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**Blog Tour** Dismantled by Yara Greathouse

Title: Dismantled
Series: Girls On Top Series
Author: Yara Greathouse
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 18, 2015
Cover Designa: Rebecca Berto of Berto Designs
Photography: Erin Dawn Photography

What happens when a stranger takes everything from you in the blink of an eye? When your life goes from perfection to hell and you aren't sure if you want to climb out of the hole you're in or dig down deeper?

Events from Traxx Maxwell’s past prevent him from getting into serious relationships and he likes it that way. One unexpected day, hell breaks loose. “The Incident” happens. Traxx is forced to watch something that no one should ever see. He starts to fall into a person that no one recognizes. There is darkness moving within him - he is broken inside.

While she’s waiting for Traxx to quit his slutty ways and really notice her, Ciara Collins is dating other guys and having fun. One unexpected day "The Incident" takes over Traxx’s life. While he tries to push everyone away, Ciara refuses to retreat. Can she help him put his fractured life back together or will he have to remain this shattered shell, completely dismantled?

And just when life seems somewhat bearable, the creepers who have been quietly observing and enjoying Traxx’s suffering, have decided to take everything away from him – once and for all.

This is a story about how the unexpected can make someone’s life fall into pieces, and how unconditional love and friendship can help those who are dismantled become whole again.

I’m still waiting for him to say something…
anything. So many emotions cross his face in a matter of seconds. Happy.
Confused. Sadness. I don’t know what to say. Perhaps I need to say nothing at
all. In the stillness, our eyes do all the silent talking. Our chests move with
heavy breathing and desire pours out through our pores. It’s unmistakable. The
question is what are we going to do about it? The seconds feel like hours while
we weigh each other’s options.

Finally, Traxx man-ups the situation, and he slowly
takes a couple of steps until he invades all my senses. So close that I can
feel his body heat, and the clean scent of his cologne becomes a part of the
air I breathe. I look at him, my high heeled shoes giving me a closer look to
his masculine face. His jaw is tense. His eyes intense. It’s a lot more than I
can take. He’s everywhere and nowhere all at once. I want to grab a hold of
him, and I want to turn around and walk away. Too many feelings…too much. I
want it all. With shaky fingers I place a hand on his chest. I’m unsure if I
should push or pull, so I leave it still instead. He is rock solid and soft at
the same time, if that’s even possible. His heat burns my hand, but I won’t
move it. It’s the best burn I’ve ever had.

The heat moves through that hand and comes into me
– inside of me, moving throughout my body and filling in my empty heart. One of
his hands comes up to cover the one I have on his chest, and as I turn my head
to look at the Traxx sandwich my hand’s caught in between, his other hand lifts
up, and grabs my hair, moving it behind my shoulder. His hand caresses my
shoulder, then my collarbone, never leaving my skin, until it finally wraps
around the side of my neck and with his thumb, he gently rubs the outline of my
jaw. Back and forth. And again – back and forth. It’s a beautiful feeling. It’s
excruciating. I catch myself looking into his eyes and then my eyes move so I
can stare at his lips.

“Ciara, you are breathtakingly beautiful.”

I realize I can’t talk and then something similar
to a whimper escapes my lips. I recover quickly by clearing my throat and
whispering, “Thank you.” The time lingers on. I wish I could pull him inside my
place and into my room. Keep him there, allowing myself to be selfish. There
are so many things I want to do to this man that even eternity wouldn’t be
enough time. I also need to try and decipher these feelings I have for him. To
show him someone cares and that he is worth it. His eyes say so much and
nothing at all.

Raising my chin with his fingers, Traxx whispers,
“It’s time to go.”

“Is it really… time?”

“Yes, it is. We may have to finish… this… another
day. Don’t you think?”

“Agreed. We really have to work on…this.”

He kisses the top of my hand and steps away from
me, back into the receiving hall, waiting for me to lock the door. I turn
around and he smiles and extends his hand towards me. I hold on to it and
follow him to the truck. The thought occurs to me that I would follow this man
anywhere he needed me.

Nicola's 5***** Review

“The tragedies of our past are stepping stones for us to reach the happy endings of our tomorrows.”

WOW. That’s all I can say; just wow.
I don’t even know where to begin. I am so overcome by the emotions and journey ‘Dismantled’ takes us on that I am at a complete loss for words.
Yara has taken a subject that a lot of people find difficult to both write and talk about, and delivers it in a sensitive, heart-breaking and yet beautiful way.
This isn’t just a story of love. This is a story of the sheer determination of great friends and unconditional love to help one man’s battle to overcome the darkness and guilt left by a horrific ‘incident’ that would destroy even the strongest of people.
“I better start seeing some kind of progress or else we will be the ones taking you to the hospital. I’ll be damned if we are going to stand by and watch you lose control of reality and your life. Not happening.”

Traxx doesn’t do relationships. After events from his past he has decided that he will be the one in control when it comes to what he wants; and what he wants it his fill of woman. He is known as “One Night Traxx”, what you see is what you get and you shouldn’t expect anything more. With one exception; Ciara Collins. He has harboured deep feelings for her for a while but has been warned to stay away from her.
But all it takes is one night and one ‘incident’ for everything to change.
Ciara has had a crush on Traxx for a while. She sees the person he really is behind the fa├žade and waits in hope that he will eventually quit his way with woman and be ready to settle down. 
But all it takes is one night and one ‘incident’ for everything to change.
Now it is up to Ciara to help Traxx find himself and bring back the man she knows he is and loves.
“If you don’t want to be the Traxx of your past, you don’t have to be. Leave that Traxx behind you. Take all the goodness you have to offer and move forward. Make a new trail and lead the way so that when you look back, you can feel proud of who you’ve become.”

Ciara is one of the strongest characters I have come across and her determination to help ‘Bring Traxx back’ is exactly what he needed. Without her he would’ve drowned in the darkness that his life had become.

This truly is a wonderful book that will have you engrossed from the very beginning.  Although it is the second book in the series it can be read as a standalone.
Grab your copy today and get lost in this tragic, yet beautiful journey Ms. Greathouse takes us on.
You will fall in love with the characters, the story and will not regret anything any of it.

Yara Greathouse likes to write contemporary romance dashed with elements of suspense. She grew up in Dominican Republic, moved to the Unites States at the age of 17 and served in the US Army. Always an animated storyteller, she finally gave into her friends' requests for her to write. Her first series, "Girls On Top" is about strong female lead characters and the sexy alpha males who love them. 

She currently resides in Texas, but calls Georgia her "home" state. She lives with her husband, has two boys, a dog (Hank) and a cat (Mollie) who acts like a spoiled child. Her days are dedicated to a job she loves as a Business Analyst, and during her free time she writes, takes care of her family, and indulges on her love of reading, cooking and travel. She loves to hear from readers, bloggers and other authors. You can find her at:



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