Monday 19 August 2013

***Realease Day*** Hell's Knights by Bella Jewel

Early Release Date: 19th August 2013


Sex. Who really knows sex? I mean, we've all had sex, great sex even but when you get down to the details, how many of us actually see sex for the raw, primal act that it is?

I thought I knew sex. I've had sex. Heck, I've felt lust. Once, I've even felt love. I thought I knew exactly what sex was. 

Until I met Cade.

He's the meaning of sex. 

He's a biker.

He's dangerous.

He's powerful.

He's dominant.

He wants me.

My world is about to change, for the better? I don't know. But here's my story, I hope you're ready for it because it's not the beautiful, heart wrenching story most people have to tell. It's passionate, forbidden, morally incorrect and downright, fucking beautiful.

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I don’t know what I expected Cade to do, but what he does, has my
head spinning. He takes me to a private bar out the back, and locks the door.
It’s empty, and my guess, not used a great deal. I watch as he stalks over to
the bar and walks around, picking up a bottle of whiskey. He flicks the top off,
and puts it to his mouth, drinking. I watch as his throat moves, and oh my, I
think my panties just went from soaked to drenched. When he puts the bottle
down, he opens the nearby freezer and pulls out some ice. He shrugs off his
leather jacket, grips the hem of his shirt and tears it off. I stare, eyes wide.
 Cade is f**king beautiful. Every inch of him would make any
woman’s panties soaked in seconds. He comes around the bar and stops in front of me. His face is hard to read, but I can still see the lingering anger behind his
stony expression. He’s angry at me, no, he’s fucking wild at me. Understandable, I suppose. I watch as he reaches down, gripping his jeans and popping the top button. I swallow and my palms become damp. When he lowers them and his c*ck springs free, I shudder. He steps forward, gripping my jaw and running his thumb over my bottom lip. His gaze is intense, fierce, even a touch feral. He grips a couple of ice cubes, and puts them towards my mouth.
“Suck these, then get on your knees sugar, and suck my c*ck.”
About the Author
Bella Jewel is an aussie girl through and through. She
spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the
state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass
amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her
passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to
publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights will be released in August 2013.
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