Monday 24 November 2014

**Release Blitz** More Than A Deal by T.J. Tims

Book: More Than A Deal
Author: T. J. Tims
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humor

Book Two in the More Than DC series by T.J. Tims

How would you feel if everyone that you love has kept secrets from you?

Well, Quincy Westley is sick of the shit. All she wants is to resolve the past and move on with the future. A future that she may not be prepared for.

After a weekend of spending time getting to know the half-sister she didn’t know existed, she’s attracted the attention of Kaine Alexander. With his help, Quincy can learn to successfully navigate her Westley family’s social circle.

Kaine is a man in charge. He’s the head of his family’s empire. It’s his way or… no, it’s just his way. When his mother meddles in the family business and has him presented with an ultimatum he’ll do anything to make sure he doesn’t lose it all; thumbing his nose at the challenge.

A deal has been struck.

When you add crazy friends, meddling family, and raw attraction, the lines of any deal can and will become blurred.

Nic's 5 Bare Naked Star Review

I went in to this book completely blind. I didn’t read the synopsis, I didn’t read the first book in the series and you know what…It was amazing, not to know the plot beforehand. It made it quite an exciting adventure.

TJ ‘s mix of hilarious banter, sexy characters and electrifying attraction will have you laughing your arse off and so enthralled that you’re unwilling to put the book down until you’ve devoured every last page.

Kaine and Quin are the perfect example of opposites attract. He is as straight cut as it comes. He comes from money and has been groomed in to the family business since he was a boy. He lives and breathes his work, with nothing getting in the way of that….

…until his mother decides to meddle and set certain stipulations in place that will, if not adhered to will throw a spanner in the works with him and his business.

Quin likes to live each day as it comes. She is unique. Has a passion for tattoos and a brilliant artist to that profession. She’s the type of girl people openly stare at because she’s ‘different’, just because she likes to wear her art on her body instead of drawing it on canvas.

After finding out that she has a half-sister and is part of a ‘very wealthy, very influential family’, Quin must learn how to live up to ‘certain expectations’. Which is where Kaine comes in, thinking he has formulated the perfect plan which would benefit them both.

“I need to enact a fake relationship to satisfy demands being made of me. And with you, putting on this charade, I can meet their demands and teach them a lesson to their misguided ways, since you are everything and nothing life what they’d wish for in the next Alexander spouse.” ~ Kaine

“I think I just made a deal with the devil.” ~Quin

What started as an easy deal benefitting them both soon turns out to be a whole lot more.

“I want to be the woman Kaine takes his suit off for and climbs into bed next to. With Kai, I feel like the stars are within reach.”

But when the deal is over, and everything has been said and done, will there be an option for an ‘us’ with them both? Or will they fight their attraction and go their separate ways?

“When a male and female combine, all things achieve harmony.”

I loved this book. It had me laughing out loud to the point of my hubs getting annoyed as he was trying to sleep :-D The waxing scene, just ~covers my eyes~, shit. That was one of the funniest scenes I have read in a long time.

The secondary characters… well I don’t think they were secondary at all. They played just as a big part as both Quin and Kaine. They’re quirky, and funny but when needs must, they all rally around and form their own support network. They’re more than just a close nit group of friends; they’re a family, and it was wonderful to see them all come together to help each other out, even when they didn’t know it.

TJ Tims has delivered one hell of a magnificent book in ‘More Than A Deal’ and I cannot wait to read about the other characters in the next instalment.

I am now going to finish up reading ‘More Than I Asked For’ and impatiently wait for the next book.

If you love a good romance with a splash of humour and sexy as hell male leads (who is a twin) then you will love this book. Go grab yourself a copy and immerse yourself in the intense world that is Quin and Kaine.

Raised on the shores of New Jersey, T.J. began reading romance novels at the age of fourteen when she picked up Elda Minger’s The Dare. From that day forward she hasn’t stopped reading romance novels of all subgenres. She focused on her career, working in a corporate office during the day, and read a novel every single night. One day when pausing to breathe between novels, T.J. found herself married and pregnant! After being laid off and giving birth to her son, she threw herself into being a stay at home mom.

During the day T.J. focuses on her household that is overrun with testosterone; one beefcake husband, one son that takes after beefcake husband, and two male dogs. In the evening she taps away at her keyboard letting her mind play. Be sure to follow T.J. on Facebook for updates.

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