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"As an indie author first starting out I was thankful to meet the lovely and ever supportive Wendy from Bare Naked Words. Her endless support, encouragement and countless hours spent promoting my work has allowed a unknown author from Australia to live her dream of getting her work out into the world"

Rachel Brookes, Author of Just Breathe & Breathless


"Listen up! If you're wanting great promotional assistance, Wendy of Bare Naked Words...Rocks! She has been such a great help to me in my endeavors to release my first novel, Unsettled. The promotional opportunities that she has assisted me with, from cover reveal to book blitzes, have been spectacular. Wendy is always willing to help, and that is what keeps me coming back to Bare Naked Words for any sort of promotional need. As a new author I was fortunate to run across Wendy and Claire's blog on Facebook, and I am thankful that I did!"

SC Ellington, Author of Unsettled


How do I start to explain how valuable Bare Naked Words have been in helping me to establish myself as an Indie Author? Probably best to start at the beginning!

I self published my first novel in July 2013. I was a naive, inexperienced author who believed simply putting my book onto Amazon and Smashwords would actually get me sales. Wrong! I had a small amount of Facebook friends and an equally small amount of followers on twitter and nothing more. Needless to say sales were poor and no-one actually knew who Courtney Cross was. So one morning, I put a tweet out on twitter asking for advice on promotion, blog tours etc and a wonderful lady called Wendy answered the tweet and offered her help. Accepting was the best decision I have ever made!!

Wendy took everything out of my hands and organised a blog tour across Facebook, twitter with some of the best blogs out there. I did nothing! I just provided her with the information she needed and nervously sat back hoping that at least a handful of bloggers would want to sign up for my tour. And boy did they! Wendy wasn’t prepared to settle for less than forty bloggers which is a HUGE amount for a first time novel. She ended up signing forty two! I was absolutely stunned. I was even more shocked when the tour kicked off and the amazing four and five star reviews started to flood in. Her faith in my work and continued support throughout the tour were the only things that stopped me from becoming a nervous wreck! Faith and support she still shows me to this day. Wendy’s awesome partner in crime Claire reviewed my novel also and ever since as shown me nothing but the same unwavering support and incredible encouragement. During the tour both spent all day re-tweeting reviews, posting and sharing my links and reviews on Facebook as well as their personal blog. Both were available at any time, regardless of the time of day and nothing was too much trouble for them. They certainly got the word out there for me. In summation, the tour was a HUGE success. My sales shot up, the likes on my Facebook page almost doubled as did my followers on twitter. Because of the tireless work of Bare Naked Words, I’ve made many new friends, a lot of them bloggers who reviewed the book during the tour and are now firm fans that message me daily asking for the next book! People actually know who Courtney Cross is now, love my work and this is all down to a very special book blog who I now consider my firm friends for life and who are also awesome beta readers for me! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do so!

Would I recommend Bare Naked Words? ONE MILLION PER CENT YES!

Will I be using their services in the future? HELL YES!

They are the only blog I will ever use and I strongly advise any Indie Author out there to do the same! I can guarantee you will not regret it!!

Courtney Cross, Author Barely Surviving & Divinely Living

"With this novel I ‘met’ virtually amazing people who are book lovers just like me, and who believed in me and my story enough to work hard by my side to make it the best possible. Without you ladies, it wouldn’t be published. Thank you with all my heart.

First, thank you Wendy Shatwell (Bare Naked Words). You’ve been FABULOUS! (I really love this word now). You read the worst draft ever known to man and enjoyed Patch Up like I never thought someone would have. Without your help, your emails and support, I don’t think I would have been able to go through with this story. You were the first one to tell me to write a sequel and a companion novel with Derek and Kate’s story. The sequel is written, but I’ll wait a little longer for Derek and Kate’s story. I hope you’ll be there to beta read it."

Patch up by Stephanie Witter - Acknowledgements

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