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Beautiful Misery by Chandin Whitten
The Beautiful Series (Book 2)


Life for NFL football star Gage Tucker was perfect, until his best friend walks away from him. Using alcohol and women to drown out the pain, Gage attempts to live his life. Then he runs into the one girl he knows he shouldn't use, Cobie Nayler. Cobie is the little sister of Larkin, the one who took his best friend away from him.

After one hot night, Cobie and Gage go their separate ways only to be forced back together after Cobie finds out she's pregnant, and Gage is the dad.

But in the matter of mere seconds, everything changes, and Gage is forced to step up and take control of his life or lose everything.

Gage took a few steps back as he pulled his boxers and pants up. He buttoned his jeans and ran his hands over his shirt. The moonlight shining in was casting a shadow across his face making him look like walking sin. Which he was. He was walking sin and I fell right into his trap. Gage looked up at me, watching closely.

He looked good post sex. I was sure I looked like a wreck.

“Do you know how beautiful you are Cobie? Or how wrong I was to just fuck you?”

Pursing my lips I took a few short breaths. “Gage it was no big deal. It’s not like either of us want anything out of it. It was a one-time thing. Stop worrying about it.

My Review

Gage Tucker, yumminess personified, but a bit of a jackass to start with, however if you have read Book 1 in this series you know that he is recovering from a broken heart.


Then he meets Cobie, it was meant to be a one night hook up but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and suddenly the path you were walking along takes you on a deter.


Turning the car on, the radio came to life. And, damn if Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke wasn’r playing.  Both Cobie and I looked at each other.

“Well ain’t this just perfect?” Cobie asked, sitting up in her seat.  She laughed and for the first time she looked comfortable with me.

“Its kinda fitting for us, huh?”


Raising my brows I lifted on side of my mouth. “Why Cobie Naylor, did you just say I have a big dick?” Gage

They are good together, they are trying to build a life together on a fragile foundation and then it happens again another curve ball only this time it’s the kind that cannot be overcome.

So what next for Gage, has he not suffered enough, is there someone out there to fix his shattered heart?

Through all our misery came beauty, and without our misery we might not have gotten the beauty.  It was our own kind of beautiful misery and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I got the shock of my life in chapter 9 and from here on it was not an easy story for a little while, so by the time Annie comes on the scene you are really hoping things will lighten up somewhat.

And maybe just maybe there is a reason that Annie is here could it be that chance encounter with Cobie?

No spoilers, but it’s a shocker.

A great story, not easy but it felt good at the end.

About the Author

Chandin Whitten is a married mom of two beautiful little girls. During the day she is super mama

living her dream on the beach in Florida. By night she is the writing warrior.

She has always loved writing and reading, but after graduating high school she took a hiatus from reading to raise her daughters. After reading FsoG in the spring of 2012, Chandin started thinking seriously of writing her own book. She started the beginning of 2013 and had her first novel, Beautiful Goodbye finished by Valentine's Day.

Writing is a therapeutic escape for her. She uses a lot of real life experiences to build her stories and pull out a range of emotions in her readers.

Author Links

Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6893148.Chandin_Whitten

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/AuthorCWhitten


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