Saturday 9 August 2014

**Cover Reveal** Heaven Below by Heather Marie Adkins

Book: Heaven Below
Series: Goddess of Ptalonia, Book One
Author: Heather Marie Adkins
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover art by Robyn Porter - Aos Si Designs

Seventeen-year-old Kelli McNeil wishes her only problems were what to wear and who to date. But she also has recurring nightmares about dying.

In every dream she sees Sebastian, and feels a love that echoes across the ages.  As the dreams intensify, Kelli suspects they are not imagination, but memories of past lives. While these memories hint at an ancient prophecy and the fate of an entire race, they reveal a dark danger for her.

In every life, Sebastian is not only her true love - he is her murderer.

Heather Marie Adkins loves magick and words, but not necessarily in that order. She can often be found wrangling chickens in her backyard, pulling weeds from her herb garden, and saving field mice from her cats—when she isn’t plotting her eventual move to Ireland. She worships the moon and stars, and loves the feel of grass beneath her bare feet.

Heather lives in north-central Kentucky with a house full of animals and the love of her life—all of whom drive her crazy.

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  1. I'm so blown away by you guys! I got home from work last night and my husband said, "Heaven Below was all over Twitter today." :O

    It was an incredible experience to see people share my book. And working with you amazing ladies was 100% the best decision I've made so far for this book. Thank you SO MUCH for offering these services to authors. I can't wait to work with you again in the future! Lots of love and hugs xoxo

    1. thanks so much, you have been a pleasure to work with, good luck with the release.

      Wendy xx