Monday 22 September 2014

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Title: Unspeakable Truths
Author: Alice Tribue
Release Date: September 16, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Everything I ever learned about fairy-tales was a fucking lie…

Four years ago, my life was everything I wanted it to be: I had everything I wanted, everything I needed, in my best friend and newly wedded husband—Tyler.

Yet, hours after we said "I do," I lost him.


The dreams we'd shared, the future we'd planned—all of our hopes and desires, were ripped away in mere seconds.

And now, four years later, my life still feels like a hopeless eternity.

So, I guess it's quite fitting that the last person I want to hear from is currently standing at my front door.

He wants to tell me the truth about that night, he wants to be my new knight in shining armor, but the thing is…

He was the best man...


Nicola's 5***** Review

There is no denying in the love I have for Alice Tribue's books. I have from the start and this one is no different. I absolutely fell in love with 'Unspeakable Truths' before I even got started. The synopsis does a brilliant job at dragging you in and itching for you to read.
This is a story filled with such raw emotion, that will have you reaching for the tissues. You feel every bit of grief, love, torment and anger the characters feel and you just want them to finally be happy and at peace.

Everly was just starting out her life in blissful happiness. She had it all. She had just married her true love; her best friend. Until one knock on the door, hours after her wedding ripped everything away from her.

Or so she's led to believe.

Now, four years later Everly is still living in the past. She's held on to her anger, her grief and her loneliness. Isolating herself from everyone and living in her own little bubble of depression.

"For for years I've let my grief control everything. I've let it suffocate me and snuff the light right out of my life and the thing is...I'm ok with that. I have no desire to forget, to forge ahead and move on without my husband."

For those four year, Everly blamed Luca for her husband's tragic death. And she hates him for it now more than ever.

"He's the living breathing reason why my husband is dead, why I'm a widow at only twenty-six years old. The best man at our wedding who ended up being the catalyst for tragedy."

Since his Best friend, Tyler's death Luca has allowed people to believe he had played a part in it. He was chased out of town because of it. But now he's back, and he is not going to sit around quietly for too long.

He's on a mission. To tell the truth of what really happened and to earn the forgiveness of the one girl who has held his heart since college.

"She needs to hear from me what very few people know, what those people have chosen to keep from her even now when the dust has settled. They allow her to live in her inner turmoil, and they allow her to walk in a clouded world where all she sees are glimpses of truth hidden behind a fucking mountain of lies."

He's determined to bring her back to life, and maybe finally get Ev back in his life for good.

"But the time of thinking about what could have been is over. Now Tyler's gone, he's gone, and I hate it. I miss him, but Everly's alone and I'm done. I'm done burying what I feel, I'm done denying myself what I want, what I've always wanted. So I'm going to do whatever it takes to bring Everly back to herself and make her see me as something other than her dead husband's best friend."

'Unspeakable Truths' is a story of grief, forgiveness and second chance love. It's beautiful and filled with such emotion.

I loved it and I am still smiling that after all the years of loneliness and sadness Everly and Luca finally have a chance to live, laugh, be free and more importantly Love each other.
It makes you realise that everything you had can be gone in a blink of an eye.
Live life to the fullest. Fill it with people you love, and that will hold you up, as you never know when it can all disappear.

You do not want to pass this book up. It truly is a remarkable read and you will fall in love with both Luca and Everly.

Thank you Alice, for again bringing us such a magnificent and inspiring story.

DOL Alice
Alice Montalvo-Tribue lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach.

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