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Mr Write Trilogy by Cassandra P Lewis



Meeting Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, Book 1):
Rosetta Alvez is a romance novelist….The problem is she’s a little short on romance of late.

Ten months ago, Rosie was dumped in spectacular fashion when she turned up to her own wedding minus a groom. A bad case of writer’s block leaves Rosie heartbroken and humiliated with her publishers bearing down on her and she has to get out. She’s needs inspiration and decides to look for it on the other side of the world.

With best friend Pippa in tow, Rosie sets off for three weeks in Thailand in search of sunshine, relaxation and inspiration. But she gets more than she bargained for when she runs into the arrogant Jackson James, a travel writer with a lust for life and beautiful women.

The perpetual bachelor, JJ refuses to get close enough to anyone to fall for them, but Rosie has him hooked from day one. He fights an internal battle daily between the growing feelings for the beautiful red head and his decision to never settle down.

Will Rosie ever find the inspiration that she’s looking for? 
Will she get her man?
Only time will tell which side of Jackson will win.

My Take 
I am a hopeless romantic and believe that there is someone out there for everyone, even if they don’t know it or just can’t see it.
Rosie who can blame the girl for being cautious, her asshole of a fiancé dumps her on her wedding day, how do you ever learn to trust again after that?
Jackson, well urm, mmmm, ok ok I’ll focus, he’s delicious and just ever so slightly a bit of a jerk.  Where hasn’t he put it? If you know what I mean.
But when these two meet you just know it’s going to be a hell of a ride, and it does not disappoint, the banter, the humour, the sex, well done Cassandra this book ticked all the boxes.
By the end of this book, I was beyond happy to get my hands on Book 2.


Me & Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, Book 2):
After a whirlwind romance, Rosie & Jackson are finding their feet...the question is, where will their feet take them?

My Take

Book 2 of this series and Cassandra is truly on a roll.  Rosie and Jackson, have baggage and let’s face it they know how to use it.  There were several WTH moments for me where I wanted to slap both of them.  Jackson really I could kick his ass sometimes.

We learn more about these characters throughout this book, which made me admire them and despair of them in equal measures. Stubborn, stubborn – this is definitely something they need to work on; they are as bad as each other.

But when its good it’s amazing, Jackson & Rosie are so great together.

And just when you think at last, thank god, they’ve got their shit together now, BAM!

Jackson you suck right now, that’s what I was thinking and then BAM, Cassandra did it again. A slap in the chops shocker!!

And so to the end – we are left hanging, what next?  GIVE ME BOOK 3 NOW.


Marrying Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, Book 3):
After a rocky few months of fighting to save her relationship, Rosie Alvez must fight for her life ... What's next for Rosie and Jackson? Will they make it through? Will they make it to the altar?
My Take:
After the cliff-hanger of Book 2, let’s face it was not Jackson’s finest hour was it? We were thrown right back in to Rosie & Jackson’s story - when are these two going to cut a break. 
Jackson has grown, but when you have a past like his, it tends to show up and bite you on the ass over and over again.  Rosie can only take so much and I guess this time enough was enough.  However there was a particular moment in this book where I was a little more than annoyed with her, but there are no spoilers here so you’ll have to see for yourself.
“I love you more than I ever thought was possible Rosie.  I can’t face a future without you!” Jackson
As well as the warmth of this story and the ultimate heartbreak there were also some lighter moments that show how great Cassandra is at injecting humour when you most need it.
“Jackson, have you ever done anal?” I’m sheepish as I ask: Jackson lets out a brief laugh before he answers.  “Given or received?” Oh I hadn’t thought that far ahead….
Oh Alvez, on our wedding night I’ll be throwing you over my shoulder and running to the bedroom. Don’t you go getting any ideas of it being romantic, I’ll be ravishing you woman!”
“To Happiness” – ultimately that is what this book is all about, Cassandra herself has not had an easy ride over the last few years and has thrown herself in to writing these books – I think that shines through.
A perfect end to this series for me, in fact it was more than perfect  and just for the record you’ll need tissues.
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