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**Sunday Spotlight** Witches & Lycans by Kastil Eavenshade

Good morning, Gray here, I am back today with Kastil Eavenshade, who stopped by with Susan Gretel a character from her book, Witches & Lycans, to answer some questions.  

A little bit about Witches & Lycans

John Hansel and Susan Gretel live in the small town of Beowulf Hollow. Nothing's more of a drag than having to spend their summer in their backwater home. When Susan hooks up with the local bad boy David at a swinger's party while her boyfriend John watches, she finds out that he's more than a sexual beast in the sack.
Armed with nothing but innate powers she never knew she possessed and her lover John, Susan's got to fight back a threat bearing down on Beowulf Hollow. One that starts with a pair of grey eyes belonging to a man who knows every intimate inch of her flesh—David.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm from Beowulf Hollow, Pennsylvania. It's where most of my family grew up and place I don't really care about staying in. It's such a drag but my parents slapped the bread down for college so I have to go back during break. So my boyfriend John and I decided we'd have one hell of a party with some friends in the woods before we finished our last year.

Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it?
Oh she can try all she wants to take me for a ride or shock me. Thing is, I'm up for anything. Men, women. I'll sleep with either as long as John's there to watch or participate. Oh Kastil tried a couple of times to throw me into the mix without my boyfriend. Maybe she expected me to bail but I do what I want to do. I'm not forced. That's my kink.

If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to them? *laughs* Man, she's so square. Her threads are cool but hooking up with a stranger or a guy she just met? I love the chances she gave me but she wouldn't take them herself. *grins* Maybe she can sit with John and watch. That seems to be her bag, not mine.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
My first time with John. He drove me up to the lake after his father helped me get a cervical cup. Unlike my parents, John's dad knew that we weren't going to wait for marriage or for us to finish college. We had a full moon just glittering off the lake, a few joints, and each other. One word I never said was 'no'. As fast as I begged for more, John was ready to give it to me. We didn't sleep until the sun was coming up.

What was the last interesting thing that has ever happened to you? (In bed or out.) Man, finding out I was a witch. Far out. It was a buzzkill to find out my mother had to know and hid it from me and my sister. Not that I wasn't hiding stuff from her but if she wouldn't act like sex was the gateway to hellfire, maybe I'd would have told her. Like holding hands would get me pregnant. *snort* If only she knew what I'd been holding hands with. *giggles* Oh. Yeah. Being a witch? Bitchin'. I'm going to use what that old witch taught me to hunt some serious lycans and keep them out of my town.

What’s your take on David MacGowan?
That skuzz? Man, I used to get down with him. He set my sex drive into another universe but thinking he could do what he wanted to me any time? Please.

Excerpt from Witches & Lycans

"Playing alpha dog again, David?" She chuckled before sucking in a deep breath as David's other hand possessed her right breast. He'd always treated these swinger retreats like the men were a pack of wild animals that needed to be tamed. Only David could have a pick of the bitches like some odd commune. He watches too many macho movies and needs to be brought down to size.
Yet, her body never listened when she tried to control the situation.
"He's watching this, you know. I told him I'd show him how a man handles a woman like you." His tongue lapped at her throat.
"Tim?" She tried to take offense to his crass wording, but his hand traveled the length of her belly and shoved her skirt down. Fully exposed to the air, she couldn't deny the moisture evident below. He swiped his thumb against it and hovered the digit in front of her. Her tongue darted out, tasting her sticky sweet arousal. His cock rubbed along the crack of her ass. She took his thumb into her mouth and sucked. Not only had he followed her into the woods, David had done it completely naked.
"No. I am the alpha dog." He removed his thumb and stuck his middle finger between her moistened nether lips. "And you're the best fuck I've ever had."
Words wouldn't form on her lips. All the times she'd had sex with David worked to his advantage. Each inch of her skin was known to him. He could never have her, but he owned her nonetheless.
"On your knees," he demanded.
She dropped to his command, his thick length bobbing in front of her face. Hers to caress and manipulate, she wrapped her lips around the head. David thrust in, his hand fisted in her hair.

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