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**Blog Tour** Losing Her by Mariah Dietz

Title: Losing Her (His #2)

Author: Mariah Dietz

Release Date: March 1

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“I loved her and she left. Maybe I wasn’t enough. Maybe I’ll never be enough.” I’ve been thinking these words since before we even got together.

Everything is new. The old no longer has a place here. Physical items are easy to replace. I'm constantly battling the ones that aren't.

Every thought and memory I have is stained.

By you.

You weren't even there for half of them.

How is she still present even though she left?

I can do this. I’m going to survive losing her.

*** This is the second book of the His Series, and it DOES end with a cliffhanger. The final book of the His Series, Finding Me, will release June 1, 2015***

“Dude, you’ve got to get up.” Jameson sighs as I pull the pillow back over my head. I don’t even know what day it is anymore. I don’t care.

What adds salt to my wounds is the fact that the world keeps turning. People continue waking up and going about their day. The sun rises and sets. I hear kids laugh and play, neighbors greet one another, and birds sing, and all the while I wonder how? How does the entire world appear to be surviving this nightmare of losing her? 


Hank comes to visit in June. I still haven’t heard from Ace, and yet I’m still staying at my mom’s. I can’t leave. I can’t go back to that house. I’d moved rooms shortly after she left, and now reside in the guest room on the main floor. It’s better this way. There aren’t any pictures of her in here or random memories, like the one of her sitting on my bean bag chair when I was sick last summer. I also don’t have to face the window that looks out onto hers.

Hank knows that I know mom sent for him, hoping that he’d be able to “help” me. She of all people should know that having Hank around isn’t going to help me. He’s fucking married to the love of his life; he doesn’t have a fucking clue about the shit that I’m going through.

Of all things, Hank wants to go camping. I’m sure he thinks that getting away will help. He doesn’t understand that moving rooms has helped me realize I could go to Antarctica, and things wouldn’t change; the distance isn’t going to make the pain any less.

When we get camp set up, Hank opens a cooler and passes me a beer with a giant, shit-eating grin, like we’ve just overcome a huge hurdle. Deciding that I shouldn’t rain on his little douchebag tea party quite yet, I accept the beer with merely a grimace before taking a long swig. Before long, that single swig becomes a chug, and then a guzzle as I consume more alcohol than what three people probably should.

I sit by the fire and close my eyes. My mind automatically reaches back into that locked and forbidden drawer to pull out the image of Ace, striving to recall the sound of her laugh, the feel of her touch. It brings me back to our camping trip last September, when Jameson announced that was what he wanted to do for his birthday.

TBird's 5 Bare Naked Star Review

When the second book in a series or trilogy starts out rehashing events from the first book from other characters POV, I tend to get a bit grumpy.  I don’t want to rehash events, it gets boring.  So I am sure you can imagine my great joy and excitement when I found this author had a brilliant plan that not only kept me invested in this book, I even gave it a higher rating than the first one. 

When Becoming His ended, we knew that Ace had left.  Her world was shattered with the losses she had endured, not knowing where she stood with Max, generally mentally giving up.  I was confused why the author had skipped over major events in book one, but it makes sense now.  She was going to let Max tell us yet not risk the thing I hate the most, rehashing past events. 

So the unique part of this book is we get the missing pieces from book one AND we live the life of Max after Ace left him.  It was like we were sitting on his shoulder, hearing him talk to her, longing for her touch, trying to move on and giving up on things in his life that use to mean something to him.  Some of the choices he made in order to forget were dramatic and no matter where he went, he couldn’t escape the blonde hair memories of Ace.  We are in for some shockers, as he is confronted with his past, truths that he didn’t know about and questions that will eat at him till he finds the answers. 

Just as Max is beginning to understand why he acts the way he does, he also discovers more about Ace’s life while he was in Alaska and soon he understands her need to run.  I think there is much more to the story of Ace’s mother that we will discover in book three but I was impressed how the author had me liking her till this book and now I can’t stand that woman. 

The author allowed us to walk with Max in this 24/7 funeral that he called life.  The what if’s, should haves, did she quit on me or did I quit on her merry go round was slowly destroying him.  My heart broke for him, I was on an emotional roller coaster and my nerves were so raw I even broke down a few times over Zeus the dog.  His life shattering, his friends tried to help till some just gave up and walked away.  He not only lost Ace but he lost the Bosse family in his mind.  It hurt too much to be with them, yet it hurt even more to be away from them. 

While book one introduced us to the couple, this one captured your heart and kept it hostage till the final page.  The cliff hanger made me weep because I wanted it to happen, I wanted things to go a certain way and before anyone could make a move the curtain dropped and we now wait, and not so patiently I might add.  

Becoming His (#1) – Find on Goodreads

Sometimes life's unforeseen paths lead us to discovering sides of ourselves we never knew existed.

Ace Bosse has always found solace at home, but when she returns for the summer from college, she builds an unexpected relationship with the Reckless Max Miller.

Three years ago, Max left for Alaska to find what he thought he'd lost, but now realizes just how much he left behind.

Max teaches Ace that sometimes a little crazy is exactly what life needs while learning that some chances are worth taking, regardless of the risks.

But how do you know when you've met the right person? And will they be prepared to experience one of life's biggest obstacles?

Falling in love isn't easy--but holding on to it is where the real challenge lies.

Mariah Dietz lives in Eastern Washington with her husband and two sons that are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world.

Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon, where she spent the majority of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created.

She has a love for all things that include her sons, good coffee, books, travel, and dark chocolate. She also has a deep passion for the stories she writes, and hopes readers enjoy the journeys she takes them on, as much as she loves creating them.

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