Monday 13 July 2015

**Blog Tour** Breaking Clear (Full Hearts #3) by MJ Summers

Book: Breaking Clear
Author: MJ Summers
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Clever. Steamy. Inspiring.

You fell in love with Harper Young as Megan Sullivan's fiercely loyal, feisty best-friend in Breaking Love. As a talented art director at Style Magazine in Manhattan, she lives a life of glamour, managing to put a safe distance between herself and her painful past. One spring day, she answers a call that will change everything. Her father has had an accident and needs Harper to go home to Boulder, Colorado to care for him. Given an ultimatum by her boss, she chooses family, leaving her career behind. She drives across the country to find that the only man to make her heart ache with desire will be her new neighbour. Now, living in a city with a past that haunts her, she finds herself falling for Evan Donovan, a hot-as-hell contractor and her big brother's best friend.

When Evan Donovan isn't on a construction site, he is usually hanging from a cliff somewhere. He's been dealt a rough hand when it comes to love and now believes in keeping things simple. His wife left him just as the recession forced him to shut down his home building company. Now after three years of strict perseverance, he is finally back on top again and he intends to stay there. But when Harper Young drops into his life, things are going to suddenly get complicated. He finds himself wondering why he never noticed her when they were teenagers. He resolves to stay away from his best friend's little sister but the pull he feels to her is just too strong. Harper and Evan quickly find themselves in each other's arms, trying to fool themselves into believing that they won't fall in love.

Will Harper's glamorous life come calling before she can overcome the humiliation of being in a town where everyone knows about her past? Will Evan overcome his inability to trust? The clock is ticking as these two perfect-for-each other people decide if they can make that final leap.

Lose yourself in Harper and Evan's romantic journey as they fight for their forever.

The Full Hearts Series has more than one possible reading combination for your enjoyment. 
Each book can be read as a stand-alone (i.e. NO cliff-hangers) but each book also has at least one character linked to another book in the series.

MJ Summers currently resides in Canada, not far from the Rocky Mountains, with her husband, three young children and their goofy dog. When she's not writing erotic novels she loves running, reading, going for long dinners with her girlfriends, swimming, and camping with her family.


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T Bird's 4**** Review

I was once again drawn quickly into the story with these characters and writing style.  I instantly fell for Harper and Evan and the struggles they were facing.  Their families had lived next to each other in Colorado and they grew up as friends, even developing into a crush before they became adults and moved on with their lives. 

Harper struggled with the gossip from the small town rumor mill about her mother skipping out on the family.  Harper’s dad never got over the lost love from her mom but he stood firm and raised Harper and her two brothers.  Even with her father’s love she was more than ready to leave that town and make her mark on the world as an art director for a magazine in New York, despite her evil vindictive boss.  She was in charge of the photo shoots and she not only loved what she did, she was strong and confident in her choices that she made.  One day she received a phone call that her dad needed her after an accident.  While she didn’t want to go back to the bad memories of the small town and leave her life in New York, things happened and she had nothing to keep her there any longer.  More than that, she was needed by the man who gave up everything to raise her. 
Evan had it all, a successful business, a wife and more money than he knew what to do with, then came the recession and he lost it all.  His wife was money hungry and went through his bank account, once it was gone so was she.  After a long struggle he began to rebuild his life and company and was successful once again. He vowed that he would be happy with his rescue dog and three years’ worth of work scheduled but things might change when he sees the grown up Harper next door.  I loved watching the friendship and banter between Harper and Evan form as adults.  He helped her adjust to her new life and remained friends with her brother. Their will power was tested by the hot steaming chemistry that was flowing between them.  This author knows how to make a hot scene sizzle and when you add the emotions into the mix, it will guarantee you needing a cool glass of water and a shower.

What started out as rekindling a friendship, it soon became a situation of trying to extinguish the flames of passion.  Neither want to risk their hearts to the pain they have already felt but how can they refuse something that started twenty years ago?  The author wrote a story of love, heart break and second chances.  You will get to reconnect with some characters from the previous books which I always love in a series.  You could read this as a standalone but to be honest, why would you want to miss out on the other great books in this collection. Each of her characters bring an added element to the series over all, distinct personalities that will make you love and care for them and stubbornness that will make you want to smack some sense into them.  One thing is for sure, the author will certainly give you emotions that you can invest in and will have you coming back for more of her books. 

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