Friday 7 November 2014

**Release Day** Free To Try by C.Q. Nightly


Title: Free to Try

Author: C. W. Nightly

Release Date: November 7, 2014

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Photo of the book cover for Free to Try, an erotic romance novel by debut author Crystal Nightly

Mercy hasn’t had an easy life and has just escaped her sadistic and sociopathic ex-boyfriend Alex. Fearing the repercussions she’ll face if he finds her, she flees Florida leaving behind everything and everyone in exchange for a new beginning.

Aiden lost his submissive and fiancée one year ago to a random act of violence. Adrift, he believes seeing the criminals brought to justice is what he needs to start living again.

When Mercy Winters shows up at Aiden’s company, sent by the temp agency to fill a receptionist position, their instant attraction has sparks flying, surprising them both. While Aiden is prepared to hold on to the first woman to turn his head over the last year, Mercy would just as well run in the other direction.

After Aiden manipulates the circumstances of her employment Mercy has no choice but to confide in her hot new boss. Aiden’s more than willing to help with ANYTHING she needs, while Mercy is more than willing to give up her body in order to experience the intense pleasure only Aiden can provide. But in return he wants everything, body, heart and soul. Can she even consider his offer and keep one step ahead of Alex?

Intimate photo of a man and woman embracing

The window behind her gave a spectacular view. How appropriate he thought, to be a full moon tonight, the apex of one of nature’s unstoppable cycles. More or less fifteen days ago the new moon was born to culminate in the spectacle tonight. Light spilled into the ink like darkness, guiding the way, holding out a glitter of hope for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in night’s somber embrace. For him, Mercy was that light.
Reluctant to leave the room he turned, the candles still burning in his lair needed tending to. With a glance back over his shoulder at her resting form he knew he was falling hard for Mercy Winters, harder than he thought possible. Her submission under the circumstances… her trust… so fucking sweet. A shocking realization hit him, he would go to any length to keep this woman safe, to make sure she never had to run again. What did that say about his feelings? Doubt crept in, was it even possible? After only a week? The tightness in his chest said yes, his mind wasn’t so sure. He’d already bound her to him by his collar, and had taken her bareback marking her as his with his seed, but this feeling, this one now felt very close to love. His hand rubbed at his chest subconsciously, he didn’t know how to mark her with that.
Candles Burning
The words scorched her, rekindling the desire simmering beneath her skin hotter than ever. His detailing the possession of each part of her body, and his intention to devour and claim, to worship and cherish, melted the protection she carefully erected around her heart. She wanted the connection with him now, for him to take from her everything she offered, to lose herself to the blistering pleasure only he showed her.


Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, C. W. still calls Montreal home, surrounded and supported by her husband, five children and Siamese cat. She has always loved reading, but only recently began indulging in writing herself. She also enjoys the smell of spring rain and walking through the first snowfalls of December at night, especially when the snow is crunchy. Her message to readers?
"Nothing beats revisiting a good story where the characters are like old friends."
“Everyone is entitled to their own happily ever after.”

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