Saturday 15 February 2014

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Becca finally found her courage and faced her tormentors head on to get what she deserved: respect and Tyler Conklin. Becca’s faith in Tyler is solid, but is he willing to completely open up to her? They both have past baggage, and as Becca says, Tyler’s is particularly old.
With everything they have been through, Becca and Tyler know that secrets get them nowhere. They have made great leaps and bounds in their relationship, but Becca can’t help but feel he is still keeping something from her. Between the local detective snooping around and asking questions at the Conklin building and Tyler’s evasive answers, Becca remains skeptical about his excuses. The detective seems more interested in Tyler’s father’s “projects”, but Tyler’s hands seem to be in the pot as well.
Unfortunately, Tyler’s past comes back in his face along with his shady business. Will Becca hold true to her new found confidence and claim what’s hers… including Tyler?



Brooke Page
Brooke Page is a newly Independent author of Conklin’s Blueprints. She and her husband live with their two children in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When she is not writing or spending time with her beloved family, she enjoys using the pottery wheel and reading. For more projects and insights on upcoming books and events, please visit Brooke Page on Facebook (, and follow her on Twitter, (BrookePage05). Brooke Page would also love to hear from you via her email address if you have any questions or comments about her books,

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Nicola's Review

4 Bare Naked Stars****

'Conklin's Foundation' is the second book in the Conklin's trilogy and I just have to say you cannot read this book without reading 'Conklin's Blueprints' first...So if you haven't read that yet, I suggest you go and do it now.

Foundations picks up right where Blueprints left off, Becca had reached breaking point and dished out some home truths to everyone that she thought she loved. And boy, she didn't hold back. But it worked.

Now, with that out the way and things forgiven, Tyler and Becca can finally move forward and be in the relationship they both want without it being kept a secret.

Both Tyler and Becca have got insecurities. Becca has her body and eating issues, and Tyler with this new idea of a relationship. He's never had one, unless you can call his 10-year 'relationship' with his older Nanny Margo, but that so much different to what him and Becca share. Margo was all about sex. With Becca, its soul deep. She is his calm, his everything.

"I'm in my own world when I'm with you, where no one can do or say anything to piss me off. It's just you and me, perfect and tranquil". ~ Tyler

But just as things start to settle down for them, things start getting inbetween them.
Between, Tyler's past 'relationship' knocking on his door and worming her way back into his life, a shady character known by both Tyler and Becca's parents and the police and a job that see's Becca having to leave for a while things get a little strained.
Becca is irritated with the arrival of Margo, which is understandable; she's a complete bitch. Tyler doesn't exactly help with things though, as he keeps quiet about his meeting with her to begin with. But he soon opens up and tells Becca everything.
And the way Becca handles her in the book is commendable as well as funny. You see a completely different side to Becca, and it shows you just how far she has come with her insecurities.
"I felt stronger and more connected. We were becoming something so intense and real, and it was the most invigorating feeling I had ever had." ~ Becca

Just who is this shady character that keeps popping up everywhere? Becca asks, but Tyler is very evasive on answering. She knows he's keeping something from her. But what? This person is not nice at all, and will go to great lengths to get what he wants.

Just what does this person want?......

How bad is he?......

You'll just have to read to find out!!

I absolutely loved the ending. It left me with my mouth hanging open, shouting HOLY SHIT!! It's not much of a cliffhanger, but it definitely leaves you with knowing that things are about to get a lot worse for Tyler and Becca....

But together they are stronger, and will face it head on.

"I was safe in his hands. It was only Tyler and me, forever and always." ~ Becca

Brooke's writing is just fantastic. She has a way of connecting you to the characters and to the feelings that they are going through, throughout the book. And I love that about authors, that's when you know you have come across a truly talented author. I really can't wait for the third book in this trilogy and future books Brooke Page will release.

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