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Title: Besieged
Author: L.P. Lovell
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: February 14, 2014 

What would you do if you were granted millions of pounds and a face that melts the underwear off of any woman? Meet Theodore Ellis, the business man who parties like a rock star, and has more women than he has room on his bed post to put the notches.

Meet Lilly Parker. With a difficult past; Lilly is cold, closed off and emotionally unavailable in every way. Don't go thinking she's the sweet and innocent victim though, she plays the game better than most men, and is the original use and abuse woman.

She's built her walls ten feet high and topped with razor wire, but Theo is relentless in the face of a challenge and Lilly finds herself besieged by him. Can he get in her pants? Or will the unsuspecting man whore go a step further and finally tear down her walls? Unlikely.

This is no hearts and flowers love story, it is a battle of wills as a woman who trusts no-one denies a man who has never been denied.

Cue fireworks as female sass meets alpha male tenacity.

Besieged will make you laugh, fantasize and perhaps even shed a tear.

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Tara's 5 Bare Naked Star ***** 

I have one word to describe this book…HOT!!

Now let me tell you….this is not your typical love story.  This book is filled with so much passion and heat, I had to fan myself a few times. 
The way the characters compliment each other, balanced the book out so well.   

We meet Theo, hot, rich and looking for fun.  He sees Lilly.  She is young and very hot,and Theo wants her. 
And what Theo wants, Theo gets.  But this is Lilly, as force to be reckon with.  She’s head strong and will not let anyone knock her walls down.  Struggling with some demons from her past, Lilly has decided she always needs to be in control.  She likes having the upper hand, especially when it comes to men.  Theo will not let this stop him, and full on pursues her.  He’ll stop at nothing. 
But will Theo knock those walls down, and will Lilly let him? 

“You’re really fucking hot.” She says matter-of-factly.  Yeah, she's drunk. 
“Yeah?  How about you come back to my place and show me exactly how hot I am.”  I smile at her.”

What I like about this book is it feels real.  As I read, I could actually see this book unfold in front of me, like I was right in the middle of it.  I like that.  There are no secrets in this book. 
L. P. Lovell puts everything right out in front of you, raw and powerful!!

‘“I should have told you.  The reason I didn’t tell you Theo is because you’ve never made me feel anything but strong.”
I meet his pained gaze.  “You’re the last person who I ever wanted to look at me the way you're looking at me now.” 
I turn and look out over the city, unable to meet his gaze for the first time since I met him.” 

There’s no denying how much I was drawn to this book.  I look forward to reading more from L. P. Lovell.   

Lauren Perry-Lovell or L.P Lovell is a 24 year old indie author from Salisbury, England. Lauren has written for several publications, including many women’s magazines. Lauren is known amongst her peers, clients and blog followers for her candid writing style and strong feminist views.


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