Monday 22 June 2015

**Blog Tour** Pieces of One by SVC Ricketts


Book Tour: Pieces of One 
Author: SVC Ricketts 
Date: June 22 – July 3 
Release Date: June 18, 2015 
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Two men want me and I, them. Simple, right? Not like this.
For over two years, I’ve been dealing with a pain in the ass MY way.
She has her life and I have mine. They don’t intermingle. It’s the only way to keep things rational. But now she’s done something monumentally stupid and the only way to untangle myself from her mess is to live life in her shoes. Me, on the run in five inch stilettos. Great.
My name is Trista Dividir. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and Marvy is my other personality, my alter.
To get my life back, I lie, I cheat, and I fall for both of her lovers. Little do I know, I am not the only liar.
Did I mention I have another alter? Yeah, I didn’t know about her either.
Book one in a three part romantic suspense series with a smattering of smexy in between. In the end, you’ll find your HEA…maybe.
Due to mature content and excessive whatever, this is a recommended read for age 18+.

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Claire's 5 Bare Naked Stars ***** Review

Pieces of One by SVC Ricketts


This is an incredibly hard review to write without spoilers. Trista is studious, hard working and plain, so how come she wakes up several times a week covered in make up – often with bruises and without a car?

Meet Marvy! She is Trista’s alter ego in every sense of the word, polar opposite so is sassy, sexy and a party girl, she’s also Trista’s actual alter ego…

This book is incredibly written, if you love a story that takes you on a rollercoaster and makes you think WTF on several occasions then this is the book for you! There is a love triangle, if one person with two personalities can have a love triangle (believe me the way SVC writes it – they can) and there is adventure and danger, it truly is unputdownable!

SVC handles multiple personality disorder brilliantly, Trista is so down to earth it’s hard to imagine how she can be taken over so completely by Marvy, and…yeh – there might be more than one personality in there…

You think you know what is happening and how the story will go but you don’t and the end will leave you screaming for more!

This book gets 5* from me. I can’t wait for book 2!


SVC Ricketts is a Contemporary Romance author and professional smart alec (self-professed). Her work has been recognized by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and was selected as a finalist for the 2013 PNWA Literary Competition in the Romance category.
Raised between Southern California and Oahu, she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1993 and although she loves it here, her heart belongs to the Islands - it always will. When she's not in, what she loving calls "book-mode," she multitasks her life between her hilarious adult special needs daughter, super smexy husband of 11 years, two dogs, and sweating out her stress in a hot yoga studio.

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