restrictions.

Be happy ....it's your time now

Your Mav xx


Hey guys

You two are perfect together and I hope you have every happiness in the world.

You both deserve it.

Love you both

Today's the day! Miss becomes Mrs. Mr stays Mr yet gains a permanent attachment.

The most beautiful attachment any person could wish for as a friend, my friend Paris.

Joel look after her, Paris look after him

All my love

Andi xxxx

Paris & Joel

Just a small note to congratulate you on your wedding day.

It warms my heart to see you both so in love and happy.

I wish you a blissful life ahead, filled with love, happiness and joy


Grandma Doris


I wish you both only happiness in the future.

Now you've found one another hold on with everything you have


Paris, Joel .....Mr & Mrs Fairchild

Just wanted to wish you all the best on your special day.

I hope today is as perfect as the rest of your lives together will be.

All the best


U lucky fucka getting to tap that sweet ass foreva.

Happy for you both.

If ya Eva get cock bored P, look us up. I'd give u 1 for free.

Peace, Luv n sex on tap to u both



To Paris & Joel

May all your days be Blissful.

May all your nights be Bared Naked.

All my love to you both

Wendy xxx

Happy Wedding Day Paris & Joel xx


Wednesday 2nd October

Sometime last week..........

I pull my chair in closer to my desk, knowing I have a ton of emails to wade through and answer. They're ok but ...they're not......Wendy pull yourself together. Hitching my skirt down which has decided to ride up my thighs again. Damn things I don't know why I wear them. So here I am wading through my emails and suddenly one catches my eye. Paper work goes flying as my face practically hits the screen.
I can't believe what I'm reading. Fourth time, it still says the same thing.

PHONE where's my phone? Falling sideways off my chair, my brain always moves faster than my body. The clocks struck 10am, I'm safe, dialing quick.

"WHAT" a sharp voice bellows down the phone

I'm taken aback once again by this woman "Owh, Hi, it's, it's Wendy"

"Bollox Wendy, Hi. That's the second time I've done that to you I'm sorry. Hang on let me move, I take it you got my email?"

I can hear her start to move & the familiar sounds of the Wonderland office behind her. I'm straining to listen, I'm sure that was Ethan's voice I just heard. My legs are wobbling, defianately Ethan. She shouts to who I can only presume is Moffy & Paris, something about being on the phone to the bank, I can't help but laugh, I certainly wouldn't question the girl.

"Ok Wendy I'm back. So email. What do you think? Can it be done? Can we do it? Can we?"

The excitement in her voice is unbelievable. This girl has the ability to light up your day OR scare the living day lights out of you. I do not know how she does it.

"It's a big ask Andi, it's a lot of work ....." She butts in before I can carry on

"Owh but...."

"Andi, let me finish. It's a lot of work but it's not impossible. Have you done any prep for this"

Her voice rises a few octaves & I distance my phone from my ear

"HELL YES !! I'm in charge of all the filing; didn't you listen in the Monday morning meeting?"

My mind wanders back to a few weeks ago, the Wonderland Office, Monday meeting, all of them sat in room together. Ethan throwing seductive looks at Moffy. Paris sat at her desk looking gorgeous, the twinkle in Joel's eye as he watched her. The Wonderland Family all in a room with me. I’m not sure I will ever recover.

"Wendy you still there?"

Her voice snaps me back to our current conversation. Blogger, professional, me, yes me!

"One question Andi"

"Go on shoot. Quick I need to get back in there, they'll be out here chasing me soon"

I don't know why I'm about to ask her this. I knew from day one that Andi was the feisty girl of the bunch, the risk taker. I'll ask it anyway though for peace of mind

"Does Moffy know about this?"



Her voice comes down the phone at 100mph

"That'd be a NO Wendy. I live life on the edge, it's usually a cliff with a 1000ft drop. It's risky and there's only me that dares usually, this time you're joining me. This is for Paris & Joel, she wouldn't say no would she? We're doing this right? Shit Wendy I've got to go, watch your inbox"

She's hung up. Gone, left me hanging. I really shouldn't expect anything less. The girls either completely bonkers or very brave, I'm not sure which yet.

True to her word my inbox started filling beyond anything I imagined. Is it a Wonderland trait that you a) don't sleep and b) fill my inbox at ridiculous hours of the day?
I'll answer that one myself....Yes!

Emails, numerous conversations & a few sleepless nights later, we are done. I make the final call to tell her the good news

"WHAT" her famous answer is there again

"Andi it's me Wendy"

She's laughing "Hey Wendy, I knew it was you, I saved your number. I just can't break the habit"

The girl is unbelievable, I'm getting used to her "I think we're done Andi, ready to go"

That's it my eardrums burst, Andi Breaux has the most piercing scream I've ever heard.
What have I let myself in for?

"Wendy I love you. I cannot wait for Paris & Joel to see it"

And so here we are, the night before Paris & Joel’s wedding.

Andi and I have some surprises in store tomorrow not only for the happy couple but the rest of the Wonderland Crew too! ;-)

See you all here at 2.45pm for a pre-wedding get together....

Monday 23rd September

Wonderland Week - Giveaway Winners:

Congratulations - we have 16 winners

I will email you separately to get your addresses and set up the SL prizes:

@Feisty_Little1- signed picture of Dean
@CarolX08 - signed SL
@drea_rebel - signed SL
@ella_n - signed picture of Moffy
@cfarrell72 - signed picture of Paris
@evap72 - signed picture Joel
@dimunn - signed picture of Andi
@marygr - signed picture of Max
@LadyEloa - TL date with Dean
@stilljustg - Therapy with Gnome
@tmt215 - - signed picture of Gnome
@Nsuez - Wonderland Goodie Box
@darcieread - wonderland Plaque
@Burke2208 - Wonderland Plaque
@Love_2_Laugh_83 - Invite to Paris & Joel's wedding
@JuansLit - Wonderland Plaque
@sbroeren - signed picture of Ethan

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Giveaway

Unknown Fact Winners:

Monday the Answer was Gnome - Winner is @love_2_laugh_83
Tuesday the Answer was Moffy - Winner is @NSuez
Wednesday the Answer was Andi - no correct answers!
Thursday the Answer was Dean - Winner is @dimunn
Friday the Answere was Paris - Winner is @dimunn

Emails have now gone out to winners.

Friday 9pm

Wonderland Week - Wrap Party

"A wrap party?" I'd frowned as I'd left MP-Wonderland HQ on Monday night. "You're having a wrap party for me?"

Moffy's smile was huge. "We have one every Friday night, Wendy. But this one is in your honour, yeah. You took a major chance on us with this whole RP feature on a book blog. We want to repay you... show you a good time."

"I am there!" I practically shouted. I couldn't believe I was getting invited back, so soon.

She gave me a nod, turned to make her way back inside and stopped at the door as she looked over her shoulder. "Party starts at seven. Don't bring anything but yourself... and I wouldn't make plans for the next day. You'll probably be recovering, hard!"

"Sounds like fun." I'd laughed back.

It seemed to me like Wonderland didn't want to let me go back to the real world, quite yet. And, man, was I suddenly really, really excited.


"Welcome back, Wendy." Gnome smiles as he answers the door. My entire face blushes at the look he is giving me as I walk underneath that arm of his...the one that is holding the door wide open for me... ME! Wendy from Bare Naked Words.

"Thank you, Gnome." I blush, tugging down on my black slinky dress and pushing up the sleeves of my jacket. I'm not too proud to admit I had my hair and make-up done for tonight, too.

"You look amazing!"

My mouth clams shut as I stumble to think of something to say back to him... anything...anything at all. Nope. I got nothing. I cling on to my black leather clutch bag like it contains my own, live, beating heart, repeating 'I am a married woman' to myself, over and over again.

"Wendy!" Shout two totally in-sync female voices from the opposite end of the corridor. I look up to see both Moffy and Paris walking towards me, both looking as happy as they did when I left them on Monday evening... both looking as irritatingly gorgeous as ever. "Woah! Someone is looking HOT!"

"Moffy, do you ever wear heels?" I laugh as they both embrace me.

Paris quickly pulls back, holds up her hand and sighs. "Do. Not. Get. Me. Started." Her eyes roll in her best friends direction and all Moffy can do is shrug.

"Whaaa? What's wrong with my chucks?" she gasps.

Paris slaps her on the arse and turns back to me. "Pins like the Eiffel tower and all she wants to do is cover them up in skinny jeans and flats. I don't get it any more than you do, Wendy."

"Get your hands off my arse!" A deep male voice rumbles from behind them both before Ethan's arms wrap around Moffy's waist and he pulls her back against him. "We've discussed this, Pip."

"You fucking Brit's and your ARSE..." Joel groans from behind Ethan. "It's ass... ASS! How many times?" He laughs

Paris' face lights up like a neon sign... if comic strip thought bubbles were a real life thing, hers would most definitely read 'Ahhh, my love is here at last'. Why she tries so hard to hide it, I don't know. I smile at the look on her face. It's adorable.

Joel grabs her waist, pulls her close and groans in to her neck. "Since book blog week has finished, does this mean the ban has been lifted?"

Ethan's eyes light up as he lifts his head from his girls shoulder. "Please tell me it's done! This no sex thing for a week is fucking killing me."

"Don't even get me started, man." Joel grumbles as Paris shakes her head and laughs at them both.

Moffy looks around at the people behind her. "Where are the others?"

Before anyone can answer, the door at the other end bursts open and out fall Max and Dean, both with their phones in their hands, both laughing hysterically.

"Dude! That one wa' piss fuckin' funny." Dean snorts as he nudges Max's shoulder.

"I... can't... breathe..." Max snorts as he doubles over whilst walking.

"Owwwhh, will someone PLEASE remove these boys phones from them?" Andi pleads as she files through the double doors, behind them in her trademark leather pants. "I am so sick of these memes they keep sending one another. Enough already."

My smile breaks free as Moffy and Paris round up the gang, slip an arm each through mine and begin to drag me back in the direction I've just come from.

"Where are we going?" I glance between them.

"It's Friday night!" Moffy squeals.

"That means only one thing..." Paris giggles, pulling me closer.

"What's Friday night guys?" Moffy shouts behind her.

My ears almost burst when they all shout out at the top of their voices. "KARAOKE, BAAAAABY!"

My eyes pop open wide as we walk back out of the offices of HQ. "Oh no... No! No! No! You did not mention anything about singing, Moffy." I whimper.

"Oh, come on!" She laughs. "If I can do it, so can you. Trust me, Wendy. No-one sounds worse than me."

Laughter erupts around me.

"She ain't lying, Wendy. She ain't lying." groans Ethan, besides me. Next thing I know, we've walked down four streets and I'm being pushed through some glass double doors, landing straight inside a very swanky looking bar... Unable to believe that I am about to sing in front of the infamous Wonderland men.


I couldn't help but laugh when Andi brought over a gigantic pitcher of Woo Woo for us all to share... it is, after all, their pet name for me. Every single one of the men had retreated to the corner of the bar to play pool and all you could hear over the low music, was their bickering and banter. It was oddly soothing to listen to.

So here I sat... around a quiet circular table with the three Wonderland girls... and even though their week had officially finished, I still want to know so much more about these girls. I guess it's the natural born interviewer in me.

Paris is currently giving Moffy a lecture on how not to stand like a 'dude' whilst wearing her bridesmaid dress.

"For the last time, I don't stand like a fucking dude!" She snaps.

"Andi?" Paris asks, raising a brow.

Andi rolls her eyes and leans forward. "I wouldn't say you stand like a guy, Moffy. You just don't exactly stand like a lady, either."

"A lady?" Moffy snarls.

"You know... the opposite of a gentleman." Paris says, sarcastically.

"I can be a lady."

Andi lifts her drink to her mouth and sips slowly, widening her eyes as she does. Paris waits a couple of seconds before copying her exactly.

Moffy turns to glare at me and the only thing I can think to do is be the third person at the table to use my glass as a way of getting out of speaking. She eventually looks around the table before slapping her hands down on her thighs in annoyance.

"I am a Mother-Fucking LADY! God damn it!" She shouts across at us all. The silence lingers for just a few seconds before all three of them burst out laughing.

"I am!" Moffy protests through fits of giggles.

"Yeah... Me, too!" Paris gasps.

"Oh, please." Andi whimpers. "We're all as bad as one another."

"You girls are crazy," I chuckle to myself. "And here I was thinking what you guys do in SL was all fiction... when what you guys really do is more of a reenactment of a fly on the wall documentary."

"Exactly!" Andi yells and raises a glass. "Here's to batty friendships."

"To batty friendships," we all chime and clink glasses.

"Soooo," I clear my throat. "The guys, huh?"

Paris runs a finger around the rim of her cocktail glass, smirking. "What about them, WuWu? Are you wanting to know more gossip?"


"Ever the blogger," Moffy chuckles.


Andi grabs my hand and squeezes it tight. "Max is adorable, isn't he?"

"Completely," I nod, smiling at the obvious lust in her eyes. "Although, I am surprised at how much he has softened you up. I think the majority of twitter thought you would never be tamed."

"Never mind twitter, I'm still completely shocked, myself." Paris snorts.

Andi wafts a hand around, flippantly. "What can I say? I'm a sucker for a guy with a R8 and a huuuuuge...."

We all hold our breath as she pauses for dramatic effect.

"Heart! Huge heart, you filthy animals," she breaks out laughing whilst I inhale a big breath of air just to try stop the visuals swirling around in my head.

"Heart... sure..." Moffy chuckles as she tries to sneak a quick glance over her shoulder at Ethan. My eyes follow hers and sure enough, Ethan is stood in the corner, one hand in his jeans pocket, the other holding his pint, doing nothing but taking her in as Dean talks besides him. I see him slyly smile and wink at her before Moffy turns back around, her head lowered as she tries to hide her obvious love-struck face.

Paris clearly saw the exchange too. "God, I can't wait for you two to get out of the love-sick puppy stage," she drawls before she slaps her best friends shoulder. "Just go home and shag, already."

"Oh, do one, Panda-girl!" she smirks, flipping her the bird. "Besides... if we have any more sex than we already do, I'll need assistance walking."

"You're one lucky sod," I tell her.

Moffy tucks a piece of hair behind her ears and shrugs, trying to act cool when I can tell all she wants to do is beam. "He's alright."

"Aren't they cute?" Andi smiles over at her friend.

"I think you'll find you and Max hold the title for cute." Moffy snorts.

"Whilst J and I hold the title for fiery as fuck," Paris chuckles.

"But fuck-hot!" Moffy adds, smirking.

"No-one can argue with that!" Andi laughs.

A huge commotion starts from the corner of the bar and I look up to see Joel is chasing Dean around the pool table shouting at out.

"If you make one more reference to my Fiancees chest, I'm going to shove your head down these pool table pockets, you little shit."

Dean is laughing out loud as he runs around, pretending to rub his nipples.... right up until Joel catches him, jumps on his back and starts play jabbing him in the sides. Ethan, Gnome and Max all begin to make their way over to our table. I've been hanging around these guys for a while now, yet they all still have the ability to make my legs go a little bit wibbley.

"Is it time to go home yet? Has the ban been lifted yet?" Ethan smiles as he straddles a stood and sits down next to his girlfriend.

"God, you guys are acting like you haven't had sex for a year." Andi snaps at them all as Joel and Dean make their way over to the table, too. "Seriously! It's been a week for all of you!"

Ethan holds up two fingers. "Two weeks for me. I had to go on that stupid camping trip with Dean."

"Hey... that wa an epic trip, bro." Dean says, feigning internally injury.

"Sleeping in a tent with you for four nights or having sex with my girl. Sorry, Deano. No competition." Ethan laughs.

Max sits down beside me and is squished extremely close. I can smell his aftershave waft under my nose and, once again, have to remind myself that a) I am married b) He is taken and c)...... I know there is a third point, but quite frankly, my brain is clogged with what smells like Hugo Boss for men. Mmmm.

"You alright there, Wendy?" He smirks, nudging my shoulder softly.

"Errr... fine." I quickly grab my drink and down in one.

"Look at the guzzla!" Dean shouts across the table. "I say we do shots! Who's up for Jagerbombs?" He cries. The whole table starts cheering like mad and before I even have time to blink, our table is covered with about thirty shot glasses and a lot of excited faces. I have a feeling I'm not going to remember much of tonight, when I wake up in the morning.


Three hours later and everything is looking more than fuzzy. I'm aware I've been dancing... I'm also slightly aware that at one point, all the girls had me on the dance floor doing the infamous 'Proud Mary' dance routine that they have been known to do so well.

Everyone has been singing on the karaoke machine. Everyone except me. I've hidden behind several glasses of anything just to try and avoid having to hold a microphone. Moffy was right though, her singing truly is terrible...but I still couldn't help but smile like crazy when her and Ethan did a duet of 'Time of My Life'...especially at the end when she tried to jump up and do the lift and they both just fell to the floor in a fit of hysterics.

Joel... Wow! Now he can sing. And Paris isn't half bad, either. Their duet was one of the songs from their playlist. Beneath your beautiful has never been sang that way before. I don't think it will ever be sang that way again... it's a shame no-one else will get to see it. Well... not unless I upload the sly video clip I recorded to YouTube. But would I do that? I smile at the thought and vow to mention it to Pip in the morning.

Andi and Max have spent the last hour sat in a corner whispering sweet nothings to one another. Andi will dance, but she says the only thing she'll ever sing in to now, belongs to Max. I hadn't understood what the hell she meant at first... not until I saw his eyes widen and him slyly try to adjust his pants beneath the table. I definitely had to leave them to it, at that point. I was having a hard enough time controlling myself around Max as it was. I was desperate to hear him sing, though. I'd heard that him with a guitar and a microphone was nothing short of magic. Maybe it would give me an excuse to come and visit them all again... Hopefully.

Dean has been singing every song ever sung by Dizzie Rascal and unexpectedly, Gnome has joined him on the small stage every single time. He's a lot more relaxed and a lot less serious than I ever expected.

Just when I think that this night simply can not get any better, I see the lights fade around me and Dean's voice come over the sound system.

"Alrite, gals. Me n me brahs av a little treat for r WuWu. Int that rite lads?"

All the Wonderland guys make their way up to the stage. Joel looks eager, Ethan looks unfazed as he smirks and runs his hand around the waistband of his trousers and Dean is limbering up, bending over to touch his toes, then pulling his arm around the back of his head whilst wiggling his bum and laughing. Gnome simply looks drunk as hell whilst Max is desperately trying to keep his face straight as he looks at me. I suddenly feel the girls all grab me and pull me to the middle of the dance floor.

"I. Can. Not. Freakin'. Wait. For. This." Moffy giggles.

"Me either!" Paris squeals.

"Girls... we have to focus!" Andi instructs, pulling us all together and eyeing the guys intently.

"Rite, cocker!" Dean shouts behind us. "Dim the lights n let's av it!"

The next thing I hear is the raining men song playing over the bar speakers as all the Wonderland men stand in a line, turn their backs to us and slowly begin to rotate their hips in time with each other.

"Holy fuck!" I gasp, unable to believe what I'm about to witness. "Are they... is this..." My own voice seems to choke me as I watch them turn around and look at me. Five pairs of deliciously hot eyes all staring directly at me as they start to unbutton their shirts.

"That's right, WuWu!" Paris jumps up and down.

"They're Magic Miking you!" Moffy shouts before putting her index finger and thumb in her mouth and wolf whistling them all on the stage.

My eyes feel as though they are popping out of my head as all five men move across the stage. Damn! Is there anything these boys can't do. Dean is loving every minute of it, shaking his hips and thrusting in any direction he can. Gnome has his eyes closed and is lost in the music as he runs his hands up and down his chest. I have to take a moment to remember to actually breathe.

Joel and Ethan both surprise me by doing the worm from one side of the stage to the other, both in time with each other, both flexing ever muscle imaginable on their bodies. I am about thirty seconds away from thudding on the floor.

And as the music keeps playing and the guys keep on moving... I literally think I have died and gone to heaven. Then Max moves in to the middle of the stage and all the others some how seem to effortlessly fall in line with their tops off, their chests heaving up and down as they catch their breath as they all stop... their legs shoulder width apart... their hands down by their sides, smirking at me as though they are waiting for my instruction.

I take one look at all the girls beside me who are nodding their encouragement.

Before I even realise what I am doing, I stand up on my toes, put my hands up to my mouth and shout, "GET EM OFF!"

Let it be known to one and all.

I Bloody



And Thats a Wrap!

Oh just one more thing........... 

Bare Naked Words has something I’d like to say.

Wonderland have rocked my world this week, morning, noon and night, quite literally. I hope they have rocked yours too.  I had no idea how seriously they would take my spotlight week offer and I certainly had no idea the amount of time they would dedicate to it.  Because, for as much fun as the Wonderland RP is there are real life people behind each of the cast and that is who dedicated their time and talent to me over the last few weeks.

The interviews are real.  Yes we really did spend our afternoons and evenings talking Wonderland, the stories you have read have been contributed by several of the cast.

But the ring leader in all this was Moffy, she has blown me away with her dedication to the cause, my inbox is full, my picture album is enviable and my Kik is on constant high alert, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I was surprised to learn how much of the SL stories are ad-lib, and my admiration for them increased ten fold.

I couldn’t ad-lib myself out of a paper bag, I’m one of those people that half an hour after an argument thinks of all the clever things I could have said.  But as a blogger my pace is much slower, I read a book, I reflect on it and then I write a review about it. Simple!

I’m gonna miss Moffy and Paris Kik’ing me every day, you can imagine some of the conversations, right?

I cannot thank the Wonderland crew enough; the boys were as charming as you would imagine, even Dean, and easy on the eye, which made my job extremely difficult, *winks*.

I love me some Andi, you are hysterical, thanks babe, can’t wait to meet you in RL.

Paris we have great taste in men *winks*, gonna miss you, don’t be a stranger.

Moffy, Moffy, MuMu  it’s been emotional, *laughs*, a total honour and I am really, really,  gonna miss our daily chats, roll on November babe.

So all there is left to say, *as I wipe a stray tear*, is:

“My name is WuWu and I’m a Wonderland addict”

Friday 7pm

Wonderland Week - Paris & Moffy Spotlight

The Interview

I’m here with Paris & Moffy, who even after such a hectic week are looking effortlessly gorgeous sitting on a comfy sofa across from me at Wonderland HQ, and all is unusually quiet after the chaos of the past week.

Wendy:  Hi ladies I just wanted first of all to say thank you so much for agreeing to showcase Wonderland Week on my little blog. You’ve given so much insight into your Wonderland family but I know everyone is keen to know more about you ladies. Why don’t we start with you telling us about a typical evening in at CasaPidgeminx?

Moffy: Hi Wendy it’s been  lovely having you here and Wonderland week has been amazing.... a typical evening.. Um, Pip? It involves Corona, right?

Paris: and Chinese or maybe pizza.

Moffy: Doritos!

Paris: Possibly a DVD

Moffy: Rocky …Usually

Paris: trying to convince Moffy to paint my nails, she loves my feet

Moffy:  yeah and me making a mess of said nails, then Pip going bananas on my arse for being more man than woman with these things

Wendy: Why Rocky?

Moffy: I grew up watching Rocky.  He was my hero.  Paris had no choice but to watch them with me.. Now it’s just become routine, I guess…

Wendy: what’s your favourite thing about each other?

Paris: she knows what I’m thinking without having to say.  I call her my clone.

Moffy: yeah, that’s my favourite thing, too.. Although it can be a pain in the arse when you’re trying to hide something from each other.  Another favourite thing is how we can sit in silence.  It’s not a friendship where we have to try.. it’s just… there.

Paris: that happens a lot!

Moffy: Pip, your eyes just watered, didn’t they? *laughing*

Paris: See no escape, hers did too

Moffy: *smirks* a liddle bit.

Wendy: you’re just too cute ladies,  now share the deets on those hunks of yours?

Moffy: Oh, lord.. where to start. Umm. What do you want to know? His shoe size?

Wendy: *smirks* That too

Moffy: hah. I bet you do. *blushes* I guess we’ve both just got lucky.  After years of it being just the two of us, it’s now the four of us… And it’s taking some adjusting to, Joel and Ethan have the patience of saints… But we’re both as happy as we’ve ever been.  Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Moffy: *smirking*and he’s a size 12

Wendy: Blimey! Big socks then *laughing*

Moffy: hahahaha.. he has many talents

Wendy: *blushes & tries not to think about those many talents*

Paris: I’ve waited a life time for Joel to come along, no way I am letting him go & I am keeping his shoe size to myself *laughing*

Moffy: *smirking* I bet Joel’s a small 7… 8 at a push

Wendy: so what is with the 3rd nipple thing?

Paris: *bursts out laughing*

Moffy: oh shit! *howls laughing*

Paris: tell her about your nipple Moffy

Moffy: I don’t have a third nipple… *glares at Paris* SHUSH YOU!

Paris: she’s lying, don’t listen *whispers pig tits*

Moffy: *grits teeth* it’s a BEAUTY SPOT!

Moffy: a smaller version of your wart….Downstairs

Wendy: *splutters* What?

Moffy: she says I have a third nipple, I say she has an unfortunate wart… Honestly. We just have warped sense of humours

Paris: it’s a mole

Moffy: Moley Moley Moley Moley

Wendy: well I was going to ask if you had any guilty secrets?

Moffy: guilty secrets.. I have LOTS of those *laughs*

Wendy: I’ve plenty of time *sits back in chair*

Moffy: how old are your readers? *laughing*

Paris: oh lordy

Wendy: my blog comes with an over 18 warning, so we’re good

Moffy: thank god!

Moffy: I guess everyone now knows Paris’, the fact she slept with my Noodle *cringes slightly*

Wendy: Paris you’ve gone very quiet

Paris: I’m ignoring that comment

Wendy: which one?

Paris: the noodle crap!

Moffy: see.. every time. *laughing*

Paris: *mutters* perhaps we should consider doing an Ethan shagging Pip flashback scene

Moffy:  you know my thoughts on that… I’m not the one who wouldn’t watch it *mutters something about Joely*

Paris: meh.. he’s a sensitive arse

Wendy: let’s not upset J please?   Ok let’s move this on before things get ugly…

Wendy: if you could spend tomorrow doing anything you wanted what would you do?

Moffy: My perfect day would involve my two favourite people, Paris & Ethan.  Me & Pip would have a lazy morning, then hit the shops and go for a bit of spa treatment.  Then I’d run home to Ethan all waxed and scrubbed.. And pull those damn twitter shades down fast *sappy grin & looking a little flushed*

Moffy: Pip's would involve her bike and her pets

Wendy: and this week Pip you announced your wedding date?

Paris: it’s not long now, and the plans are coming together

Moffy: and you have someone to give you away *chin wibbling ever so slightly*

Paris: you bet *beaming smile*

Moffy: *tries to hide tears*

Wendy: that was such a lovely gesture how did you feel Moffy when Pip asked you?

Moffy: first of all I was completely stunned.  We’d not spoken for weeks after the fall out…I walked in wondering if she was gonna hit me again, only for her to turn around and ask me that.  I’m emotional just thinking about it.  I just want to do her proud…And her father proud…  Oh and not fall over

Paris: *shudders* haha the thought of Moffy in heels.

Moffy: can’t I wear my converse?

Wendy: are you clumsy then MuMu?

Moffy: I’m not good in heels at all! Pip and Andi are the fashionistas of WL

Moffy: and Yeah I’m really clumsy

Wendy: I take it your organising the Hen night?

Moffy: Oh Crap! Am I? I hope she doesn’t mind the local pub, a pint of lager and a packet of crisps then *laughs*

Wendy: come on Moffy you can do better than that?

Paris: *looks at Mof horrified* yes you can!

Moffy:  haha, I’ll get Andi to help me.. I hear she knows a few strippers

Paris: I’m expecting big things

Moffy: why have I just found out I have to organise this?

Paris: I have a dress for that *laughs* and because you’re the bloody bridesmaid

Moffy:  wait – I’m father of the bride.  Like Steve Martin, Andi can be Frank *now they are both laughing*

Paris: *laughing* I love it

Moffy: can you imagine hahahaha

Paris: swans and I’ve got ice, ooooo I’ve got lots of ice

Moffy: *beaming* NOW WE’RE TALKING

Moffy: you know how much Moffy loves ice *shivers ever so slightly*

Wendy: it’s been an amazing week, have you enjoyed Wonderland week?

Paris: it’s been a little stressful but I’m truly overwhelmed by the response.  Followers seem to be enjoying it and have really got on board with their support.

Moffy: I’ve loved it! I feel like I haven’t slept for a week but it’s been amazing to do something different… And I really do believe that the followers have enjoyed seeing what goes on behind the scenes and a bit more about the characters.  It’s been fun

Wendy: Same time next year then? *laughs*

Moffy: I was thinking maybe a Christmas special…*laughs at the look of panic on Pip’s face*

Paris: Wow. Christmas! Erm yeah sure *shrugs* whatever you say…have you enjoyed it WuWu?

Wendy: it been overwhelming, I had no idea how much effort you guys would all put in to it when I suggested it.  It’s been hard work but such a blast.

Moffy: Be honest Wendy, I’ve done you head in with my emails haven’t I?

Wendy: I’ve had some real lol moments MuMu.

Paris: you’ve definitely done mine in *laughs*

Moffy: Hey! Listen! I wanted things to work *chuckles*

Wendy: Now what about Andi suddenly taking off to New York?

Paris: It was a last minute decision.  She clearly wanted to go.  We’d had a few beers and thought sod it *smirks* keep watching though; you know anything can happen in Wonderland…

Moffy: you guys should know that a lot of decisions are made whilst under the influence of Mr San Miguel…

Wendy: Let’s hope you don’t start making decisions while under the influence of Woo Woos

Paris: Its 10% I fear for Wonderland after a few of those!

Moffy: *laughs hard* No, No. I’ll save those drinks for you.  One too many of them and I’d be agreeing to marry Ethan next.  Let’s not go there!

Paris:  Seeeeeee!

Moffy: you know I can only manage one of those Pip… 10% is way out of my comfort zone.

Paris: *snorts* anything more than a sniff is out of your comfort zone

Moffy: Whatever, Trevor


Paris: *imagines a pig*

Moffy: name one decision that I’ve made under the influence that hasn’t worked yet…

Wendy: Tell me about Sunday’s SL that was a toughy?

Paris: *lowers head* tough doesn’t come close…

Moffy: *sighs, sags shoulders* the think about Sunday was…we had been dreading it for weeks.  I mean dreading it.  I know this is all story… but we feel what they feel.  It was so tough to say goodbye to each other

Paris: I had real life tears

Moffy: my eyes are still swollen five days later

Moffy: Damn Ethan & Joel

Paris: Men

Moffy: *puts on Al Green voice, starts singing* Leeeets….Lets stay togetheeeeeer

Paris: I always said we should marry each other

Moffy: I’d marry you….

Moffy *stands up, bends down on one knee*

Paris: Looks like you’re getting another exclusive WuWu

Moffy: Paris Lexi Hemsworth….

Wendy: the new Hinge & Bracket? *laughs* So here’s to a future with your men – lots more to come?

Moffy: Lots more men? *gets up off knees, chuckles*

Paris: not for me, marriage is my final stop

Moffy: owh, come on. You know the world wants to Fairchild babies…

Paris: that’s a negative Ghost Rider

Moffy: Damn…so I’m never gonna be an Aunt

Paris: Nada

Wendy: What about you MuMu, you gonna be a Momma?

Paris: unlike me *grins a Moffy*

Moffy: oh crap…

Moffy: Ummmm

Moffy: Ummmm

Wendy: a speechless Moffy, that’s a first..

Paris: *Slaps thigh* I knew it! She’s broody

Moffy: I am not!

Moffy: Me and Ethan can barely look after ourselves

Paris: *presses lips together* mmmmmhmmmmm

Moffy: let’s just say this…

Moffy: I’m more open to the idea of kids than I am of marriage

Moffy: I’ll have ten mini Ethan’s if he just drops the legal stuff

Paris: *no need for me to have any*

Wendy: Ethan seems very determined

Moffy: yeah well, I have ways of distracting him, WuWu *smirks*

Moffy: *imagines Pip with a bump…awww*

Paris: *mutters* it’s the baby making she wants

Paris:*ignores comment*

Moffy: HELL YEAH! *laughs hard*

Moffy: I can’t believe Goose is getting married, actually

Paris: Neither can I *laughs*

Moffy: Maybe it’s not Joel who is whipped…maybe its you

Moffy: Just saying… *makes whip cracking noise*

Paris: I’m not going to lie, I am *beams* and I love every minute of it

Moffy: I know, I joke, but it’s good to see you all happy, Kiddo

Wendy: are you and J writing your own vows?

Moffy: Joel will probably sing his

Paris: Oh good God….No

Moffy: can you imagine Pip’s?

Moffy: *Clears throat*

Paris: *frowns*

Moffy: “yeah, yeah, I’ll take you and all that. Just hurry up and lets get moving”

Paris: *bursts out laughing*

Paris: I am nervous. I just want to get that part over and done with

Paris: I’m not a public speaker

Moffy: You should so dress up as Pandas…it would break the tension

Wendy: will Joel be singing at the wedding reception?

Paris: do you want him to?

Wendy: I think it would be kinda cute *laughs*

Moffy: I do too

Paris: I’ll put that suggestion to him, WuWu

Moffy: he’ll love it

Moffy: maybe we could get all the boys to do the YMCA

Wendy: now I’d pay good money to see that *laughs*

Paris: *rubs hands together* now this I like

Moffy: that should be hilarious! *laughs*

Moffy: or magic mike raining men!!!

Wendy: can I please help with the outfits?

Paris: Joel has to play Channing though *images of him thrusting*

Moffy: Ethan shirtless, thrusting on the floor *stares dreamily in to the distance*

Moffy *starts singing my pony*

Wendy: *snaps fingers* still with me ladies?

Moffy: *licks lips, lost in mind visuals*

Wendy: Back to this week, do you have a message for your followers?

Paris: Sorry you were saying?

Moffy: *gins* this is the tough part because we have so much to say but not enough time to say it..I guess the overall message is just THANK YOU...So much. We know we’re not the biggest RP group out there, we know we don’t have thousands upon thousands of followers, but the ones we do have makes us feel like they are an army of a million, the way they support us.  We can’t really dote on them enough.

Paris: ROCK ON!

Moffy: Tommy! *laughs*

Paris: Just to echo what Moffy has said, we may not be huge but we appreciate each and every one of our followers

Wendy: Perfect ladies, thank you for trusting me to do this with you – here’s to the Christmas Special *laughs*

Paris: maybe Moffy may have an announcement then *winks*

Moffy: oh Shush you!

Moffy: *grabs a bottle of bubbly, pops it, pours out three glasses* Cheers WuWu! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us.  You’ve no idea how much we appreciate it.  See you at the wrap party

Paris: *grabs a glass* cheers ladies

Wendy: *raises glass* Cheers ladies.

Moffy & Paris' Playlist;

High Hopes - Kodaline
Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker
Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins
Better Together - Jack Johnson
Proud Mary - Tina Turner

All videos can be watched below

You are Invited
"Wonderland Wrap Party"
Bare Naked Words

Friday 12.30pm

Wonderland Week - Friday Spotlight

We've got more from Ethan & Moffy

Moffy's Playlist;

No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper
Lose Your Mind - Kodaline
Queen of the night - Whitney Houston

All videos can be viewed below

Ethan's Playlist;

Wheels - Foo Fighters
Apologise - One Republic
Black Whole Sun - Soundgarden

All videos can be viewed below

Ethan's POV

Looking around the loft, it’s hard to believe that it’s no longer going to be the bachelor pad it’s always been in the past. In my heart, I know there’s nothing in the world I want more than to share my space and my life with the woman that has managed to save me.

I’m under no illusions that I would be where I am today without her faith and love. Dean has always been there to pick me up out of the gutter, but I think there was a part of me that always believed he would be there. He is my brother, my blood. Moffy… Well, she didn’t have to be there. She didn’t have to stick around and watch me fall down the rabbit hole, yet she did. She stayed because she loves me, because she believes in what we have.

The thought of losing her destroyed me, more than I care to ever admit. A life without her would be a life without half of myself, and no matter how much I sound like a chick, it’s the truth. For me, she’s everything. She is the one thing I can’t live without, so I am succeeding. All I have to do is remind myself of being without her and the cravings fade.

My thoughts continuously contradict one another. The happiness of waking up to her every morning, seeing her smile as I enter the room, or making me laugh in the way that only she can. Even falling asleep with my arms around her and the sweet smell of her shampoo and her surrounding me, makes me need it to happen sooner. Yet, there’s still that part of me that’s terrified this will destroy what we have, that it will drive a wedge between us.

I’m not perfect. I know that better than anyone, and Moffy has forgiven me more times than I deserve. Add to that the fact that we’re both nervous and it’s a bit of a wild card between us. Neither of us have the best of pasts; mine is particularly dark, and I fear that she will see that and need to walk away. I fear that, no matter how much I try to hide the darkest parts of myself, she will peel back my defenses like she always does and reveal that part of me I hate is even in there.

Then there is the new revelation… She doesn’t want marriage.

I pace the living room for a couple of minutes, looking out over Manchester for a while before heading up to my room and into my safe hidden in the closet. There is one thing in there I cherish above everything else… My mum’s engagement ring. Dean had never put up a fight for the damn thing and when I’d taken it, I hadn’t ever seen much of a need for it. I, more than perhaps anyone else, hadn’t really thought I would ever be in a position to use it. The day I had put it in this safe, I’d told myself I wouldn’t so much as look at it again until I was certain it’s what I wanted.

There’s a hundred and one reasons to leave things as they are between Moffy and I. We’re happy and I have come to the conclusion that she truly believes marriage will ruin us. Perhaps that’s why I’m so eager to move in together. Maybe there’s a part of me that’s desperate to convince her that marriage will not be the end of us. To prove that what we have is stronger than the ghosts that haunt her, hell, maybe the ghosts that haunt us both.

More than that, I want to prove that we belong together, that I believe in what we have, enough to make it permanent. Giving up my single life doesn’t seem quite as much of a sacrifice as I once thought it was, not when I have a forever of tomorrows with Izzy to look forward to.

Thursday's Unknown Fact - the Answer was Dean (winners name will be posted on Saturday)

Friday's Unknown Fact - Who Said "When we started high school, i was a prefect.  Actually i was a bit of a good two shoes...For a couple of years, anyway."

We'll be back at 7.15pm for our interview with Paris & Moffy

Thursday 9pm

Wonderland Week - the Spotlights on Dean

Dean's 5 favourite memories:

1) Kicking Tommy's head in after he took our Ethan. Nothing has given me greater pleasure.

2) When Tommy got shot and Daggs got locked up. Revenge is a bitch.

3) Having a heart to heart with Ethan in the park, like we used to do as kids. Showed me softer side a bit. *laughs*

4) Revealing the memory box to our E. You could tell he was suited.

5) Watching Max step up to the plate with Andi. Proud mate moment.

Dean on Holiday:

Paul is play fighting with Ste who falls into my shoulder as I’m sliding the card key into the slot outside the door. I swing my shoulder, nudging him back.

“Give up dick heads. Am tryin to sort this shit out n ur all actin like fuckin kids” I snap. Feeling pretty knackered from getting up early and travelling. Un be known to Ethan and Moffy, I’ve struggled sleeping since the night I saved him from Daggs. The memory of Ethan lying on the ground, battered bleeding and weak, haunts me. I’ve not had nightmares this bad since mum died. I thought I was finally starting to get somewhere, but here I am again, waking up in sweats, chills all over my body. I’m seriously hoping this lad’s holiday takes my mind off the situation. I think I need this break more than I realised.

A voice shouts from behind me “hurry up for fuck sake. I need a shit” Without looking I instantly recognise who it is. I gibe back “mite just take ma time then, knob. Its not ma fault u decide to have a soddin vindaloo last nite”. Glancing backwards, laughing at Riley as he dances around, struggling to hold his crap in. Suddenly, the light turns green, swinging the door open, I cheer “YES! Get in. Welcome to the pullin pad for the next…..” before I can finish I’m shoved aside smacking my face on the wall as Riley shoves passed me heading straight for the bathroom.

Shaking my head with a smile I think to myself……Yep. We’re here.


Straddled on my sunbed, rubbing oil into my nicely tanning skin which I got from my mother’s side, I recollect how she only had to sit out in it for one day to look beautifully bronzed. Yes, one day. That’s how long we have been here. Last night was a slight disaster. Riley spent most of the day and evening suffering from his ridiculous tea choice before travelling. Like a dick, I offered to hang around, fetch him water and keep him company. Why the fuck did I do that. I should have been out partying. Oh well. I prop the lotion bottle into the sand and slide my sunglasses back down my face, breathing in the ocean air, not a bit of wind in sight. It’s baking. 

I quickly move my hands to catch the football that comes hurtling towards my head. I hear a holler.

“Come on mate. You’ve been sat soaking that shit up for hours”

Standing up, I start jogging over to where Paul & Ste are playing footy with some lads on the beach. I throw the ball over my head towards one of them. Rolling my neck and flexing my shoulders, I continue over towards Paul who was shouting me.

“Wa just givin ya a chance to warm up” I smirk.

After thirty minutes of running up and down the make shift pitch on the beach, in the heat, I’m dripping with sweat and my leg muscles are aching like mad. When Ste passes me the ball, I make a lame arse attempt at tackling Paul, sending the ball veering off as I plummet to the ground, throwing my arm across my head.

“That’s it. Am fucked”

Paul quickly scrambles to standing, searching his eyes in the direction the ball flew.

“Oh shit. I think your more than fucked right now lad”

I spot Paul putting his hand to his mouth trying to cover up his sneaky laughter.

“What ya on……”

My sentence swiftly cut short when I hear a high pitched, screeching noise coming towards me.

“I’m less than impressed right now. I’m laid out trying to sunbathe with my friends about to enjoy my cosmopolitan when this bloody thing hits me smack in the head”

Squinting through one eye, a shadow forms over the top of me and I can just about make out a brunette, huffing and blowing her hair from her face, holding the football out.

“I take it this belongs to you” she says in a calm, stern manner.

“Look love” I roll over and start to stand up, brushing the sand off that has stuck to my wet skin.

“Don’t you look love me” 

Straightening my torso I run my thumbs along the inside of my waist band, finally turning to get a good look at the moaning Minnie in question.

“Listen, I dint fuckin…..do….it….on”                                               

My eyes widen, tripping up over my words, stumbling backwards slightly. WOAH! Instantly hit by her big, brown eyes as they twinkle brightly in the sunshine. Shit, I didn’t even know brown could sparkle. Unaware that my head has started to dip forward, she speaks with a softer tone.

“You didn’t exactly do what, now?”

“I…er….what…I meant to say was…er…”

I lower my chin, nervously rubbing the back of my neck. Willing myself to say the words - I didn’t fucking do it on purpose you silly bitch. Lifting my head back up, about to spit it out, I find myself mesmerised and captivated by her long, slightly wavy, brown hair. It’s the same colour as her eyes and glows just as bright. Her lips are pink, plump and perfect. She has a cute button nose and the sun has brought out some light freckles across her cheeks.

“Are you going to answer me? Does this ball belong to you?” I can hear anger rising in her voice.

I notice she’s postioned the ball under her arm, stood to one side with her hands on her hips.

WOW. My eyes roam her petite but curvy figure. Those hips, those legs and fuck me, her tits are wicked. Not too big, not too small and certainly in the right place.

“Oh I’ve had enough of this”

SMACK!!! The ball hits me in the stomach, winding me.

“Ouch” I cough out.

“Nice one love” Ste shouts.

“Not so cocky now eh, Deano” Paul chuckles.

I can hear the laughter and cheers behind me from the other people laid out on the beach, but right now, I couldn’t give a crap. I’m just grateful she’s stopped my dick from twitching. Catching a glance of her small, pert arse as she walks away, I drop the ball quickly to adjust my shorts, avoiding any further embarrassment. That’s when I realise, looking down between my legs. It wasn’t my cock twitching…It was my heart….Oh fuck.


That's all for tonight folks.

Join us tomorrow for our final Wonderland day with Moffy & Paris and just maybe a little bit of Ethan too.

Thursday 7pm

Wonderland Week - Dean is in the Spotlight

Who is Dean Walker?

"I'm 28 years old and work in a car garage which I co-own with my father. Ethan is my older brother. We have a really close bond, always have done. Even more so since our mother was killed in a supposed car accident, ten years ago. I've always had my suspicions, but recently, I've found some evidence to support the fact it could have been a murder (but I haven't told anyone the full story, yet). No girlfriend, but I do have an eye for the ladies. My theory is that being in a relationship is just too much like hard work. Definitely prefer the quiet, easy life. That doesn't mean to say I'm heartless... Am sure there's one in there, somewhere. LOL. Always liked a laugh with my mates m, going out and partying. Been known to kick a footy in my time. That's about it, really."

Significant SL:

"The one when i saved r Ethan from that dick head Tommy n bust his nose" Dean

 Now brace yourselves for my interview with Dean

(I've deciphered Deanos language for you, as best i could *laughs*)

Dean enters the room at HQ, he’s loud, confident and completely, totally smokin! He is a walkin, talkin dreamboat.  It is very difficult to focus around him, but then some would say I’ve been having that problem around the Wonderland men all week *chuckles*
Dean: Yo, yo, Yo lady!
Wendy: Hey Deano!
Dean: Whaddup!
Wendy: I’m good thanks, how are you? You good to do our interview now?
Dean: Sound
Dean: I’m not a man of many words, unlike the other wordy wonders!
Wendy: Ok let’s get started then.
Dean: Cock on!
Wendy:  *laughs* well it’s nice to meet you, how are you settling into Wonderland HQ?
Dean: Pleasures all mine love *winks* n am settlin in just fine.  They’re all great peeps
Wendy: All of them?
Dean: Yeh.  Some r a wind up.  In fact. Too easy.  We av a laugh!
Wendy: You and Max certainly rock the TL with #TeamBrah
Dean: it’s like meetin of 2 opposites. Dudes a funny fucker!
Wendy: You and Ethan are very close, has it always been that way?
Dean: Rite from the start.  We used to knock bout together as kids.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some scraps along the way but he’s one person I’ll defo stand by n say I fuckin love
Dean: I’d do owt for him!
Wendy: Scraps hey? Can he whoop your ass?
Dean *laughs* not a chance.  He thinks he can but I got moves!
Wendy: *chuckles* I bet you have!
Wendy: So let’s talk girlfriends, ever gonna have one?
Dean: *folds arms, smirks* how did I know that was comin
Wendy: the TL ladies want to know
Dean: *leans forward* ur a TL lady.  U wanna know too?
Wendy: Absolutely
Dean: *grins* let’s just say am waiting for the rite one to catch ma eye
Wendy: And did someone catch you eye on holiday?
Dean: *lifts chin* I don’t kiss and tell
Wendy: *smirks*I don’t want the deets love, but you did meet someone right?
Wendy: You can tell me
Dean: I did, if I remember correctly you got some deets off Maxy!
Dean: Shit Head!
Wendy: Maybe,*laughs* you planning on getting in touch with her again?
Dean: Nah, no future plans.  She wa a nice bird n all that but am good on ma own
Wendy: How do you and Moffy get on?
Dean: Ahhhh sweet cheeks.  She likes to bust ma balls.  I think she fancies me to be honest!
Wendy: *splutters* you think she fancies you?!?
Wendy: you know whe’ll see this interview right?
Dean: I do, I tell her all the time.  I catch her checkin ma arse out round the office
Dean: I bend over on purpose it’s funny as fuck watchin her blush
Wendy: *thinking he is kinda cute – blushes a little too* Tell me about #TeamBrah, how did it come about?
Dean: *notices her blush. Rests elbows on knees, smirks* I once text him a dirty photo of a naked bird n he sent on back.  Dirty turned to funny n we decided to share the love wiv the TL
Wendy: for those that are new to the TL what does Brah mean?
Dean: its slang for bro!
Wendy: *notices him lean forward and catches a waft of his aftershave* you have some loyal followers on the TL, what do you think attracts them to you?
Dean: we talkin me or Wonderland?
Wendy; *smirks* You!
Dean: *laughs* to be honest I hadn’t noticed
Dean: Good looks n awesome win!
Wendy: And modesty?
Dean: What does that mean?
Dean: Never heard that word *grins*
Wendy: *smirks* So to thank them you’ve donated a prize to our little Giveaway
Dean: I have, there’s gonna be one lucky bird out there!
Dean: *bloody Moffy n Paris wiv their ideas*
Wendy: have you planned something special for the date?
Dean: Not even thought  bout it.  But am sure I can beat McDonald’s *winks*
Wendy: *laughs* God, I hope so
Wendy: Here are your Quick Fire questions before we wrap up
1) What makes you laugh out loud? Memes from Maxy lad.
2) What is your most irritating habit? Chewing gum.
3) Wine or Beer? Beer.
4) Favourite position? Bird ridin' ma cock.
5) Signature chat up line? In my spare time I'm an astronaut... And on my next mission, I want to explore Uranus
6) Favourite swear word? Fuckin
Wendy: Thank you for talking to me Dean it’s been a pleasure to meet you.
Dean: Cheers to u to love *stands up, walks over , takes her hand n kisses it* nice to finally meet you Wendy.
Wendy: *blushes all over* you are a real charmer Dean!
Dean: Ur a real catch. Laters!
Wendy: why thank you *waves*

He called me a catch! *does happy dance* Me! A catch!

Made my bloody day that boy.

Goes home happy!

Dean's Playlist;
My Name Is - Eminem
Fix Up, Look Sharp - Dizzie Rascal
Ghetto Gospel - 2Pac

all videos can be played below:

Dean will be sharing his recent holiday experience with us at 9pm.....

Thursday 5pm

Wonderland Week - Grandma Doris Spotlight

Doris Hemsworth ~ @OurDoris_MPWL

Age: You never ask a lady her age.
Birthday: March 18th
Occupation: Retired

Doris…Grandmother to @Paris_MPWL, and surrogate grandmother to @Moffy_MPWL. Lives in London, away from the girls but is a constant tower of strength for them both. Her body may be in its seventies but her mind got stuck at twenty-one. Totally batty… Loves everything in life except Moffy’s name. No-one can control what comes out of this ladies mouth. Expect the worst…

Grandma Doris is going to share five memorable moments from Pip & Moffy's childhood....

1) Taking the girls to a Christmas pantomime to see Jack and the beanstalk. One of the girls were so amazed by it she kneeled up on her chair and didn't realise she was still clapping long after the song had ended. It was precious.

2) Going for Pie and mash one of the girls visits to London. Paris cried when she saw the jellied eels in the jar. Wanted us to free them into the Thames then cried harder when she was told they were for eating. Moffy ate the lot.

3) Grandpa playing gummy monster. He took out his false teeth and would run after the girls pretending he was going to bite them. And when he caught them he'd rub his rough stubble against this cheeks.

4) One Christmas me and grandpa bought the girls lolo-balls for Christmas. Grandpa was having a go of one, in the living room and fell into the Christmas tree knocking it to the ground. The girls didn't stop laughing all day.

5) On a cold, rainy day on holiday in a caravan park the girls once decides to give me a "make over". I ended up with blue lips, red eyes and green nail varnish in my hair. Still, it made them smile for weeks.

Significant SL

When that nasty Daggs fella came to London to question me where Paris was. I worried for days. Thank goodness Moffy, Ethan and Joel managed to rescue her from that thugs grip. I will forever treasure them all for their acts of foolish bravery.

Grandma Doris' playlist ;
Sex Bomb - Tom Jones
Hooky Street - Only Fools & Horses Theme Tune
Walks Like Rihanna - The Wanted

all videos can be played below:

Yesterdays Unknow Fact was said by Andi - winners will be announced on Saturday

Today's Unknow Fact.  Who said "I have a tattoo on my right butt cheek that my mates dared me to have done when i was a teenager"?

Post your answers in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Dean's up next at 7pm

Thursday 2pm

Wonderland Week - Gnome Spotlight

Gnome ~ @Gnome_MPWL

Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Occupation: Unemployed

Gnome ~ Sometimes, people come in to people’s lives, and it’s more than just a coincidence. When @Moffy_MPWL ran away to London to escape her heartache over Ethan going to rehab, she stumbled upon the deep thinking, straight talking, street sleeper, Gnome. For nearly two weeks, he looked after her in a way no-one else could have, made her face truths she’d been hiding from most of her life… And he provided her with a comforting shoulder. Gnomes past is a mystery, but he’s shown up in Moffy’s life for a reason… If only everyone in Wonderland knew about this guy. Maybe they will… In time.

Gnome's Playlist;

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding
Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons
Riot Van - Arctic Monkeys
All videos can be played below:

Meet Gnome

June 17th 2005

I'm looking in the mirror at a man I don't seem to recognize.

My hands tug on the lapel of the jacket that has been placed around my shoulders.

"This is what I mean... Off the rack is simply no good. Why on earth would you even consider it?" My mother snarls besides me.

I can't seem to take my eyes off the jacket. It's dull dark grey colour may as well be neon pink. The slight woolen streak that runs through it should add charm, but all it does is irritate me.

"Off the rack is fine, mother." I breathe out, not sure if it's even audible.

She starts to yank and pull at me, my limp arms don't fight her as she pulls down at the back of the blazer, tugging it with her hands, wafting at the material as though its laced with lice.

"You're as stubborn as your father." She sniffs.

I softly close my eyes and take a moment to try and drown out her irritating voice.

Her heels clack against the floor as she marches her way across to the boutique assistant. Her scratchy, whiney voice rings around the shop as she tells them that their suits are not even good enough to cover the ground her shih-tzu's walk upon. I want to save that poor shop assistant, but I can't move. All I can do is stare at the really high pocket that now rests just above my left pectoral muscle.

My eyes crease together as I study it. What's the point in that little pocket? Am I meant to put a flower in there, or one over expensive tear catcher in case I cry? Who decided that that was a gentlemanly thing to have on a blazer. To me, it's pointless.

Just like this jacket.

Just like these trousers.

Just like this suit.

Just like this wedding.

Just like... Me.

A sudden wave of panic hits me in the chest and I struggle to breathe. A second assistant moves to stand beside me, politely holding her hands together and smiling as she leans her head in my direction.

"How does this suit feel, Sir?"

"Horrendous." I say, bluntly.

I sense her frown, rather than see it.

"I'm sorry about that, Sir. Can I interest you in anot--"

"I AM NOT A SIR!" I snarl at her through gritted teeth, cringing internally as she tries to cover her obvious flinch. Leaning forward, I lower my tone, trying desperately to loosen the tension in my jaw. "Sorry. I just have issues with that word."

"I... I...Understand, Si.." She gulps back her words before she can finish. Fuck it all, I've fucking scared her.

Taking a deep breath I grab her hand tight, watching as her eyes widen.

"You know who I am, don't you?" I ask her

Her weak nod tells me she knows, and the glint in her eye tells me she finds me attractive... most of them do. But whether that's for me, the face or the money, who knows?

"That's right. I'm Lord Bolt's eldest son." Even saying that makes my skin prickle. "You recognize my face. You know why I'm here?"

She looks over my shoulder to check her boss isn't watching before she turns back to look at me and whispers.

"I do."

"Tell me. Tell me what you know."

She shuffles her feet around before speaking, eyeing me like she is about to put her hand in the lions mouth. "You were voted the most eligible bachelor of London, two years in a row. You are about to marry Madeline Sturridge who you met only six months ago, and your wedding is the most anticipated wedding in Notting Hill since... well... forever." Her breathing is ragged as she finishes.

I groan out loud.

"Everyone knows. Everyone always fucking knows."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Don't be sorry. Why would anyone be sorry for me and this wonderful life I lead?" I snap sarcastically.

She pulls her face back in confusion, tries to speak but struggles.

"What's your name?" I ask in a rush. "Quick. Tell me. My mother is a battle-axe and she will be back over before you can say--"


"That's a beautiful name."

"Thank you." Her lips twitch but she doesn't smile.

"Clara... Do you know my real name? My actual name. Not the fact that i'm just Lord Bolt's first born son?"

She goes to answer but pauses... her mouth moving but nothing coming out.

"I just know what the press call you." she breathes.

"Lord Bolt II' I answer for her.

"Yes, Sir... I mean. Sorry."

"It's fine." My jaw flexes back and forth, running a hand over my short hair then across my clean shaven jaw. "Clara, do you know my real name is James. My friends, the select two I have been allowed to pick myself in my whole twenty-three years, call me Jim. I hate my short hair, I hate not being allowed to grow facial hair. I hate wearing suits, I hate the fact that my family have tried to rid me of the hint of Irish in my accent in favor of a snooty fake London tone. I despise having to play rugby, I hate the fact I can't go to the pub and not get hit on by some money-grabbing whore."

Clara's eyes widen in disbelief at the things i'm saying.

"I have so much to live for, but I hate my life. I hate it. I can't breathe!" I gasp at her, desperately tugging on the top button of the rigid shirt i'm wearing. "But do you know what I hate the most?"

"No..." She swallows so hard I can hear it.

"I hate that I'm letting them do this to me." I say, looking down at the suit I'm standing in. "I dislike my fiancee immensely. She's everything I hate in society and then some. I hate the idea of spending the rest of my life with a younger version of my mother, just to please my father, so I need your help. I am begging you. I'll give you enough money to see you through for an entire year if you can find it in your heart to do this..."

She pulls her hand away from me and straightens down her uniform shirt.

"What is it you are wanting me to do?" Clara asks, nervously.

Inhaling more air than I ever have done in my entire life, I slowly feel the words begin to leave my mouth.

"Distract my mother for me. Take her to the other side of the store and I will wait until her little lap dog chauffeur follows her."

"Then what?" She frowns.

"Then Lord Bolt II will disappear out of your shop door and away from the world for a while."

"I don't know..." Her shy voice croaks.

"Clara. You can do this. I'm begging you to help me."

"Where will you go?"

"Anywhere... everywhere." I say, trying to smile reassuringly at her. "Only you and I will know about this."

"How long will you disappear for?"

The silence that surrounds us seems to last a life time before I answer.

"I'm thinking forever..."



"NAME!" The old guy shouts from behind his little table.

"David Smith." Says the guy in front of me.

The old guy taking names rolls his eyes and ushers him through. "Sure it is. Go on in."

'David Smith' grabs his bag and shuffles through in to the already overcrowded room.

"NAME!" The guy shouts again.

That familiar wave of panic hits me. Shit. I don't want to give them my name... And I can't think of anything. My mind draws nothing but a blank.

He looks up through a raised brow, tapping his pen on his clipboard impatiently.

"NoName" I say so fast, it rushes out as one word, hitching my bag on my shoulder and clinging to it with the tightest grip I can manage.

He cups his hand to his ear and frowns. "Lad. I'm old. I have more hair in my ears than on my head. Speak up."

My body shakes... I can't think. "NoName." I repeat in a fluster.

"Gnome... you say?" His eyes crease together as he shakes his head and writes it down. "You folks think I'm a fool, don't you." he sighs and wafts me through. "In you go Gnome. Mind the mushrooms and the fairies as you go through."

A small smile creeps upon my face. He heard me say Gnome... and for reasons I don't quite understand, I don't correct him as I walk through in to the hostel and take in my new life that surrounds me.

Fuck, it feels good to be free.

Join us again later for Dean's spotlight

Wednesday 9pm

Wonderland Week
Andi & Max evening spot

Andi's 5 favourite moments:

1) Talking to Moffy & Paris through my letterbox and telling them I was pregnant.

2) Bumping in to Max at the coffee shop and being called every name imaginable, but my own.

3) Ann Summers shopping with Gran.

4) Being so broken about the baby. It was horrible, but it softened me up.

5) Opening my door and seeing Max stood there when I thought I'd lost him.

Max's 5 favourite moments:

1) Andi telling me I was going to be a father... The unexpected elation I felt.

2) Helping Moffy contact Paris when she was missing and realising my call helped save her.

3) Making love to Andi properly for the very first time

4) The awful date with Pip, where Moffy had told me to impress her by actually doing a load of things she hates.

5) Seeing Andi's face when she opened the door to see me stood there.

Max POV:


I can't sleep. She's curled into my arms, the hotel comforter wrapped around her as her chest rises and falls rhythmically. A tiny line is sitting between her eyebrows, her lips turned down in a slight pout that makes me wonder what she's dreaming about. What is it that makes her face do that when she thinks nobody is watching? Tracing my finger down her arm, I replay the day in my head. Having her here in New York with me is more than I dreamed was possible. When I saw her last, I wanted so badly to ask her to come with me, but that look, that guarded smile that tells me how difficult she is finding it to trust me, stopped me from asking. But she's here. She came out because she said she missed me and I want to tell her how much I missed her too. I missed her so much that it felt like my heart was dragged from my chest. I didn't even know it was possible for me to feel like that.


Shaking my head, I trail my fingers down her arm, whispering softly to her and watching the small frown dissolve slowly from her face. This girl has even more walls built around her heart than I do, and I always thought I was a guarded person. I don't trust and I don't give my heart away to people, and yet here I am. It was like the moment she walked into my office and told me about the baby, every fortified wall I ever built around myself was demolished with one blink of those strong but painfully vulnerable eyes.
But her walls... They're still standing solid, though maybe a few bricks have fallen away. She doesn't trust me not to hurt her, though that pleading look I sometimes catch in her eyes tells me that she desperately wants to.

I will find a way to help her trust me and I will prove to her that not everybody in her world will hurt her or let her down. I know I will because in the blink of an eye, she became the most important person in my world.

I can't see that ever changing, now.

Thank you to Max & Andi for joining us today.


Wonderland Week continues tomorrow  & we will be meeting a host of Wonderland family members - don't miss it!

Wednesday 7pm

Wonderland Week - Spotlight on Andi & Max

Are you Ready?

We have an Exclusive Interview with Andi & Maxi
I arrive at Wonderland HQ to find Andi and Max already waiting for me.  Max seems entranced by Andi and barely acknowledges my arrival.  Although you can see why, Andi is tall and slim with the most amazing legs I have ever seen.
Wendy: Hi Andi, Hi Max, it’s great to see you guys together!
Andi: Helllooooo Wendy!
Max: *eyes on Andi*
Wendy: Max? you with us?
Max: *eyes on Andi*
Wendy: Andi, have we lost him?
Andi: *rolls eyes* probably
Wendy: Hey Max?
Max: *tears eyes from Andi* Hi there! Sorry
Andi: *holds in laugh*
Max: *pokes Andi in the ribs* I saw that
Wendy: So Andi you surprised us all by going Stateside.
Andi: *sucks cheeks in* Hmmm yeh, kinda rash decision!
Max: *chuckles* regretting it already, beautiful?
Andi: *frowns* NEVER *smirks*
Wendy: After a week apart how does it feel to be together again?
Max: *pulls her in to my side tightly* They told me that New York was the greatest city in the world.  I didn’t believe then until last night.
Wendy: *aaww I like him* Andi he’s very sweet isn’t he?
Andi: *shuffles a bit closer to him* he is Wendy *blushes & eyes Max*
Wendy: Your first meeting certainly went with a bang *smirks*
Andi: *grins* WENDY!
Max: *snorts & kisses her temple* I don’t know what you mean, Wendy!
Wendy: Not like you to be coy Andi!
Andi: Shhh you don’t encourage her! I rock ‘coy’ *laughs*
Wendy: yeah ok if you say so
Andi *winks*
Max: I think you do it fabulously, baby. *Grins & shakes head at Wendy where Andi can’t see*
Wendy: *Smirks at Max* So what next for Andi & Max?
Max: *groans* Well, I think I heard the words shopping and 5th Avenue…
Andi: Shopping??? *eyes twinkle* come on its New York. SHOES!!!!
Max: *Dead pan face* I already have shoes woman!
Wendy: so you will be leaving the hotel occasionally then?
Andi: who mentioned your feet Colton? A girl can never have too many shoes! *smirks* Not as yet Wendy!
Max: you’ll need a new house to keep them all in soon Breaux!
Andi: *shrugs* So…design one!
Wendy: its good to see you both happy and relaxed, it’s been a tough few weeks for you hasn’t it?
Andi: *sighs* it’s been Hell to put it mildly.
Max: *pulls her in impossibly tighter* It hasn’t been the greatest time, *strokes my thumb over the bare skin on her arm*
Wendy: You’re working through it together though?
Andi: Damn right
Andi: he’s stuck with me now!
Max: we will do.  This has been one of the hardest things I could ever imagine, but we have each other, right?
Andi: *grips his face with both hands* too right!
Max: *grins and plants a kiss on her* Now she’s done being stubborn, anyway!
Andi: *pulls away* wait…where did I sign my stubbornness away?
Max: *pulls out your boarding pass from yesterday* Right about when you purchased this.
Andi: Bollox
Andi: Ok fair comment
Wendy: Nice move Max *laughs*
Andi: *scowls at Wendy*
Max: *winks* She knows she loves it really
Andi: *slaps his shoulder* Shhh everyone will think I’ve gone soft.
Max: You soft? Never, well…only on the inside
Andi: MAX!! Shhhhh *sits up straight & looks at Wendy* Hard as nails me!
Max: *kisses your forehead* Only when you’re scared. *dodges the inevitable punching*
Wendy: You guys are very sweet together *smirks at Andi*
Andi: it’s a love hate relationship Wendy *elbows Max*
Max: She’s right *rubs ribs* I love her; she hates me *eyes widen* I mean….Ah fuck!
Andi: *eyeballs him*
Wendy: you mean you love being together but hate being apart? That’s what you meant Max, right?
Max: *swallows and stares at Andi* Right!
Andi: When did you become TeamMax?
Wendy: Just helping the boy out a little, you know you’re my favourite girl!
Andi: Glad to hear it, always up for a bit of mischief…usually lands me in HQ *grits teeth*
Max: Have I told you lately that I love you, Wendy?
Wendy: You’re welcome Max *winks*
Andi: *elbows Max REALLY hard* what you playing at boyo?
Max:*rubs ribs again* Damn Breaux! You been getting those things sharpened?
Andi: can you get that done in NY? Oooo must look into that while we’re here!
Wendy: Perhaps a little visit to Tiffany’s too?
Max: Oh Fuck!!
Max:*whispers to Wendy* I already went there!
Andi: YES now you’re talking Wendy! *whispers* have you seen Chanel?
Wendy: *think you may well be my fave Maxi boy*
Wendy: ooh Chanel, don’t forget your favourite blogger lady *winks*
Max: well, she wasn’t here…I wanted her to know I was thinking of her when I had no phone signal to contact her.
Andi: *goes all gooey* Awww
Wendy: *yep, me too Andi*
Max: *smirks and winks at Wendy* See? Squishy on the inside, crunchy on the outside.
Wendy: Crunchy? You look kinda smooth to me *smirks*
Max: *chuckles* I was talking about her!
Wendy: *blushes* Oohh *laughs*
Andi: *laughs shaking head* Anyone would think you two were flirting!
Wendy: oh no professional blogger lady over here *brownies honour*
Max:*innocent face* Never angel. Would I do that to you?
Andi: *Sits back* carry on, it’s entertaining! You’ll pay later Max *cocks an eyebrow*
Wendy: So Andi did you have anything else you wanted to share with your favourite blogger?
Andi: ooh I have lots of things, what’s my limits? *smirks*
Max: *raises eyebrow* Oh, really, Breaux?
Wendy: No limits here!
Andi: owh my! This could be fun
Andi: Shh Max, I’m talking to Wendy!
Max: uh, oh! *cringes*
Wendy: Go for it Andi!
Max: did you just Shh me woman?
Andi: Yes…Shhh!
Max: *SMH* and she wants me to take her shopping later!
Andi: I can take myself shopping Colton, I have plastic *waves card in his face*
Andi: back to Wendy…shhh
Wendy: yes back to me..
Andi: so you want some dirt on Max?!?
Max: *groans*
Wendy: Who wouldn’t?
Andi: he’s a neat freak *rolls eyes* my complete opposite
Wendy: And…
Andi: I’m talking colour coded clothing…right down to…well you know!
Wendy: *laughs* I actually like him even more now
Max: *pokes her hard in the side* Bullshit, woman!
Andi: Prove it…drop em!
Max: *stands up and starts to undo trousers* you know I have no shame, Breaux.  You sure about this?
Wendy: can you wait until I’ve gone?
Andi: Hell yes *nudges Wendy* you’re in for an eye full now!
Wendy *laughs* my job really sucks some days *laughing*
Max: Sucking, eh? Interesting!
Wendy: *blushes beetroot* well on that note….
Andi: *gasps* and I thought I was the one that always lowered the tone!
Max: *grins* I think she’s speechless, baby!
Andi: You ok there Wendy?
Max:*grabs her a glass of water*
Wendy: *chuckles* yep I’m good, a little warm but all good.  Perhaps you could fasten your pants up Max!  I have one last question, I’m meeting Dean tomorrow, any advice?
Andi: Good Luck *laughs hard*
Max: *snorts* want my advice? Take a dictionary!
Andi: Yeh...what Max said! That kid can’t spell for toffee!
Max: also you can use it to beat him around the head when he’s inappropriate.
Wendy: So before I go let’s do a quick fire round:
Andi’s  Quick Fire Questions:
1)      What makes you laugh out loud? People's expressions.
2)      What’s your most annoying habit? Twiddling my hair.
3)      Wine or Beer? WHAT? No spirits? Uch. Wine!
4)      Favourite Position? Against a wall.
5)      Favourite swear word? Bollocks.
Max’ Quick Fire Questions:
1)      What makes you laugh out loud? Dean Walker.
2)      What’s your most annoying habit? Not saying what I want to say.
3)      Wine or Beer? Beer.
4)      Favourite Position? I suddenly have a thing for kitchen counter sex.
5)      Favourite swear word? Shit.
Wendy: Great thanks guys, it’s been a pleasure meeting you both.
Andi: thanks Wendy, a pleasure as always!
Max: You’re welcome, Wendy! It was a pleasure to meet you!
Wendy: enjoy New York both of you.
Max: Oh I will do, Now! *plants a sloppy kiss on Andi’s cheek*
Andi: Go cool off Wendy *winks*
Andi: Now…Max...time to deal with you!
Max: *grins* ooh this is my favourite part!
Wendy: *waves* and makes a swift exit*
Max: *waves after Wendy* Have a fabulous day!
Andi: *waves at Wendy as my lips meet Max’s*

I was so happy to see them together *sighs*

Andi's Playlist:

Mysterious Ways - U2
Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia
So Good To Me - Chris Malinchak

All videos can be found below:

Max' Playlist
Wonderwall - Oasis
This Is The One - Stone Roses
Madness - Muse

All videos can be found below:

Please join us again later for a sneaky peek in to the mind of Max 


Wednesday 12.30pm

Wonderland Week - Spotlight on Andi & Max

Andi Breaux ~ @Andi_MPWL

Age: 30
Birthday: September 5th
Occupation: Barmaid at Club Crystal

Andi… Old university friend of both Moffy and Paris. Landed back in Wonderland after years of travelling the world and living her life to the extreme. Full on, loud mouthed party girl who will single handedly take on the world with a bottle of tequila in hand, if forced to. But behind her attitude lays the sweetest friend the girls could ask for. Trying to trust men again after her father walked out of her fourteen years ago, was always going to prove difficult… But a one night stand with Max Colton (@MaxC_MPWL) led to things neither of them could have foreseen. A surprise pregnancy followed by a heartbreaking miscarriage has recently pushed Andi to the edge of her sanity. Only one man has the ability to bring her back. Is Max that man?

Andi's most significant SL:

Telling Max he was going to be a father. I was nervous and scared, which isn't me at all. Then I was floored by his reaction because, honestly, I was expecting the worst. I felt every emotion possible. The first brick of my wall came down that day. Max took it away and I let him. Even though I'm too stubborn to admit it. (Oh. I just did, didn't I?)

Max Colton ~ @MaxC_MPWL

Age: 31
Birthday: November 2nd
Occupation: Architect

Max… affectionately known as ‘Maxy Boy’ by Paris. Has endured blind dates with both her and Moffy in the past, both disastrous, but both leading to friendships that will last a life time. Full-time Architect for his fathers business, Max takes his job ridiculously seriously. After a bizarre one night stand with Andi (@Andi_MPWL), Max was forced to become the man he always knew he could be, after finding out she had fallen pregnant unexpectedly… only for them both to suffer a horrendous miscarriage. A bond was formed during this awful moment in both their lives… and now Max cannot seem to get Andi out of his mind. There’s nothing to hate about this man. He’s rich, honest, loyal, strong and a constant support for all the girls. Be careful he doesn’t woo you with his amazing guitar skills.

Max's most significant SL:

The night I took doughnuts round to Andi's house and we ended up making love for the first time. I finally felt a connection with someone. For that one night, I allowed myself to be on cloud nine... And I knew then that she would be on my mind, constantly.


7th June 2013

Well Diary ......

Say Hello to the 'Grown up' Miss Breaux ....ok stop your pages shaking with laughter!, you're making my pen wobble! I'm going to give it a shot at least.
Picked keys up today for my new house. Why do they give you 3? Theres only me, I'm not the co-habiting type. Its time for a change though. Leeds just held too many bad memories and all my good ones are.....3keys....wait. Is that a sign? I haven't spoken to them in ages. They probably think I've got lost somewhere half way round the world "she can look after herself that one" famous last words. Yeh I can, I haven't really have a choice eh diary. But bollox to it all, time to start again. MY life, MY way. I hope they rememeber who I am, I've been gone a while, longer than I ever intended. They have no idea I've bought a house, let alone in Manchester *crosses Manchester out & replaces with it with Wonderland* Thats what Moffy always called it right. See Moffy, I do listen! Now put my diary down....and don't just pass it over to Paris either. Its not bloody story time. DOWN, AWAY....NOW!! God I've missed them.
Wonder whats changed, Anything? Everything? Nothing?
Job for tomorrow.....Ring the girls.....SURPRISE

Night diary
Andi xx

We will have plenty more from Andi & Max this evening...

Tuesday's Unknown Fact - the answer was Moffy! - winners will be announced on Saturday

Todays Unknown Fact: Who Said? "I can't even ride a pushbike" - write your answer in the comments at the bottom of the blog page.

Tuesday 9pm

Wonderland - final post for Paris & Joel

Paris' 5 favourite moments:

1) The day Joel came to Brad's house and caught us having a friendly dinner, together. He dragged me outside, pushed me against a wall and he kissed me properly for the first time.

2) Joel saying he would leave London to be with me in Manchester, permanently.

3) Our disastrous first date when Joel lost his temper with TJ, shoved us home in a taxi... I was ready to never see him again. Then he gave me his hoody to keep me warm and I saw a small glimmer of hope. I'm glad I didn't walk away.

4) The mutual masturbation scene. I've never been more turned on in my whole life.

5) The first time we made love. I needed to know he felt the same way about me as I did about him. I had been let down and hurt, previously and was guarded. He was so gentle and sweet, but boy, was he good. We really connected.

Joel's 5 favourite moments:

1) When Paris played me and stayed at the other hotel despite me telling her to come to mine.

2) Kicking Daggs in the face and knocking him out.

3) Paris and Mofs pillow fight.

4) When Paris found TJ covered in pink bows by their batty neighbour.

5) The time I sung You've Lost that Lovin Feeling, the morning after me and Paris slept together for the first time, at the cottage.  I felt on top of the world.  Nothing and nobody could spoil that moment.

What is behind Joel's singing on the TL:

Every day, I get asked about my fascination with music. For a long time, my answer was.. I just like music. It was no ones business but my own. Now? I'm at a place where it no longer needs to be kept inside me. I've recently learned that walls and shields protecting my inner thoughts and needs can be lowered. Thank you for that Paris.

My love for music always obvious, but what others saw as a love, was actually a need. From that first time I found an old tape deck with a tape in it, until now, Ive had a love for it. Not necessarily the beat, or even the sound of the singers voice. It's the lyrics and how they washed over me and gave words to the feelings I experienced and didn't know how to voice, or want to expose to others. They comforted and healed. They made me realize someone else had to feel something similar to me, and was brave enough to put those feelings to music for others to share. I wasn't alone. Not anymore. It became my therapy and best friend all rolled into one.

Now, the other question I get is why I pick each song. That's more random. Most of the time, I hear a song that identifies with how I feel at the time. And I sing it to in a way, voice how I'm feeling. Other times? I'm just sitting here, music playing as usual and think "Man, I fucking love this song!" It's not a science or a set thing. It's just what I feel like singing at that particular moment.

There's no rhyme or reason to anything I post. I just hope in some way it resonates with some of the fans in that exact moment... And helps them the way it helps me.

Enjoy... #JamminJoel

Oh...And before the day is out, Paris would like to ask Joel one small question. Over to you Paris.....

Paris: "Please finish the final piece to our journey & flip your @?"

Thank you everyone for joining us today, special thanks to Paris & Joel, and tomorrow we have Andi & Max!

Night All

Tuesday 7.15pm

Wonderland Week

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for my Exclusive interview with Paris & Joel and a very special announcement! 

(all we ask is you don't post the Wedding date on Twitter to give everyone time to read the Interview)


I’m sitting nervously waiting for Paris & Joel (partly because I have a bit of crush on Joel and he definitely knows it, but then so does Paris and she seems pretty cool with it).  And I’m sure I am not going to get away with being teased about it.  So here I am trying to look like a professional blogger when actually I know I’m going to be a total fan girl crushing on these guys as soon as they arrive.

And then in walks Paris looking gorgeous & stylish as always.

Wendy: Hey Paris nice to see you again, is Joel with you?

Paris: *shouts* Oi, arse you ready?

Joel comes sauntering in looking ….Delicious *blushes* *focus Wendy focus*

Joel: I’m here

He joins Paris on the sofa and sits real close to her and winks, and it’s really hard not to stare *smh*

Wendy: Well urmm it’s uurm *stumbles over words & blushes* it’s great to see you both and Congratulations on your engagement.

Paris: Thanks Hunni

Joel: Thanks Doll

Wendy: *melts inside at that Boston accent* You have a very fiery relationship do you think that’s ever going to change?

Paris: *laughs* Do we? I hadn’t noticed.

Joel: *grins* fiery? Whatcha mean?

Paris: as long as he keeps winding me up with his arrogance, things will never change!

Joel: Honestly though.. Shes a pistol.  I gotta keep up with her

Paris: A pistol?

Joel: Babe…you are a pistol.  A bang…explosive!

Paris: honestly, sometimes

Wendy: you are both pretty explosive don’t you think?

Paris: Joel’s moody *bites back a laugh*

Joel: *frowns* let’s not go there Babe

Paris: and a bit whiny

Joel: WHAT?!?...You’re gonna pay for that one too Babe

Paris: *nudges his shoulder*  awww come on!

Joel: what number are we at?

Paris: see Wendy?

Joel: *laughs* where we goin?

Paris: *rolls eyes* I lost count?

Joel: see Wendy!

Paris: Shut up J

Joel: *blows kiss* you know how to make me

Paris: *blushes*

Wendy: yeah I think I get it *laughs* Perhaps we could talk about what you actually like about each other

Joel: Have you seen her?

Wendy: oh yeah, she’s pretty hot *laughs*

Joel: *groans* here’s another crush Babe.  Seriously everything about her

Paris: sorry…I’m still trying to think

Joel: *itches palm* keep thinkin love

Paris: Underneath that tough exterior is a thoughtful, honest, kind guy *smirks* Who’s fuck hot *laughs*

Joel: *laughs* I could say the same.  But the honest trust is…she’s loyal, loving and funny

Wendy: but your first date was not a great success was it?

Paris: Oh God, we’re going there

Paris: J shouted at my dog in the rain and then ushered me home!

Joel: *groans* I lost my shirt

Paris: Hey

Joel: literally lost my favourite shirt

Paris: *smacks his arm* I lost my sanity

Joel: the first of many Joel clothes modified and claimed by Paris.  *whispers* but gained me

Joel: I guess I could have let us stay out in the rain

Paris: *looks around* yep, someone give me my sanity back

Joel: *huffs* never gonna happen

Paris: you were really mean! Wasn’t he Wendy?

Wendy: let’s move this on *chuckles* Tell us about a favourite moment that doesn’t involve you butting heads *smirks*

Joel: *laughs* when she gave me her panties, I knew then she was a keeper

Paris: a small token of my affection *laughs*

Joel: Tiny…but huge at the same time Babe

Wendy: really? I must have missed that..

Joel: *gasps* you missed something?

Wendy *laughs* it looks that way J

Paris: he has them in a frame

Joel: on the bedroom wall.  Directly across from the bed so I see them all the time.  Wonder Woman over here loves it

Paris: I may get a little satisfaction from it *smirks*

Wendy: Wonder Woman?

Joel: she gave me wonder woman panties

Paris: I am Wonder Woman, Mr F

Joel: I agree, soon to be Mrs F

Joel: ask her how many women’s panties I’ve ever kept?

Wendy: you really want me to ask her that?

Joel: Ask. I don’t hide anything

Paris: give up you arse!

Wendy: ok I’ll ask, how many?

Joel: how many I’ve kept or been offered?

Wendy: Both?

Paris: he’s a secret knicker sniffer actually!

Joel: *snorts* whatever

Joel: ok..panties kept? One

Joel: Panties offered? *he starts counting on his fingers*

Wendy: is this gonna take a while *smirks*

Joel: possibly.  Can I say a lot?

Paris: *folds her arms and taps her foot*

Joel: *turns to Paris* I DIDN’T KEEP THEM!

Wendy: Perhaps we should talk about the wedding instead

Joel *nods* ok

Joel: Paris is the keeper of the plans... I’m just gonna show up and say I do

Wendy: Paris do you have a plan?

Paris: not really, Wendy, but I do have a date and that’s a start right?

Joel: and a fiancée.. I’m telling you... eloping babe

Paris: …ain’t gonna work babe

Wendy: can you share the date with us; you know everyone is dying to know? *hears a drum roll in my head lol*

Paris: Yeah Sure

Joel: all I’m saying is we can party like hell later

Paris: *ignores J* it’s provisionally booked for 3rd October

Joel; *rolls his eyes*

Paris: J, we talked about this, no going back now!

Joel: doesn’t mean I like it

Joel: God!

Paris: Babe, please

Joel: I’ve avoided it for twenty years of so

Wendy: *looks between the two of them* The 3rd October how exciting, is there a problem with the date J?

Joel: *ignores Wendy* hasn’t hurt me yet

Paris: yes well that’s changing , it’s going to become special

Joel: *looks at Paris* do we need to do this?

Paris: its Joel’s birthday Wendy

Joel: *sighs* The birthday the state gave me.  Not my real birthday

Joel: I don’t think?

Paris: yes it is, stop being silly.  Think happy thoughts

Joel: *thinks of bedtime tonight*

Paris: he’s never really celebrated so I thought it would be nice to have our wedding on this day so he can move forward and see it as a happy day..

Paris: … laying the demons to rest as it were

Joel:  I’m good I promise

Wendy: so will there be a stag night Joel?

Joel: Hell yeah

Wendy: who’s in charge of organising that then?

Joel: who knows...it’s gonna happen.  Whatever happens, happens.

Wendy: Andi & Moffy are organising Pips hen night perhaps they could organise your stag do too

Paris: with pleasure *grins*

Wendy: no strippers then?

Paris: he might get me at the end of the night

Joel: ahhh no strippers?

Paris: only if I can?

Joel: and, there’s no strippers….

Joel: I better tell Ethan not to have it at his club then

Paris: awww, I’m kidding knock yourself out Babe

Paris: I knew some of the girls…it’s cool

Joel: * looks at Paris warily* that scares me Babe

Wendy: so the wedding date is set, what about your honeymoon plans?

Paris:  Ahhhhh, Joel is going to surprise me

Joel: *laughs* I am?  But you hate surprises

Paris: good point... I’ll book it!

Joel: maybe I will save the lost sanity and tell her

Joel: No?

Paris: wait until you see his suit

Joel: can I see the suit?  Since you’re hiding the dress

Paris: that’s a must… its tradition

Joel: *looks at Wendy* told you, who’s the wedding boss.

Joel: what other traditions are there?

Wendy: Paris do you actually have a dress?

Joel: *leans over to listen*

Paris: yes I’ve found one

Joel: *sighs*

Paris: along with a venue, cake and bridesmaids dresses

Paris: Ooooo and shoes

Joel: Ohhhh yeah! *winks* the venue

Joel: Now that I know about

Wendy: Wow, I’m impressed you are organised, can you tell us anything about the venue

Joel:  *makes a zipping lips gesture*

Paris: no, sorry, in true Wonderland style it’s a surprise for the day

Paris: along with a few others *winks*

Joel: told you I could keep it secret Babe

Wendy: so now the wedding date is confirmed, do you have any plans for children in the near future?

Joel: *coughs*

Paris: *chokes*

Joel: Uummmm

Paris: I think that’s a no

Joel: we got our kids

Paris: I think we are both of the same opinion, no kids in the near future

Joel: *looks at Paris* not anytime in the near future huh?

Paris: Nope

Joel: we still have more growing up to do. Not ready by far…

Wendy: well it’s been a blast you guys, I’m sure everyone is so excited to finally know your Wedding date

Paris: Awww , Wendy *kisses my cheek* the pleasure was all ours

Joel: *sighs in relief* that was way easier that I thought Wendy

Wendy: I’m trying to be on my best professional blogger behaviour J *winks*

Joel: no whip? Shame

Paris: you’re not done with me yet Mr F

Joel:  *pants*

Joel: watcha mean babe?

Joel: Mav said I did my homework

Wendy: one last question.  Paris do you remember what number 4 of your favourite moments was?

Joel: *leans forward to listen*

Paris: I do *winks*

Wendy: did that actually happen on SL, cos I missed that one *smirks*

Paris: Seriously? It sure did

Paris: you missed a treat

Wendy: sounds like it, but maybe for the best *blushes looking at Joel*

Joel: What is it?

Joel: come on Babe

Joel: tell me

Paris: I’m guessing J doesn’t have it on his favourite moments *huffs*

Joel: *gasps*

Joel: I picked 5 that I liked

Joel: can I see your list and change it?

Wendy: No it’s not on his list *smirks*

Joel: thanks Wendy

Wendy: Your welcome sweets *laughs*

Wendy: Now before you go let’s try some Quick Fire questions.  Paris you first….

Paris’ Quick Fire Questions:

1)      What makes you laugh out loud? Moffy's attempts at cooking.

2)      What’s your most annoying habit? Biting my nails.

3)      Wine or Beer? Beer.

4)      Favourite position? Doggy style.

5)      Favourite swear word? Bollocks.

Joel’s Quick Fire Questions:

1) What makes you laugh out loud? *laughs* Spinning the girls up. Those two are too easy.

2) What’s your most annoying habit? Not knowing when to quit talking.

3) Wine or Beer? Tequila & JD.

4) Favourite position? From the back. On her knees. Doggy style. Whatever you want to call it.

5) Favourite swear word? Fuck.

Wendy: Well thank you so much guys *watches them leave bickering, and sees Paris pinch Joel’s ass on the way out*

Paris & Joel's playlist:

Beneath Your Beautiful - Labyrinth & Emelie Sande
Only Place I Call Home - Every Avenue
Kiss You Inside Out - Hedley
Rocket To The Moon - Ever Enough
I Can't Not Love You - Every Avenue

Videos for all can be found below:

See ya'll later for one last post from Paris & Joel, and maybe a little surprise!

Tuesday 12pm

Paris & Joel Spotlight Tuesday

Paris Lexi Hemsworth ~ @Paris_MPWL

Age: 30
Birthday: 12th June
Occupation: Barmaid (when it suits)

Paris… Also known as Pip and Goose. Living life to the full with her room mate & best friend, Moffy (@Moffy_MPWL). Having gone off the rails massively after the death of her father, Dan Hemsworth, when she was just a teenager, Paris is still troubled by her past. Her previous drug-fuelled, abusive relationship with a man named Daggs seems to keep catching up with her… Despite him currently being in prison. Paris feels she owes everything to her best friend for saving her from the dark place she was once in. Trying to move forward with the man of her dreams and soon to be husband, Joel Fairchild (@Joel_MRP)… Paris is learning how to survive in such a passionate relationship whilst still trying to maintain her independence. The road to happiness is never an easy one. Bike rider, wild partier, chancer… But the owner of the biggest heart around. She loves passionately… Including her pet dog, TJ and pet rabbit, Trix.

Best friend: @Moffy_MPWL
Fiancé: @Joel_MRP

Paris' playlist:

Riot - Kaiserchiefs
Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
Valerie - Amy Whinehouse

Videos below:

Paris' most significant SL:

The trip to Boston. Even though it was very emotional, Joel really opened up to me, showed me how much trust he had in our relationship and popped the question. I got a gorgeous, shiny, engagement ring. What girl wouldn't be happy with that?

Joel Fairchild ~ @Joel_MRP

Age: 30
Birthday: He doesn’t do birthdays.
Occupation: Renovator

Joel… Fiance of Paris. Trying to find his way in the world after a life time of drifting here and there. Even though Joel has recently come in to millions of dollars worth of inheritance, his main focus is his woman and making her happy. An orphan boy born in Boston, he landed a scholarship for University where he met his good friend Will from London. Joel decided to move to England to try a different way of life… Where he unexpectedly met Paris, quickly fell in love and found a whole new purpose in life. But both of them have insecurities, fiery tempers and trust issues… And every day is a constant battle for him to prove to his girl that love can and will conquer all.

Fiancee: @Paris_MPWL

(Character from The Mathias Family on twitter.)

Joel's Playlist:

Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
It's Time - Imagine Dragons
Summer of 69' - Bryan Adams

Videos below:

Joel's most significant SL:

I agree with Paris. Definitely the trip to Boston. Aside from the fact that I got engaged, I finally got answers I've been waiting for, my whole life... And even though I didn't like those answers, I now know more about who I am and where I came from. And maybe later, I'll learn more.

Join us again later when we will have an exclusive interview with Paris & Joel, and we will be announcing the Wedding date.

Tuesday's Unknown Fact:

Who said "God knows, I love sex, now.  But as a teenager, I was terrified.  I didn't lose my virginity until i was nearly 18 years old" 

Post your answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page with your Twitter name or email, answer will be up tomorrow.

Tuesday 10am

Wonderland Tuesday

Today we put the Spotlight on Paris & Joel.

Later today we will have an Interview and an exclusive announcement!

But first here is a look back at a past SL from the #Wonderland girls:


*Spinning my phone in my hand.... 3rd attempt at typing ....delete* I can't do this, it doesn't sound r  right *starts to type again* Text Moffy & Paris {Ticking} *hits send* They’ll know, I hope they   do *tear fall down my face*

*runs down the hallway of Casa Pidgeminx at full pelt, about to shout her when I whack into  Paris hard* Shit! Sorry.

Ouch! *rubbing my head, bending down to pick my phone up* did you just get the same text I did!?!

*panting, rubbing my head too as I grab the car keys & shove my trainers on* Yeh & I'm worried. She hasn't used that word since second year at uni when she found Patrick O'neil in her bedroom wearing her underwear.

*laughing at the thought* aw come on, his budgie filled her thong quite well I thought *pulling my boots on* in all seriousness though, you're right, I’ve been worried about her for weeks. I knew something wasn't right *following Mav out the door, locking up* oh by the way, did you notice someone bought the shit hole next door?

*jumping behind the wheel, lowering head to see the sold sign, starting engine* Who the fuck would buy that after the state that other couple left it in? *shakes head* Fuck, what has Andi done this time? *pulls out & twitter speeds to her house in a panic, after running red lights, breaking several speed limits & getting an ear bashing from pip*

*huffing, climbing out, slamming the door* Jesus Christ Jenson, we're lucky we got here in one bloody piece *walking single file up the path* here, her new pads pretty swish huh? *knocking on the door, waiting*

*jiggles legs, whispers* You do all the talking. You know how she clams up around me when she's fucked up.

*i can hear the knocking* who the hells here? *rubbing eyes & making my way to the door slowly, shouts* Who is it??

*gently placing my head close to the door hearing her weak voice* Andi, its me Paris, Moffy's here too *worried concerned glance in Moffy’s direction, mouthing* she sounds terrible

*eyes wide, whispers back* She always sounds terrible at this time of day. She better not have text us just because she's out of bloody coffee! *points at door* You know how she needs her coffee!

*hearing their voices my heart sinks* What....How....you're here...already? *trying to pull myself together*

Course we're here, you used your safe word. We've not seen it for years *glares at Moffy this better not be coffee alert

*tries to peek through mail box, sees nothing, shouts through it* Come on, Andi. Let us in. What's happened?

*my hand moves to the handle & holds it......& holds it* I can't, I just can't *leans against the door & slides down it into a heap.* Girls I need you BUT i can't face you I can't *tears stream* Help me

*hearing her sob, palms against the door, leaning my forehead against it* Andi, you're really scaring me now. whatever it is, we're here to help you. Please just open the door *looks to Moffy for support, wincing, nodding*

*nods back, shouts* Andi we can only help you if you tell us the problem, sweetie. *scowls at Pip, mouths* What the hell?

*turns & leans on the door side on, my fingers peek open the letter box* Can I talk here? *shaking* Please?

*kneeling down to peer back through, tilting head, reassuring smile* if it means you're going to talk to, then yes

*sneaks in besides her, pretty sure Andi can only see an eye each* What has happened, Andi? Has someone hurt you?

*trying to hold back the tears* No!...that'd of been much simpler. I know I'm a tear away, I know I'm a handful I know I do & say shit I shouldn't....but this.....I don't deserve this. WHY ME?? *Covers my face with my hands*

*knees hurting, turning, sitting on the floor, resting my head against the door* Andi, you're not making any sense

*sticks ear against mail box* Okay, Andi, I can hear you crying. You have approximately thirty seconds to tell us what's happened to you, or I'm... I'm... *looks around in a panic, sees a brick, runs to pick it up, heads back, shouts* Or I'm putting this through your front window and coming to get you. *nods, sees Pip staring, shrugs, mouths* What?

*1.....2....* Pip I never make sense, that’s nothing new *13....14....* I....*takes a deep breath 20...21* I........29* .........I'm Pregnant *waits for the brick to come through the window, not giving a shit*

*loud gasp, quickly covering my mouth with both hands, eyes wide towards Moffy, shocked, stunned, unable to find the words*

*drops the brick, jumping back when it cracks on the floor* Shit! Did you just... *looks at pip, points at door* Did she just say... Umm... *clears throat, peeks back through* Andi, babe. I'm sorry. I coulda swore I just heard you say you were... P-p-pregnant...

*my hand goes flat to the door, like we did back at Uni. I wonder if they know what I'm doing? Will their hands be matching mine on the other side? I can't stop the tears, my voice doesn't want to come out. I have a lump in my throat the size of a gobstopper. Tries to clear my throat hoping they might just hear me* You heard right....I am

*her broken tone makes my stomach drop in sympathy. One swift motion, turning around, my hand up against the door offering words of support and encouragement* its going to be ok you know. You have us two. We will help you *inwardly cringing, slightly uneasy at the thought of being an aunty to Daggs baby. Pushing it deep down inside*

*slowly presses my hand against the door, too* Pip's right. You have us... We'll help you. *dying to ask who the father is, but not wanting to upset her* Let us in, Andi. We don't have anything but support here waiting for you.

*moves slightly so i can open the door an inch* Do you mean it? You won't just go, leave a note & go, you won't will you? * Memories come flooding back, I can't do that again, I can't go through that. That's why I stay single Just Me, no-one else*

*small stumble as the door creeps open* I promise you, we're going no where *pushing the door, edging my way through, throwing my arms around her, squeezing tight, repeating myself* I promise

*stands back, watching them both a moment before throwing my arms around their hug* I promise, too. You should know us better than that, by now. *pulls away, half smiles at Andi, whispers* So... Are we going to talk about this, or..?

*eyes glazed I can't see All I know is I have hold of the 2most important things in the world to me* Starting where?

*wiping her eyes, chewing lip, considering whether to ask the pinnacle question, biting the bullet* Who's the dad?

*nervous laugh* Yeah, that's a good a place to start as any...

*starts to stutter* I-well- I'm not too sure *head shoots up looking them both in the eye* I've narrowed it down to 2

*sitting on the floor, crossed legged, brushing her hair behind her ear* are these the two you told me about when we had our catch up? *takes a deep breath* is one of them Daggs?

*looks at Andi sympathetically* It's okay... I know about Daggs. Pip told me. But... Who's the other guy?

*head drops* Yeh P *not wanting to cause her anymore pain I can't look* The other *rubs forehead* Some Max guy

*trying not to dwell on Daggs too much, frowning* Max who?

Umm *thinks hard* Max Holton...no wait Bolton....No No wait, that's it ...Max Colton *nods* Max Colton

*gasps as me & Paris shout out at the same time* WHAAAT? *grips head, breathes out* You slept with Max? Our friend, Max? *breathing out* Your baby could be either Daggs' or... or... Max Colton's baby?

--- TBC --

Yesterday we posted an Unknown Fact - who said "I was once engaged to be married. Shocker"? 

The answer is Gnome - winners from all the posts this week will be announced on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who took part. 

Look out for today's Unkown fact.

We'll be back later with an Interview with Paris & Joel, plus lots more....

Monday 9pm

Moffy & Ethan Spotlight Monday - final post of the day

Moffy's 5 favourite moments.

1) Singing the only exception to him, the first time I let him stay over and agreed to us being a couple.
2) The time I broke in to his apartment, woke him up and made love to him for the first time.
3) Our emotional reunion after his stint in rehab.
4) When he took me to see his mother’s grave and really opened up to me about her.
5) When he asked me to move in with him.

Ethan's 5 favourite moments.

1) The first time she said she loved me... Even though she was in a lot of pain & that killed me to see.
2) When I took her to the view point and we sat on the bonnet of my Mustang and she agreed to us 'having some fun'.
3) Our reunion after rehab.
4) When she didn't want to go camping and was singing to get me to stay.
5) The first time she said she loved me. Wait... Did I say that already? *smirks*

This is a hash tag that we've only really just started using... And truth be told, deciding on a playlist for the Bare Naked Book Blog is what brought this idea about.

Our relationship has always had its highs and its lows... And the main catalyst for the lows always seemed to be our lack of communication as a couple. When we were asked to put a playlist together, we both had to sit back and choose between a lot of meaningful music. Obviously, everyone knows 'The Only Exception' by Paramore is our song, but the other four weren't easy to choose. We had too many.. With too many emotions and lyrics attached that we wanted to show to people... To explain how we feel about each other without waffling on all over the twitter timeline. *laughs* So this is just out way of communicating with each other when we feel like we have something to say... And only music will explain it properly for us.

The only problem is, Ethan knows way cooler music than I do. I'm desperate to throw a little Whitney Houston his way... *chuckles*

@Moffy_MPWL & @Ethan_MPWL

Back tomorrow with Paris & Joel spotlight Tuesday

Monday 7.oopm
Moffy & Ethan Spotlight Monday


Isabella Moffit ~ @Moffy_MPWL

Age: 30
Birthday: 12th February
Occupation: Writer
Moffy… Also known as Izzy (but refuses to live by that name) and Maverick. Best friend and soul sister to Paris Hemsworth (@Paris_MPWL) who she met at just four years old. Fiercely loyal to hose she loves, including her current boyfriend & love of her life, Mr Ethan Walker (@Ethan_MPWL). Moffy still suffers from the after affects of a dark, troubled childhood and uses all her energy to focus on protecting those around her who she loves. A constant frustration to those close to her, Moffy is unable to put her own happiness before others. About to move forward with her life and take the next step by moving in with her man, Ethan, and leaving Paris behind at the home they have shared for the past seven years. Can Moffy finally put herself first for once, or will she throw the towel in before her own fight for contentment has even begun? This woman is stubborn, fiesty, a joker, a coper, a lover, a fighter… But most of all, she cares.

Best friend: @Paris_MPWL
Boyfriend: @Ethan_MPWL

(sometimes enters a bizarre dreamworld with @_KellanKyle… But that’s a whole other life. Right?)

Ethan Walker ~ @Ethan_MPWL

Age: 30
Birthday: June 29th
Occupation: Owner of Club Crystal

Ethan… Moffy’s man, soul mate and one and only exception. Owner of a successful, high class, pole dancing club in Manchester. Ethan was originally set up on a blind date with Moffy which went disastrously wrong, but became the start of an amazingly fiery relationship between the two of them… as he slowly chipped away at the giant walls she had built around her heart from previous heartache. His past is littered with drug addiction, tragedy, heart-break and sadness. After dipping in to the drug scene after his mother was killed in a hit and run accident, 10 years previous, his path briefly crossed with that of Paris’. Unfortunately, his past recently caught up with him and Ethan entered himself into rehab before his addiction had a chance to ruin any future he might have with his girl. Older brother to Dean, his goal in life now is to be the best he can be for those around him… But don’t mistake him as soft. This man can and will fight to the death for his woman. No matter who stands in his way.

Brother: @Dean_MPWL
Girlfriend: @Moffy_MPWL


I’m sitting in Wonderland HQ waiting for a team meeting to end so that Moffy & Ethan can join me for an interview.  As they enter the room they only have eyes for each other, Moffy is very beautiful and clearly besotted with Ethan, but then looking at him it’s easy to see why, and if I’m not mistaken Ethan is stroking Moffy’s ass!

Wendy: Nice to see you guys looking so happy, just for those who don’t know, tell us about when you first met?

Moffy: Nice to see you too.  Oh… that’s seems a long time ago now.  So much has happened…But, Paris set me up on a blind date.  Ethan turned up and kinda, well, took me to McDonalds *nods sarcastically*

Ethan: *shakes his head* how was I supposed to know I’d be meeting the one person in the world I didn’t want to let go of.  In hindsight, McDonalds wasn’t the only place I took you! I believe ice cream was involved! *grins*

Moffy: Ahhhh…Yeah. He realised I wasn’t so keen on his chicken nuggets and took me for ice cream…and we bumped into an ex of his. *sighs, shakes head*.  Let’s be honest, E…that first date was a total disaster. *laughs hard*

Ethan: it was a Big Mac, baby!  And yeah that was a stroke of bad luck!

Moffy: you didn’t even give me your gherkin…hahahaha

Ethan: *snorts* not for lack of trying!

Wendy: Nice E *laughing*

Ethan: *winks*

Wendy: so given the less than great start when did you know he was the one Moffy?

Moffy: *groans* this is awkward for me to say in front of him, now.  But… you all know I was a little heartbroken when I first met Ethan.  He had his work cut out trying to make me forget about all that and concentrate on him.  His efforts didn’t go unnoticed.  Then... when I went on holiday with the girls I just missed him too much.  When I saw him waiting to collect me at the airport... I just knew there was no going back.  Ever! *blushes like mad*

Ethan: if it helps, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you! There was no going back for me!

Moffy: *grins like a Cheshire cat*  You didn’t deserve the way I treated you at the start. You know I’m sorry….

Wendy: Ethan what made you decide to go to the airport?

Ethan: *laughs* that’s not hard to answer! I knew I could never get enough of her, and I missed her. It was the drive to see her again that took me to the airport.

Ethan: and I know you’re sorry for that, baby! It didn’t make a lick of difference. I was besotted.

Wendy: *awwh* You’re a romantic then Ethan?

Moffy:  he’s a total romantic…he’s a bad boy turned good *smirks*

Ethan: only for her, Wendy! *laughs*

Moffy: better only be for me…hahaha

Ethan: *brushes her hair over her shoulder* only for you!

Wendy: Still some bad in there I bet? *winks*

Moffy: there’s plenty of bad in him.  Haven’t you heard his growl? *nudges him* Go on…growl for Wendy *chuckles*

Ethan: I’m not a performing monkey, babe *growls inadvertently*

Moffy: Seeeeee! He fights me, but he does it in the end..

Moffy: Nice growl…Grrr

Ethan: *laughs*

Wendy: So Noodle & Pookie?? Why?

Moffy: *face palms*

Moffy *groans*

Ethan: because this one *nods at Moffy* said no pet names ... it was a challenge!

Moffy: everything is always a challenge in Ethan’s eyes. No means yes and yes means no…*eyes him*

Wendy: I take part of the fun is to challenge each other? *smirks*

Moffy: it’s the best part

Ethan: Absolutely! Keeps things interesting!

Wendy: You sure about that Moffy?

Ethan: *looks at Moffy with a grin*

Moffy: I know people think I like to be in control, but Ethan’s never done what I told him to.  I like it… its…refreshing. And when he says no it brings out my mischievous side. *presses lips together to stop herself laughing*

Wendy: What you’re saying is, you like to keep him on his toes?

Ethan: that’s one way of putting it *laughs*

Moffy: Yeah… but he likes to keep me on mine too.

Ethan: she never does what I expect her too.  I love that about her.

Moffy: N’awwwwwww

Ethan: *kisses the tip of her nose*

Moffy: *tries not to get all smoochy in front of Wendy*

Wendy: *feels like a gooseberry & shuffles in my seat* laughs

Moffy: Ahhh.…fuck sorry Wendy

Ethan: *laughs*

Moffy: *laughs not really that sorry*

Wendy: Ethan how are you feeling after your recent stint in rehab?

Ethan: *rubs back of his neck* being in there was harder than I thought.  I missed the shit out of Moffy. Getting out and seeing her there, made me realize that I didn’t want to put her through that hell again. It was a resolution for me; I need to stay clean for me, for her and for us.  It makes the fight a little easier.

Moffy: *squeezes his knee* He’s doing amazingly. I’m so proud of him.

Ethan: *smiles over at Moffy* the thought of losing you is terrifying! I don’t want to feel that again!

Moffy: not gonna happen

Ethan: *tugs on the ends of her hair and smiles* Good, because you’re stuck with me!

Wendy: And Moffy tell us about how you felt and what made you go to London?

Moffy: how long you got?

Ethan: *laughs* That’s my girl! Wordsmith right here.

Moffy: *bats his arm, laughs*  No one can understand how hard it was seeing him all broken up like that… For the first time ever, I just felt like I couldn’t go on.  I had to get away.  I needed to get that image of him with the *cringes* needle, out of my head.  I wanted to go back to the place I first told him I loved him..*shrugs* It was London.  But it didn’t help at all.

Wendy: With all that behind you now, what’s next for Pookie & Noodle?

Moffy: *grins* Weeelllllll, I’m hoping to finally move in with him next week and live happily ever after… *laughs*

Wendy: Did I hear talk of marriage last night?

Moffy: *glares at Wendy*

Wendy: *smirks & winks at Moffy*

Ethan: *laughs nervously and looks at Moffy* that’s a discussion for later!

Moffy: there’s nothing to discuss…

Moffy: Marriage isn’t necessary.  I don’t need it to know we love each other

Ethan: Yes, we’ll love one another regardless. But I need a ring on that finger telling the rest of the world you’re mine. Forever.

Moffy: Ethan! Since when? Tattoo it on my forehead if you want…But marriage, no…*struggles to look at him* I had no idea you wanted it?

Wendy: *gets a little choked up at what a sweetheart he is*

Moffy: *sees the look in Wendy’s eyes…Thinks she’s on his side*

Wendy: I think you guys are perfect for each other.

Ethan: of course I want it! I just don’t understand why you don’t!

Moffy: because it’s a whole mess. The whole idea of it.  The Wedding day *shudders* The legality of it all *shudders again* Trust me. I’ve seen what marriages do to people.  I don’t want that for us.

Ethan: it’s a piece of paper, love. I want it because I know I want you forever.  Because I’m confident in what you and I have.  It’s always a risk, but the way I feel about you makes me believe it will work.  It signifies we have confidence in our relationship.

Moffy: *takes a moment to think of a way to beat him in this argument*

Moffy: *purses lips*

Ethan: *runs thumb over her lips and smiles*

Wendy: *thinks I may have fallen a little in love with him myself*

Moffy: *pouts* You’re making it sound like you love me more than I love you… That’s not it.  I know how I feel about us.  I just…*stutters, lifts chin* You have a right to be able to walk away at any point you want to.  You should never feel like you can’t leave someone because you’ll have broken a legal vow.  That’s how people end up having affairs and stuff.  Gah!! I know what I’m trying to say…

Ethan: Baby, it’s called divorce.  If for any reason at all I thought we would be miserable I wouldn’t fight you, but I don’t think it would come to that. We’ve been through so much together already and we fight for what we have.  I can’t see that changing.  You’re the only person I see.  I can’t see that changing either.

Moffy: *can’t help but smile* I’m not going to win this argument, today, am I?

Moffy: you’re too good at this…

Ethan: No, baby, not today! Maybe not ever!

Wendy: *nods* He’s good!

Moffy: I wouldn’t bet on that Ace, don’t challenge me... *laughs*

Ethan: *laughs and smiles at Wendy*

Ethan: so if I asked you to marry me, here and now you’d say no?

Moffy: *eyes widening* W…What?

Wendy: *thinks I should bow out of this discussion* Well it’s been a pleasure talking to you both; we all wish you the best with the move next week.

Moffy: *hears Wendy talking but just stares at Ethan* O..Okay, Wendy. Thank you so much…*keeps glaring at him*

Ethan: *laughs at Moffy’s expression and shakes his head* Wendy it’s been an absolute pleasure to talk to you!

Wendy: You’re welcome E *blushes*

Moffy: *snaps out of it, puts on a smile and grins at Wendy*

Ethan: *squeezes Moffy’s thigh*

Ethan: *winks at Wendy*

Moffy: *whispers to self* he gets everyone hooked eventually…

Wendy: one more thing before I go let’s try some quick fire questions:

Wendy: Ethan here’s your Quick Fire questions:

  1. What makes you laugh out loud? Moffy’s singing
  2. What’s your most annoying habit? Not being able to say No
  3. Wine or beer? Beer
  4. Favourite position? Any which way I can take her. I don't care. *grins* Oh... Wait! I do like it when she does *Moffy quickly slaps a hand over his mouth and he smiles at her from beneath it*.
  5. Favourite swear word? Fucker

Wendy: Moffy here’s your Quick Fire questions:

1.       What makes you laugh out loud? Being tickled, I am the most ticklish person I know

2.       What’s your most annoying habit? Stuttering when I’m nervous…Not getting my words out

3.       Wine or beer? Beer

4.       Favourite position? When he's spooning me, gripping my hip and I'm backed up tight against his chest. *tries to demonstrate with hands, laughs* Is there a name for that?

5.       Favourite swear word? Bastard

Wendy: *laughs* Perfect thanks so much to both of you *stands to shake hands with Ethan & Moffy*, take care.

As I leave I hear them resume their bickering about marriage.

Moffy & Ethan's playlist

The Only Exception - Paramore
Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
Black Coffee - All Saints
Secrets - One Republic
I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz

Be back later with more Moffy & Ethan

Monday 12.30pm

Moffy & Ethan Spotlight

Let's kick of the start of Wonderland Week with the Spotlight on Moffy & Ethan - here is just a little taster but watch out because later today i have an amazing interview with them both.  And if you missed our post from this morning, there is a Giveaway and we visited Wonderland HQ so please check it out by scrolling down the page.


Moffy's most significant SL:

Ethan's determination to break down my walls, after our disastrous first date. I kept trying to convince myself that I didn't want him, or need him... But the truth is, I actually wanted him from the very moment I opened her door and saw him stood in front of me.

Ethan's most significant SL

The whole drugs recovery, for me. It was emotionally draining, brought all my old demons back in to my present and really pushed mine & Moffy's relationship to the edge... But it opened it up and deepened it, too. Truth is, you don't know what you've got until you almost lose it

Unknown Fact Quiz

Each day we will be posting an Uknown Fact about one of the Wonderland cast - so in the comments at the bottom of the page leave the name of the cast member you think said it, along with your Twitter name or email and we will pick a winner each day for a small Wonderland prize.

Monday's Unknow Fact - Who said this:   "I was once engaged to be married. Shocker"

Monday 10.30am 

Goodmorning Wonderlanders - we have some real treats for you today

Wonderland HQ - An interviewers perspective.

I'd put the phone down on Moffy, two days previous after a very exciting yet nerve wracking conversation about my impending visit.

"WuWu, will you stop panicking ." She had laughed. "Everything is going to be fine."

I'd spun around in circles in my office, my hand on my forehead, trying to stop the fear from beating me. Easy for her to say, I thought.

"I just want to get this right for you."

"I don't doubt you for a minute."

"No pressure..." I'd groaned.

"No pressure at all," she laughed again.

A heavy sigh escaped me as I looked at all the paperwork on my desk. MP-Wonderland had a lot of history to cover, a lot of people to interview and a lot of supporters waiting for this Wonderland exclusive. The pressure was mounting.

"Okay, Moffy. I guess I'll see you in two days."

"Two days. Get here for around ten. Any earlier and Andi is unbearable to work with."

"Yes, Ma'am." It was my turn to laugh, this time.


So, here I stand. Five weeks prep is what has lead me to where I am, now. The offices of MP-Wonderland HQ. With my paperwork in hand, I nervously hitch my bag further up my shoulder and press the intercoms buzzer that reads 'MPWL'. After a few short moments, a voice snaps down the speakers.


Eyes widening, I flinch at the tone I am greeted with and find myself unable to respond.

"Listen up, you little shits. It's before lunch and I haven't yet had my coffee. So consider this your warning. If you ring this buzzer ONE MORE TIME and try to run away, I'm going to run down these steps in my fancy ass boots, I'm gonna grab you by the scruff of your necks and I'm gonna shove those scooters of yours so far up your backsides, your handle bars will be able to pick your teeth for weeks. Got it?"

Ahhhhh... Andi.

Unable to stop myself from smiling, I clear my throat, lean forward and speak softly.

"Andi Breaux?"

"Yeah... What of it?"

"Andi, it's Wendy from Bare Naked Words... I'm here to do the interviews."

"SHIT! WENDY! Why didn't you say do? Wait right there." Her voice disappears for a while before I hear the door buzz, the clacking of heels against the steps and the undeniably gorgeous Miss Breaux appear before me with wide open arms and the most eager smile I have ever seen.

"Wendy, we are so excited to see you."

She grabs me (literally grabs me) in to the biggest, tightest bear hug you can ever hope to survive, and, even though I've only just met her properly for the first time, her warm, infectious personality immediately relaxes me.

My cheeks squash against her shoulder as I try to croak out a few words of enthusiasm before she grabs my hand and I'm following her long, leather clad legs up the stairs. She's wearing heels that are about as high as my knees, her long brown hair flows down her back like she's stepped straight out of the pages of InStyle... And suddenly, I feel very underdressed. I look down at my unfamiliar business like appearance, wishing I had stuck with my usual jeans and a T-shirt look.

We arrive in front of a huge wooden door. Andi turns to look at me, squeezes my shoulders and speaks softly.

"Don't look so scared. This is Wonderland. It's all about the fun, okay?"

Before I have time to answer, she pushes open the door and I'm immediately hit by an overwhelming buzz of activity.

The office is crammed full of WLSL stars, each one milling around the room with a smile on their face. This place is filled to the rafters with music, laughter and above all... warmth.

All the worries I have had over the last few weeks seem to dissipate in a sheer second. Andi squeezes my shoulders one last time before whispering in my ear.

"Wait over there in the fancy swing seat... I'll make you a coffee and ask the boss ladies where they want you."

Unable to take my eyes away from everyone, I somehow find my way over to some half-egg shaped cosy chair, slump down in to the cushions, make myself comfortable... and then I just... watch.

Joel and Dean are the first ones I spy, both stood at opposite ends of the room. Joel has a parcel tube in his hand and is waiting with his elbows raised, eyeing Dean the whole time. I actually hear Dean before I see him, running towards Joel then spinning a rolled up ball of paper through the air. Joel swings for it and misses.

"Dude, lose the cricket spin! This is fucking baseball we're playing." Joel cries out in his totally swoon worthy Boston accent

"Do I look like I giv' a shit? Just hit it." Dean smirks.

"Cheating fucker."

"Suck it, ya yanky loser."

"Boys... Those better not be your scripts you're throwing around." Shouts a seductive voice behind them both.

Dean rolls his eyes and groans whilst Joel's entire face lights up before he turns around and grabs a, what can only be described as stunning, woman (who happens to be be wearing a herve leger dress and a nifty black leather jacket I want for myself), dipping her backwards in his arms and kissing her in a way that makes me feel like I really shouldn't be watching.

"Morning, babe." He smiles as he pulls himself away from her.

"Nice deflection, Tarzan." She beams, licking her lips, standing up and quickly straightening her dress down.

I guess this must be Paris.


I wonder for a brief moment if its a prerequisite to be stunning before you're allowed to work here.

Carefully tucking the hair behind my ears, Paris catches my eye, smiles brightly and gives a dainty wave.

"We'll be with you in two minutes, WuWu. It's so good to see you... Finally!"

"Take all the time you need. Shout me when you're ready." I mouth back, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

She turns to leave and I take the opportunity to glance around the room at the others. My heart skips a tiny beat when I see Ethan, Max, Daggs and Gnome, all stood in a circle looking up at a giant TV screen on the wall, watching sky sports news. Ahh, sports talk. I lean forward, desperate to get a closer look at these infamous Wonderland hottie's, momentarily forgetting that I'm in a swing chair. I quickly lose my balance and almost fall flat on my face.

"Steady on, girl," Andi chuckles, grabbing the chair and holding it in place, saving me from the most humiliating moment of my entire life.

Sighing heavily, I take a moment to compose myself before thanking her over and over again and shakily taking the coffee she has made for me.

"No problem. You're up." She says with a glint in her eye.

My head snaps in her direction. "Huh?"

"Time to go... Meeting starts in two minutes. Follow me."

"Okay..." I breathe deeply. " let's do this." I say, before grabbing my bag, file and my coffee, and following her to the office door marked: 'THE CHIEFS'

Ten minutes later and I'm sat in the corner of Moffy and Paris' office, surrounded by all the cast. We're all hunched on comfy sofas with trays upon trays of food in front of us. The only two missing people are the two girls themselves. Their desks sit in the middle of the room, reminding me of my old school principles... And suddenly, I'm nervous again.

The doors burst open and Moffy practically falls through it, tripping over her own feet in her tight blue jeans, converse trainers and what looks like a mans shirt.

Yep. I was right about having to be beautiful to work here. I could totally understand why Ethan was practically panting like a dog, beside me.

"Wench!" She laughs as she regains her balance and turns to whoever is behind her.

"That's Paris Lexi to you." Pip smirks as she waltzs in.

"What did you push me for?"

"Cause you were getting stressy and lippy."

"I've been stressed for weeks, woman! You haven't shoved me about, before."

"Oh, stop." Paris laughs, walks around her desk, takes a seat and smiles over at me, winking as she does.

My eyes immediately go to Moffy's as she spots me, marches across the room and bends down to embrace me in a tight hug.

"ARGH! You're finally here. This is it!" She beams, giving me her best mega-watt smile before whispering in my ear. "Please tell me you are as nervous as I am..."

"Bricking it," I whisper back.

"Thank God."

She pulls away, walks back over to her desk, but remains standing as she shuffles through her files, bickering back and forth with Paris through little fits of laughter as she tries to find where to start.

The dynamic between these two girls is obvious. Moffy is the outspoken, take-charge of the troops leader... Whilst Paris prefers to be more of a silent partner in public. There's no question of who does what. They work perfectly in sync together, because there's no competition. They both know their roles, they both know their jobs... Each one is vital and one couldn't work without the other. It's amazing to watch.

Moffy gives me one last reassuring look, a sneaky thumbs up and then launches in to boss mode Mof.

"Right, guys. As you all know, next week, our lovely friend, Wendy, from Bare Naked Words book blog, is dedicating a full five days to our little RP group."

The room erupts into cheers, whooping and a window shattering, high-pitched whistle (which I'm pretty sure is Dean) before Paris yells for everyone to quieten down. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, already.

"Yeah, as you can see, Wendy... We're all pretty damn excited," Moffy says, trying to suppress a grin of her own.

"And nervous..." Ethan's deep husky voice pipes up. My legs turn to jelly at the sound of it.

"A little bit." Moffy smirks at him. "Anyway, Wendy is here to interview you all, but also to go through a script meeting to see how we work, so let's show her what organised chaos looks like..."

The cheering and whooping flares up again. Dean slouches in his seat, putting his feet up on the table. Joel quickly dead legs him, snarling at him for disrespecting the table that took him so long to build.

Andi and Max are both hunched in the corner, casting glances at one another whilst Daggs and Gnome sit there looking slightly more serious than the others, both reading their scripts, intently.

And Ethan... Ahh, Ethan. He's mouthing sweet nothings over to Moffy, thinking no-one is watching him, but I see it all. It's hard to miss the blush creep on her face and the way Paris looks over at her rolls her eyes, then launches a pencil at her head... Hitting Moffy straight on the temple.

"Ouch! Fuck!" She hisses, rubbing her forehead quickly before clapping her hands together and addressing the others. "Okay, so, it's Monday morning. You've all got your proposed SLs for this week. First things first... Do we have any objections?"

To say I'm surprised when they all raise their hands is an understatement.

"Well, that's a shocker." Paris groans, sarcastically.

"I know, right?" Moffy says through a tight smile before lifting her head and grinning at the group. "Okay, one at a time... Hit me."

"There's no mention of us having sex, this week," Ethan growls.

"There's no way in hell I am cross dressing," Dean snorts.

"Do Paris and I really have to fight, again?" Asks Joel. "You know I'll just change the script half way through and go my own way, anyway."

"I'm not happy with Andi having to work the poles at the club. Surely that wouldn't happen, now she is with me?" Max whines.

"I cry too much..." Andi sighs. "This is seriously going to give me real life wrinkles."

"I sound like I think I'm God!" Gnome says, scowling.

"I'm still in fucking prison!" Daggs snaps.

Silence fills the room. Moffy glances at Paris (who gives her a 'be my guest' kind of face) then takes a deep breathe and responds to them all in order.

"Ethan. We are not a sex based RP group. You get more than most as it is. Sex isn't necessary to the story this week, therefore, it ain't happening. Dean. The cross dressing was an idea for the stag party... Where's your sense of humour gone? Imagine how much the timeline will love that. If anyone can pull it off, you can. Joel. Its not a big fight... And it leads to a make up session of epic proportions. You and Paris need to show the fans that you are still majorly connected and have the fires in your belly... Paris made the call for this fight. Unless you want cock-blocking, i'd do what the Mrs, wants. Max. First of all, you two aren't officially together, yet. Second of all... This is Andi you are talking about. Being with a dude would never stop her from working the pole. Andi. We're trying to convey the emotions of your loss. You're hanging on the edge of a cliff... This is the do or die part of your journey. The crying is a necessary part of that. Look how much snivellling I had to do a couple of weeks ago. Gnome. What's wrong with sounding like God? Seriously. I'd love to play a character that was always right. Oh, and Daggs... You're damn right you're still in prison. You may give yourself the next ten years off from these Monday morning meetings." She stops, reaches over for her bottle of water, taking a quick drink before turning back to them all. "Anything else?"

"No, Boss."

"No, Chief."

"No, Sweet-cheeks."

"No, Pookie."

"No, Babe."

"No. Guess not."

"Fuck yeah... I want out of prison!"

"Tough shit," Paris laughs from behind her desk.

"Yeah... What she said." Moffy snickers.

Feeling unusually brave, I slowly raise my hand and clear my throat.

"Yes, Wendy," Moffy smiles at me.

"I have a question about the scripts."


Shuffling forward in my seat, I place my hands on my knees and ask the question I know a lot of fellow wonderland fans are dying to know.

"I was wondering if I could have a look at one. See how much of your work is pre-written."

Before I have chance to wait for an answer Gnome has handed his over to me and muttered softly in his Irish accent... "Check it out."

Reaching for the papers, I eye Moffy to double check its okay and silently squee when she nods her approval.

When I look down, I'm shocked at what I see. My face falls as I read the notes on the paper and I hear her voice from across the other side of the room.

"We call them scripts, but they're not really." She moves closer towards me and holds a file up in her hand. "Each week, Paris and I sit down and hash out ideas for each character, making sure they intermingle with each other, that the storylines are factually correct and that, most importantly, they are believable."

"That's right." Paris says, standing from her seat and moving to perch her bottom on the front of her desk. "The biggest thing we aim for is realism. There's nothing worse than reading a story and crying out 'bullshit' half way through. We want the readers to feel as though they are there... In the midst of it all."

"Exactly." Moffy nods, "So, we make character notes and ideas for all the guys, here. We tell them what we would like them to do this week, the SLs they have to try to stick to... The situations they have to be in and the goals their character has to reach by the end of the week. All the stuff in between... The things they say, the way they handle things, their reactions, their portrayal of their feelings... Well, all that's down to them."

My eyes roam over the list of bullet points on Gnome's 'script' and I turn it over in my hands, repeatedly, muttering quietly. "So, everything you guys do is ad-lib? On the spot?"

"Everything," Ethan confirms.

"We're that fuckin' awesome," Dean smirks.

"These wordy folks love it," laughs Andi, pointing over at Moffy, Ethan and Max.

"Andi... not so much." Smiles Max.

"Only cause I'm in charge of filing and archiving the SLs once you lot are done rambling. Mof & Ethan's files are thicker than chuffing war and peace."

Everyone laughs, whilst Moffy rolls her eyes.

"Back to the question. Yeah. Everything is off the cuff," she says. "Which is why we don't recruit just anybody. We're not from a book... Another authors work. We don't have an instant fan base out there, just waiting for us to appear. We pretty much make this up as we go along, which means that, if we want to do this right, we don't have the luxury of just taking any Tom, Dick or Harry on. We only take on the best writers and people we know can work under a lot of pressure."

"With only two or three minutes between tweets, these guys have all got to think on their feet. There's no time for slackers or stutterers." Paris finishes.

"That's unbelievable." I whisper, shaking my head. "I honestly thought you guys were scripted."

"That would be so much easier," laughs Joel.

"As much as we love this lot, Paris and I don't have the time to write scripts for each character."

"No way," Paris scoffs, "I have a life," she laughs.

"We do... And also, these guys need to feel what they write. They need to react to their partners however they would in real life. There's no way they would enjoy doing this is we were telling them what to say. We're not their puppeteers."

Suddenly, the office door bursts open and in flies Grandma Doris.

"I'm here, I'm here, sorry, poppets! Late again. Don't blame me. I'm just an old woman... Blame that god for saken bus driver for showing up an hour later than he was supposed to. Mad Madge was spitting feathers."

Paris and Moffy both walk over to her, telling her not to worry, helping her with her coat and settling her down in a chair next to Joel.

"Good morning, my little J boy," she smiles, blowing him a kiss. It's clear to see who her favourite is. I grin to myself and stay quiet, not wanting to interrupt their moment together as they quietly chat to each other about the little things in life.

Moffy moves back to the front of the room.

"So the next major SL we have to focus on is the wedding."

"I'm so excited!" Paris squeals whilst Andi flops back in her chair, rolling her eyes.

"Let's just elope, for fucks sake." Joel groans whilst Granny sits there eating a fig roll, suddenly oblivious to anything that's going on.

"Dude, quit soundin' like a bitch," Dean punches his leg back.

"Both of you quit it," Ethan shakes his head.

"I need a beer, already," Max sighs.

"I know we ask a lot of you guys, time wise, but you're all okay for the date we discussed?" Moffy talks over them, ignoring their bickering.

The room all respond with enthusiastic yes gestures.

"Great. And you all know that we're open to any ideas on how to make this a fun day. Not just for us, but for the timeline, also. You know how they expect us to be different... We're not about to start letting them down, now."

They repeat their enthusiasm with Dean and Max instantly beginning to hash out Team Brah ideas for that week.

As I sit back and watch them all work out their ideas, SLs and schedules, I can't help but feel honoured to be witnessing it all, first hand. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting... Maybe a stricter timetable, all of them to be dressed smartly, suited and booted and a little uptight, whilst rehearsing scripts. Maybe I expected them to be less like their characters and to seem more distant with one another at HQ than they do in WLSLs. For Moffy and Paris to be sat behind computers, frantically typing out transcripts with steam coming out of their ears. For there to be more... I don't know... structure?

But, right now, I really do feel like I've walked in to Wonderland.

Sure, Moffy and Paris are clearly captains of the ship... And the others all follow their lead on the way WL is run in the public eye. But, behind closed doors, everyone has a say in what goes on. They all help decide the direction their stories go. The characters aren't really acting... Its who they really are. Moffy is Moffy. Paris is Paris. Ethan is Ethan... And Dean is most definitely, Dean.

No-one is afraid to bring new ideas to the table, or challenge ideas that the two ladies have put forward. Each person has their own, unique way of working, and even though the all do it differently... It works.

The girls only allow one SL to run at a time for the TL to focus on. They have strict rules about the boys not being allowed to talk to fans outside of the timeline to save them all from any unwanted attention. They don't allow the RPers to work over a certain amount of hours, per week... Because they want them to enjoy it and want to do it without feeling bound by duty. They have an open office for the other RPers to walk into any time to discuss their thoughts and worries about the SLs. Paris and Moffy love their world, but their main concern is their WL family... And its clear that they will fight to make sure they are happy, no matter what stands in the way.

These few things aside, the main rule of MP Wonderland is that 'there are no rules'. Nothing is off limits. They're not competing with anyone else on twitter. They have no desire to dominate. They have no desire to be anything other than what they are right now, in this room: one big misfit family of RPers who all love each other dearly, believe in living life to the full, but most importantly... A group of people who believe they have the skills to try and entertain a small portion of the world, without wanting anything in return.

As I spend the rest of the day interviewing these people, watching them all brainstorm back and forth, it dawns on me how incredibly lucky they are to have found each other.

And I believe that's why MP Wonderland works.

I only wish I could stay here, forever...

Join us later today for Moffy & Ethan's spotlight day

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Wonderland Sunday Teasers

In the beginning....

Earlier this year I joined the odd and rather unique world that is Twitter, I really didn’t think I needed to, didn’t really see the point and once I did I was a little overwhelmed with some of the strange things going on there too.

I certainly didn’t think I would become completely hooked on an RP Group. And when I say hooked I am the self-appointed Number 1 fangirl, I have the badge to prove it! I have to be honest I didn’t even know what an RP Group was, (and yes I had to Google RPing), but there they were RP Groups for some of my favourite books Effortless, Original Sinners, Fifty and many, many more.

And then one day I came across 2 very talented and unbelievably funny ladies Moffy and PiP or as they were then Men of Fiction (Mof) and Pidgeon in Paris (Pidge), or Sky Rat as she was affectionately known. The banter these two belted out each day, well it was genius.

And my god did they make me laugh, usually at the most inappropriate moments, like in meetings, sneaking a look at my phone under the boardroom table (no I’m not on the board it’s just a big table in a meeting room), in the doctors waiting room, far better than the crappy magazines they provide. There have been many times I have literally spat coffee over my keyboard, in fact one morning it was my cheerios, milk included. The Twitter TL was full of these girls and their followers who I have found to be equally as entertaining and dedicated, and so it was that it became the Wonderland family.

Now there have been a few arguments in our house about Wonderland, don’t get me wrong the Biker (my hubster) adores Moffy, maybe a little more than I should be comfortable with, you should see some of their convos, but sometimes when I am refreshing the TL like a mad woman he accuses me of being a little obsessed with the soap opera that is Wonderland, but my god the stories they bring to the world of the SL are better than any channel I watch on TV and they are fast getting up there with some of the best books I’ve read.

And so to the reason I approached the Wonderland crew. I enjoy a good story as much as the next person, but what stood out for me about these two ladies was there passion to entertain, and for what? Money, they don’t get paid. For recognition, maybe. For the pure enjoyment of sharing a story, yes I believe having spoken to them that this is exactly why they are doing it, and quite frankly it could be a book and a successful one at that (think the Thoughtless series), hope your listening ladies.

I think it’s also important to say that they never thought it would be a success, how wrong they were. Controversially some people may not agree with my view of RPers, I know strange right? But I believe that anyone who can produce such a heartwarming, sometimes gut wrenching and thought provoking SL, deserves the same recognition as an Author who publishes a book, because ultimately it comes down to the writing. Don’t knock it until you’ve followed it!  If you are looking for angst, love, laughter, stories of friendship and superbly handled sensitive issues then this is for you, but rather than in book form it’s live & serialized right before your very eyes.

I feel honoured to have got to know both these girls, if only virtually, although that is soon to be rectified, and that they have taken me in to the Wonderland fold and given me access to Wonderland HQ to showcase what they do over the next week on my blog.

I really had no idea of the dedication and hard work all the Wonderland RPers put in to bringing the very best stories to the TL until I started working with them for our showcase week. Its been an absolute pleasure, thanks guys *blows kiss*.

It was Moffy that encouraged the birth of Bare Naked Words this year and has continued to support me along the way, so now it’s payback time.

Bare Naked will be showcasing the RPers that are the Wonderland family, we will have character spotlights, interviews, giveaways and so much more, believe me you won’t want to miss a single second of it.

So I hope you will join us daily over the next week….its gonna be a blast!

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Heres a little blast in to a past SL for you:

*pulling up outside Casa PidgeMinx, taking a moment to stare at the house I've agreed to move out of, thinking of all the wonderful memories Pip & I have shared here... dropping my head, taking a deep breath, getting out of the car & heading towards the front door* Get a grip, Moffy. *exhales slowly* She'll be fine without you. *turning the key, opening the door* HONEY! I'm home!
*laid on the bed, listening to music, twiddling the ring in my finger, contemplating ringing mav to meet up, I hear the front door, her voice crying out* SHIT *quickly scuttling off the bed, placing the ring in my knicker drawer, running out of my room, two by two down the stairs, shouting* I'm here!! *jumping onto her, clinging tightly, squeezing*

*smiling big as I squeeze her tight, holding back the tears already... burying my head in her neck* I've missed you so much!

*rocking us from side to side, arms around neck* me too *like you wouldn't believe, breathing in* you smell nice, new perfume?

*pulls away slowly, smiles* Ethan bought me it. It's some fancy shit. I don't even know the name. But he's so sweet. *steps back, holds her arms out, looks her up and down, brow raised* You look good, Goose! Real fucking good. *takes her arm, twirls her around* What am I missing? *looks back in to her eyes, tilts head* You look... Different. Huh....
*holding her hand, laughing* my boyfriend just became a millionaire, I'd be lying if i said that doesn't give me a certain glow *pulling her towards the kitchen* lets get a beer *looking over her shoulder* did you leave your stuff in the car?

A beer! Yes... thats definitely what I need. *following her, frowning* And stuff... What stuff?

*pulling two beers from the fridge* I got your note, I assumed you came home and got some more clothes for staying over at Ethan's *finds bottle opener in drawer, smirking* don't tell me he does your laundry too *opens bottles, handing her a beer*
*shuffles feet, takes the beer, eyes as wide as they've ever been, necks half the bottle in one go* Umm, Ohh, you know. He's a man fuuuuull of surprises. *quickly takes another big drink*
*snorts* Jesus mav, you got no beers at his house? The way your necking that, it's like you haven't had one for weeks *clanks bottles* cheers *takes a swig, heading to the lounge, plonking on the sofa, curling my feet up* how's he doing now?
*flops down besides her, pulls feet up, starts peeling the label off the bottle* He's doing sooo much better. He seems to have gotten his spark back, you know? *nods, trying not to show her how torn up I am* But... We had a bit of a blip two nights ago.
*notices her fiddling with the bottle, sensing something is not right, she's nervous. Pressing her further* why? What happened?
*runs free hand through hair* We came back here for some more clothes. Ethan only went and found my box full of Kellan crap!
*gasps* oh shit babe *taking another drink, understanding why she's nervous now; kellan bloody kyle* what did he say?
He freakin' fuckin' called him, Goose! He went in my bag, took my cell and phone Kellan to tell him to back off away from me. They apparently had some modern day version of a cowboy showdown with each other... Each one of them pissing circles around my fucking name! Kellan told him everything. EVERYTHING. Winks... Snickers... *looks up* Even about 'The Other Life'. Can you believe it? I don't know who I was more pissed off at. *shakes head, finishes beer*
*sitting there in disbelief, drinking my beer, wide eyed* oh.my.fucking.god *shaking my head* I'd have cut both their balls off *sighing* you should have said the box belonged to me. Where is it now? Did he ask you to get rid of it?
There was a picture of me with my arms around Kell. There was no denying it. The box is... Hidden. I told him I'd thrown it. Just to calm him. He was so mad... I should NOT have been as turned on by it as I was. *looks at Pip, smirks* Anyway. Enough of my high school drama. *shuffles down* Tell me all about how many diamonds you now have in the vault.
*inwardly cringes hearing the word diamond* they belong to J, not me *smiles* but he has a fair few *spotting her empty bottle grabbing it, jumping up* let me get you another beer *walks off to the kitchen, putting the bottles down on the side, both hands on the work top, leaning forward, eyes closed, taking deep breaths, trying to compose myself*
*laying back on the couch, covering my face with both my hands, unable to believe I have to tell her I'm leaving. Feeling sick not sure if I can do it... Not sure if I can leave her*
*standing up, rubbing my face, mumbling* get a grip Paris, come on, it won't be for long *sharp exhale, pulling two more beers from the fridge, flicking the caps off, talking to self* you have her best interests at heart *entering the lounge again handing her a beer, sliding back on the sofa next to her* I'll tell something, Boston was a whole new experience, you should see the house J inherited! It's big and very old fashioned. In fact, it creeped me out a little bit if I'm honest
*taking another drink, scrunching face* Uch! You know I hate old houses. Is he gonna sell it? Or keep it? How was he out there?
*putting bottle down, pulling my phone out of my pocket* here, take a look *handing it to her* he's surprisingly really good. Boston seemed to bring out a side in him I've never seen *quickly picking the beer up, long drink*
That house is huge! *eyeing her as I hand back the phone* What kind of side? Is he secretly kinky? Like whips & chains? *laughs*
laughing with her* he has his moments *sighing* I don't know, he kind of let his guard down and probably opened up to me
Hmmm... That's good. Real good. You need to be honest and open with each other. *looks up at her, heart suddenly pounding* Speaking of honesty... *closes eyes, feels stomach twisting*
*twisting on the sofa to face her, seeing pain in her face, frowning* what is mav? *reaching forward, hand on her leg* you ok?
*grabs her fingers, squeezing tight* I, um, I... I don't know how to say this. *shakes head, sits up, looks down at our hands* Okay. Let me just, *breathes out* Okay *looks up in to her eyes* Do you remember that night when I found you in the warehouse? *whispers* Do you remember when I told you that from that moment on, no matter what happened in our lives... I would always be there for you... No matter what? No matter if I was sleeping in the same bed as you or three thousand miles away?
*sudden flash backs to that night, a twist in my stomach, queasy* mav, you're scaring me *gripping her hand* you're not ill are you? *searching her face* please tell me you're not ill *biting hard on my lip*
*smiles flatly* No, Goose. I'm not ill. A little love sick, maybe... But I'm not ill.
*big sigh of relief, not releasing I was holding my breath* thank god for that *hand over my heart* so, what is it then?
*rubs lips together before speaking softly* It's... *gulps* Ethan has asked me to move in with him. *pauses* And I... said yes.
*pausing for a moment, allowing the words to sink in* wow, erm *speechless, pushing the lump down in my throat* you're leaving?
*starting to panic* I... Fuck! *rubs head* I don't know. I mean, I said yes. I said yes because I love him... Like I've never loved anyone in my whole life. And *laughs weakly* by some miracle, he loves me back! You know? *searches her eyes* But if you tell me right this second that this is not okay with you, I'll put the brakes on it all. I will. Just say the word. *swallows*
*stalls* I'm just.....wow....in shock *the heat building in my eyes, forcing my own selfish thoughts away, listening to her in love, finally happy with a man, understanding what a commitment this is for her, knowing she wouldn't have said yes easily. Trusting him enough to take that step of faith* come here you *wafting my hands, pulling her close, hugging her* I'm happy for you. I really am *my eyes tightly shut, not wanting to let go*
*grips on tight, digging my fingers in to her, starting to cry silently* I'm so sorry. I said I'd never leave you. I swore it.
*a lone tear escapes, falling from my cheek, pulling away* hey, please don't cry *wiping her tears with my thumb, cupping her cheek* we both know realistically that was never going to happen *cocking my head, sighing* I just want you to be happy *taking her hand* and I can see Ethan does that for you *letting go, grabbing her again, squeezing to death, sobbing* god, I'm going to miss you sooooo much
*tears falling hard, choking on my own words* I can't even think about it. I just... *voice shaking* What am I going to do without you? You're my everything. I mean EVERYTHING. My Goose... My Louise... My Bert... *laughs through tears* My fucking right hand. My wingman. *looks up, lips trembling* You're all I've ever known. I love Ethan so much... But I'm scared of you not being around. *whispers* No-one knows me like you do. No-one.
*softly speaking in her ear, lip quivering* I'll always be here, always *pulling back, sniffing, rubbing my eyes* I'm going no where *playfully nudging her, small laugh* you don't get rid of me that easy *an idea popping up in my head* wait here, I need to go get something *brushing my hair behind my ears, rushing out of the lounge, up to my bedroom*
*sniffing, drying tears on shoulder* Okay... *watching her leave, hating every second of this*
*opening my drawer, I take it in my hand, admiring its beauty* perfect *heading back down, into the room, torn but aching to show her I support her. Standing in front, looking down* you need to close your eyes and hold out your hand
*mouth twitching as I try to control the tears* Okay. *closes eyes and holds hand out, carefully... waits*
*shaking, gently placing it in her hand* ok, you can open them *lacing mine, over my mouth, biting them*
*feeling the cold chain against my skin, opening my eyes... jaw dropping... completely speechless as I twist it in my hand*
*frantically wobbling my legs, gripping my hands together* well....do you like it? *sliding onto the sofa next to her* you'll always hold a key to my heart *swallows hard* and this way, you'll always have a piece of me with you, wherever you are
*turns to face her* I love it. I really do. *starts to unfasten the clasp to put it on, hands shaking* Damn it... *gives up, grips it tight and holds it up* It's beautiful. Just like you are. Thank you so much. I wish I had something to give you back.
*takes it from her hand* turn around *placing the necklace around her neck, fastening it* it was Joel's grandmothers, as soon as we both saw it, we knew you had to have it *watching her turn back around* maverick, it looks stunning on you, honestly
*rubs the heart between my fingers* This was Joel's grandmothers? *whispers* Goose, I can't keep this... It's too special.
*holds hand up* stop right there. The person wearing it now, it's more special than the original owner ever was. Believe me. *shrugs* Joel wanted you to have it. He thinks a lot about you. *considers telling her about the engagement, deciding against it, not wanting to ruin her happy, exciting news. It can wait* I hate to ask but I am ok to still live here aren't I?
*taking a moment to let it sink in that Joel wants me to have it... Looking up slowly, grabbing her hand again* Well, I kinda wanted to talk to you about that... Without you getting mad. *licks bottom lip, nervously*
*frowning, confused* what is it?
*speaks quickly* I want you to have the house.
*squeaks in a high pitch voice* you're giving me the house?? Holy fuck mav, you don't have to that *stutters* that's too much
*smirks* Well, kinda. *laughs* Listen... I don't know what's around the corner for you and Joel. Man, I hope it's everything you've ever wanted and then some more. I'm kinda surprised you two haven't eloped already, but, whatever. *grins, leans over* This.. This house isn't just bricks & mortar to me. It has a soul. This is our place... And I will never sell it. I will never let random people walk through these halls & call it their home. So... Until you feel like you're ready to take the next step & do what you gotta do with Jester.. *holds hands up high* this is yours. Rent free. And if you do ever want to leave, we sell up together.. Orrrr.. We keep this place forever. As ours. We can call it 'Top Gun'. J & E can send us here when we've been bad.
*beams, laughs* that might be more often than they bargain for *sighs, smiling* I......I...... *stops, reconsiders telling* I don't know what to say. I feel exactly the same way. This house holds so many memories for me, I'm not sure I'm ready to go yet. You helped me to find myself again here. Thank you *maybe I'll just wait a bit longer*
*leans forward, kisses her cheek, whispers* You saved me in childhood, I saved you in adulthood. I'd say we're even. *grins*
*giggles* ok, we are even stevens *sympathetic look* I'm assuming you're going back to Ethan's tonight then?
*shakes head, smiles* Nope. I'm all yours. He's at the club and I wanted to be here... With you. If you want me?
As if you need ask, HELL YEAH *smirks* coronas and takeaway, who wouldn't want that?
*grins* And Rocky? Please say we can have Rocky? *pulls her close, ruffles her hair*
*tickling her side* all five of them *pushing her away* get off me *straightening my hair* let me go find the menus *walks away*
*watches her walk in to the kitchen, sighs with a smile, shouts out* I fucking love you, Goose!
*shouts back* not as much as I fucking love you *routing in the drawers, gathering the menus*
*patting sofa as she comes to sit down next to me, putting my arm around her & smiling* Thank you for being the bestest best friend I could ever have wished for. *kisses her head, sighs* You're my family. And I think it's about time we took another little trip down memory lane *hits play on DVD* This is ghost rider, requesting a flyby...

Thats all for now folks, join us again later for more teaser Sunday.

MPWL – The Prologue

April - 2006
My head turns from side to side, my breathing sounds louder and louder by the second as I narrow my eyes and try to spot her.
‘Paris?’ I say quietly.
I wait a moment for a reply, but there’s nothing but the sound of my inner thoughts rattling around my head.
My eyes scrunch tight together at the memory of her weak voice.
‘You don’t have time for this now. Find her,’ I whisper to myself.
Taking a deep breath, I toss a coin in my mind and decide to turn right, running down the corridor of the deserted warehouse.
He’s… He’s… Please… Just come for me.
My hands ball together tighter as the phone conversation plays over and over again, my feet pick up pace and my eyes seem to focus on every single thing around me. I have to find her.
Nothing. Not even a whimper. This place is so fucking big.
Don’t phone me. He doesn’t know I’m making this ca—SMACK!
The sound of his palm meeting her face had reverberated down the receiver as though he had reached through the phone and hit me, before the line went dead. If he’s touched another hair on her head since then I will…
‘Focus! You have to fucking FOCUS!’ I shout out.
It’s been almost three years since I’ve been allowed to see her… since he took her away and turned her into something she has never been. Three years I’ve been waiting by the phone for the very call I received just an hour ago… knowing that it was only a matter of time before she realized that her escape to heaven had actually lead her down the path to hell.
My teeth grind together as I run through a large area of worn-down machinery, rubble, bricks and abandoned boxes. She has to be close by. There has to be somewhere around here where she’s hiding.
Remember the place we used to break in to as children. I’ll be there. Please… I need you.
How will you get there? How will you escape?
Don’t worry about that. Just be there for me. I know you will. I know you won’t let me down.
‘Never!’ I cry out as a tear falls down my cheek. I could never let her down. To me she is my world… the one living, breathing soul who got me through my own horrendous childhood. If it hadn’t been for her, who knows how I would have survived.
And then I hear her…
I hear her soft, hidden cry.
‘Paris?’ I say firmly, trying to calm my throbbing heart, spinning round in circles by an old office door. ‘Goose… Is that you?’
The eerie silence fills the air.
‘It’s Mav…’ I take a slow careful step across some old wooden flooring and cringe as it creaks loudly.
Another whimper and then a sob. Shit! That’s definitely her.
I charge forward, running around an old piece of decaying equipment and that’s when I see her… hunched over in a corner, her knees tucked in under her chin, her arms wrapped around her shins, her head buried against her chest.
My mind is screaming at me to move forward… to run to her side and hold her… but I’m scared. I’m scared of what I will see when she lifts her chin. I’m scared of feeling the desperate need for revenge I have been known to get. I’m scared of what it will eventually take to make me calm.
‘Mav…’ She croaks through a cry, her head still down.
‘I’m here.’
‘Don’t be scared… I’m okay.’
Before I realize it, I’ve rushed to her side and am holding her head against my chest, cradling her tight as she remains still… sobbing and worn.
‘Sshh. I’m here, Paris. I’ve got you. Moffy isn’t going anywhere.’
Her sobs get louder as she hides herself within my clothes, both of us refusing to look at one another whilst our emotion and vulnerability pours out.
‘I’m here… it’s okay.’ I silently wince as her nails claw into the thin shirt on my back, her hold getting tighter as she finally realizes I’ve come for her. I press my mouth against the top of her head and kiss her softly. ‘I’m so sorry. I should never have let you go to him… I should have made you stay.’
I wait for her to protest the way she usually does. We have a habit of taking as much of the blame as we can away from each other when times get hard… but instead she silently clings to me before pulling away slowly and lifting her head.
My hand quickly covers my mouth in shock and the traitor tears threaten to push themselves forward.
The Paris that looks back at me isn’t the girl I let go three years ago. Aside from the obvious signs of physical abuse, her face is grey… gaunt… ghostly… gut-wrenchingly sad. Her usually enchanting pale green eyes have lost their entire colour. The whites of her eyes are bloodshot whilst the lids hang over them, trying to shadow the obvious changes.
Her hair has been cut… much shorter than she has ever had it before in her life… and the ends look scraggly and split. Her mouth looks drier than the desert sands… all cracked and bloodied and desperate for attention.
‘Talk to me,’ she whispers quietly.
‘I can’t,’ I manage to breathe out.
Paris lowers her head, slowly, hiding herself away from me. I gently place my finger under her chin and make her look at me again.
‘You still look beautiful.’
A single tear falls down her cheek.
‘No mans fist could ever change that about you, Goose. No mans.’
Another tear falls down the other side of her face.
I carefully tuck her hair behind both her ears, trailing a thumb under both eyes to dry her face, scanning every inch of her for any signs of injury she’s too scared to tell me about.
‘You’re coming home with me… For good this time.’ I breathe out, swallowing down the large painful lump in my own throat. I have to be strong for her now. ‘I’m going to clean you up… both outside and in. I’ll help heal your bruises, I’ll make sure you never touch another illegal substance again. I’ll put a roof over your head, feed you, clothe you… I’ll show you how to live again.’ I cup her face in my palms, gaze into her eyes and whisper. ‘I’m stepping in, Paris. I’m not going to let him kill you… He’s no longer a part of your life as of this moment. It’s us against the world….’
I wait for her reaction, but she’s a ghost of what she once was and all she can do is look at me like she’s frightened.
‘You’re safe now.’ I breathe out and pull her back against me, holding her as tight as I can without hurting her. She’s so thin… I can feel her bones through her coat. My eyes close with overwhelming grief.
‘Maverick?’ She whimpers.
‘Yes, Goose.’
‘I love you.’
(Written by @Moffy_MPWL 21/07/13. All works copyrighted to author)

April - 2006 - One Day Later

April - 2006 - One day later…

Cracking one eye open as the daylight peaks in through the curtains, my mouth feels like sand paper, my throat like razor blades. It’s difficult to swallow and my lips are chapped and sore. Trying to move in the bed I start to wince from the pain which shoots up my leg and through my spine.
My head is throbbing. I push my limp, weak arm out from under the duvet to reach the glass of water Moffy must have left for me on the bed side, along with two painkillers. Slowly placing them in my mouth as I lean over, trying to sip the water, swallowing down hard. Placing the glass back on the side, I gently lay back down.
A sudden sense of déjà vu waves over me and I’m back there, picturing what it was like in that room. The god awful smell of clinical hygiene products and the undercurrent of foist having not opened the windows for a few days. Stood in the doorway, watching over his tired, restless body, the heaving in his chest, the wheezing in his breath. His eyes are closed yet you can still see the pain torturing his grey, worn face. A mere shadow of himself as the disease has eaten away. Taking one step forward, I stop in my tracks, longing to touch his hand, to hold him close but shaking and scared, willing these memories to be gone, not wanting to remember his last days like this. The one man I have adored all my life, the strength and hope he always portrayed. The laughter and good times we shared. His kind, caring heart for my friend Moffy. He treated her like his own daughter, the sister I never had. How he used to joke with us “it’s a good job you two are friends, I’m not sure people could handle you as sisters. I fear for any boys that you two meet”. The days after he found out he was ill, he told us “you two need to be stronger than ever now, always stick together and don’t allow anything to come between you. The bond you girls have is for life, and you need to support each other through out it”.
Overwhelmed by the loss of my dad, knowing how hard it was for both of us, the gaping hole in our hearts we both suffer, missing him terribly. The heat pricks my eyes as I turn over burying my head into the pillow, sobbing. Flash thoughts whirling around in my head as to how I got to this point. Where did it all go wrong? How could I have allowed myself to forget his last wishes, the promise I made?
As I sniff I’m hit by an old familiar smell. Moffy must use the same washing powder my mum used to. A sweet whiff of lavender, feeling my muscle’s instantly relax. Imagining Moffy laying in the bed with me, spooning me like she used to when we were kids. She had sneaked in through the window, seeking her safe haven from home. She was mine and I was hers, always. Taking a long deep breath with my aching chest, wiping the tears from my sunken, dark eyes with the sleeve on my top, I try my best to compose myself. Long enough to make a pact, never to allow anything or anyone come between us again… before the drowsiness consumes my bruised, drained, exhausted body and I drift off into darkness.
(Written by @Paris_MPWL on 26/07/13. All works copyrighted to author)

Thank you so much for joining us today for some Wonderland Sunday Teasers.  Tomorrow the fun begins with the Wonderland Spotlight week.


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