Tuesday 11 November 2014

**Blog Tour** Cold Heat by LeeAnne White

Book: Cold Heat
Author: LeeAnne White
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Leaving Las Vegas, and the reach of her abusive ex-husband, to face a huge winter storm was probably not the smartest thing Kaylie should have done, but with her gut screaming at her to go now, she sets off to find a new life on the other side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Retired Navy officer Drake Givens is creeping his was toward his home in the mountains when he comes across a car already being covered by the quickly accumulating snow. Finding a dazed and cold woman inside the car leaves him honor bound to help her.

As they are getting to know one another, Kaylie’s ex is ready for revenge and is getting closer to finding it.

LeeAnne is a strong woman, mother, daughter, and sister, who recently discovered that dreams are there to be lived even if it means radical change in life. Now when she isn't found introducing men to the subtleties and magic of DIY projects she equips women with words and power. Or she is cursing her gym coach called sadist.

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5 Bare Naked Stars *****

This book is a story of overcoming fears and allowing yourself to love.

Kaylie Peterson is running, running from an abusive husband who is due to come out of jail, and running from her life hoping for a new one. She chooses a terrible time to leave though as a col front comes in and results in her crashing her car in the snow covered Sierra Nevada mountain’s.

“Slowing her speed, Kaylie felt as if she was barely inching her way up the mountain. She suddenly hit a patch of black ice, losing all traction. Her muscles tightened in panic, Kaylie screamed as she lost control of the car.”

Drake Givens is ex military, heading back up the mountain to his cabin, his sanctuary, he sees the flashers of Kaylee’s car and drags her out, taking her back to the cabin to recover and recuperate as he knows the weather won’t allow him back down to the town.

You quickly get an insight into Kaylee and Drakes character as they interact. Kaylee is obviously frightened but deep down you get a sense that she is a strong woman, this is quickly affirmed as her feelings for Drake grow. Drake is a typical ‘bloke’ he’s tough and strong, but as with many ex military he has his demons, these actually make him an extremely likeable character and allow him to sense Kaylee’s fear and deal with it in a sensitive manner.

As trust grows, so does passion, and boy, are Kaylee and Drake hot!!

“Kaylies body responded slowly, gradually warming to Drakes kiss; the gentleness of it was almost hesitant. When they separated, Kaylie had to know if she’d imagined that touch and her tongue slipped past her own lips to seek and savor the taste of him.”

Unfortunately, Kaylee’s ex isn’t going to take her ‘running’ lightly and accept it, as he chases her and the net closes, Kaylee and Drake are discovering each other, this is the last thing they need.

There is just the right amount of love, lust and suspense in this wonderful read. Curl up on a winters weekend with a hot chocolate and Cold Heat – perfect!!

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