Friday 2 January 2015

**Cover Reveal** Undeniable by Amy Marie

Three months to fall in love.

Three sentences destroys it all.

Seven years ago, free-spirited Hadley’s heart was shattered
when her secret high school love, Ryder Blake, betrayed her with just a few
harsh words. Now, in her twenties and unhappily committed to Braden, her
boyfriend of two years, she is unknowingly still picking up the pieces, and
beginning to realize her life is far from the one she always dreamed of having.

When sexy and all grown up Ryder walks back into her life,
memories of their summer spent together causes her to want the old Hadley back.
The Hadley that took risks and made her own rules, the Hadley that only Ryder
Blake has ever dared to bring out.

Ryder has had his fair share of women since high school, but
none have ever compared to the girl who stole his heart and disappeared with
it. When his life starts to fall into place Hadley’s sudden reappearance and
disgust towards him fuels his drive to win her back and never let her run
again…even if she has a boyfriend, and even if he has to handcuff her to his

He will pursue.

She’ll push him away.

Sparks will fly.

Tempers will flare.

An undeniable chemistry will light it all on fire.


are you just standing there?” Hadley’s harsh voice, very much different than in
my memory, jolts me.   

An embarrassing tug of my jeans alerts me to my rock hard cock.

“Looks like nothing has changed.” Hadley’s sharp tongue states but
her eyes give her away

I reach down and adjust myself as I watch her walk past me,
wanting nothing more than to spank her tight ass. I grab her arm and whip her
around so we are face to face.

"Oh, I’ve changed Hadley…and I can show you how if you’d
like,” I tell her pushing up against her. 

Her breathing deepens as she attempts to tug her hand out of my
grip. “Let. Me. Go, ” she says accentuating each word.

“Never.” I intently promise.

She scoffs. “I don’t belong to you anymore, Ryder.”

“You know,” I say, lifting my hand to caress the side of her
cheek. She flinches but doesn’t move. 

“Since you vanished into thin air we
technically never broke up. So, you still belong to me. Have you been cheating
on me with this Braden asshole.”

I’m trying to lighten the mood but her eyes go wide. She’s
seething. “Oh, yea? And how many girls have you fucked since high school? Go
back to them.”

“I don’t want them. I want you,” I say, shocked at my own

She looks between my eyes and my hand wrapped around her arm.
Resolve shines through. “What’s that you said?” She taps her finger against her
lips. “Oh yea. I’ve been there and done that.”

She pulls out of my grasp, shooting daggers with her eyes, and
walks away from me, again.

Marie was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and now resides in Virginia
Beach with her fantastically crazy husband and two kids.

an avid reader, she never dreamed of writing her own novel until the characters
started haunting her at night and in the shower.  Wanting to get it down on paper she set off
on the journey that is more than she could have ever dreamed. 

not writing she can be found carting her kids around, breaking up their fights,
cleaning up messes, teaching Zumba, or reading.




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