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Book: Cowboy Heat — Bakersville Saga One and Two
Author: Helen Hardt
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Cowboy

Ivy League Cowboy

Dusty O’Donovan, an accomplished bull rider, isn’t afraid to ride El Diablo, a feisty stud whose owner, Zach McCray, is offering $500,000 to anyone who can stay on him for a full eight seconds. Though Zach refuses to let a woman ride his bull, he's intrigued by the headstrong Dusty, who he last saw when he was thirteen and she was six. Sparks fly when they’re together, but will Dusty’s secrets tear them apart?

A Cowboy and a Gentleman

Newly divorced Dallas McCray wants a sweet country girl like his sister-in-law, so why is he lusting after the new veterinarian in town, striking New Jersey transplant Annie DeSimone? Also divorced, Annie yearns to leave her difficult past behind and start a new life in beautiful Colorado. Sparks fly between her and handsome cowboy Dallas, but attraction and emotion aren’t always enough…especially when a cowboy has vowed never to make the same mistake twice.

Early Reviews for Cowboy Heat

Praise for Ivy League Cowboy

These two are downright lovable! You are rooting for them to get together from the get go. The chemistry between them is smoking HOT, and…once they get in bed you will need a fan.
~Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Holy smokes, that was hot. This is a true erotic romance. There's a lot of sex, but it was there for a reason… I cried twice (not in a bad way) and had quite a few hearty chuckles at the subtle humor… I got my tidy happily-ever-after ending and stayed up until 4:45 a.m. to get it. I read this through in one sitting, and started the spin-off, A Cowboy and a Gentleman, at 4:46… Helen Hardt isn't a one-trick pony: where Ivy League Cowboy has an underlying sweetness to it, A Cowboy and a Gentleman crackles with the fire of attraction between a more mature couple and has a lot more situational humor.
~Award Winning Author Holley Trent

Fast-paced and sensual, this story is a nice rainy-day read while you’re snuggled up next to your partner.
~Bibliophilic Book Blog

Praise for A Cowboy and a Gentlemen

This is a wonderful book! It has it all! It is so hot at times you feel like your e-reader just might melt and it also gets all your emotions involved… I could not stop reading it till I was finished.
~Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Heartbreaking, yet sensual and explosive, A Cowboy and a Gentleman is a true love story with real emotional depth and character development.
~Bibliophilic Book Blog

A yummy cowboy and a saucy Jersey girl make up this fun couple, and their chemistry is easy to believe. Both divorced, they each have pasts that they must overcome in order to move forward and love again. It was easy to cheer for both of them… The small town setting of Bakersville adds to this book’s appeal.
~Coffee Time Romance

Reviews by Wendy

Ivy League Cowboy – the story of Zach & Dusty (5 stars)

Yeehaw! Yes Ma’am, Ms Hardt has unleashed my inner cowgirl by introducing me to the McCray brothers, Zach, Dallas & Chad, now step aside ladies while I lasso myself a cowboy.

“Six feet two, maybe, in boots.  Long black hair fell to his collar in silky waves.  Broad shoulders clad in a black western shirt, and lean hips hugged by snug fitting denim”.
“Full dusky lips. Wow. The she noticed his eyes….  He was magnificent”

“He tried to listen, really he did, but his mind kept wandering to the image of her naked on top of him”
“Those big chocolate brown eyes.  He could lose himself in them. Did she have any idea how crazy she was driving him”

To say there was an instant attraction between these too is an under estimation.

I really liked Zach & Dusty, and every time he drawled “darlin” I think I fell for him a little more.
This was a story of super-hot attraction but with a back story of tragedy and a future of unknown challenges ahead.  Was this love between them going to be enough to get them through those challenges or was it just cowboy lust.

Add in a conniving ex-girlfriend and poor Dusty didn’t know what to believe.

Dusty’s answer to this dilemma?  Run!  She was a stronger girl than I, I don’t think I could have kept running from that sexy western drawl.

“Don’t leave me, darling. Please don’t leave me.”
“ I’m so sorry,” she whispered, tears trickling down her cheeks.

Yes, I know, me too, my heart was shattering.  Please let it all be ok.

A Cowboy and a Gentleman – the story of Dallas & Annie (5 stars)

Dallas is the eldest of the McCray brothers and we met him briefly in Ivy League Cowboy with his witchity wife Chelsea.  Well he’s now moving on and meets vet Annie and the last thing she wants him to be is a gentleman!

Annie looked up into the face of the most amazing man she had ever seen.  Beautiful. Rugged. Dashing. Dallas had several days growth of beard covering his chiselled jawline, surrounding full pink lips, which were parted slightly.  Annie warmed and tried not to wonder what they might feel like brushing against her own.

And her body… even in her bohemian skirt and loos peasant blouse, bracelets rattling everywhere and three piercings in one ear, he could tell her curves were worth exploring.

Annie & Dallas are passionate and there is lots of hot sex in this book, but the course of true passion never did run smoothly and Annie’s past catches up with her.  Dallas however is a stubborn ass and he pissed me off no end with it.

He felt like a monster.  He shouldn’t have touched her.  Now it would be harder for both of them.  The urge to cradle her in his arms overwhelmed him.  But he’d be strong.

“I’m sorry. Annie” He sank to the couch and buried his head in his hands. “Please. Just go.”

GRRRR Now I was really mad, this cowboy needed his ass whooping.

Does he redeem himself, well there is only one way to find out. 

I have a huge respect for Ms Hardt she gave us two quality stories and left us wanting more. Her joint POV’s work so well, she really got inside these Cowboy’s heads.

So next up will be Chad McCray in Cowboy Lust releasing 19th December, the perfect way to spend the Xmas holidays wrapped up with a cowboy or two. 

Helen Hardt is an attorney and stay-at-home mom turned award-winning romance author and freelance fiction editor. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and erotic romance from her home in Colorado. She’s a mother, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an avid fan of opera and football (as long as her older son and younger son are performing/playing, respectively), and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

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