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Title: Denying Mr. Parks (The Parks, #1)
Author: Lilly James
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 4, 2015

Evelyn Banks is her own worst enemy…
A recovering alcoholic, the key to Evelyn’s continuing sobriety is to remain focused and controlled. She finally has her life on track with a new job at a law firm, but her world is shaken when she meets the firm’s gorgeous, charming, dominant CEO.

Wade Parks asks for only one thing—to be obeyed…

Wade’s perfect world is one of discipline and obedience. When he encounters his firm’s new employee, he begins a cat-and-mouse game in his pursuit of the feisty and independent Evelyn, determined to break through her cold demeanor and give her the discipline he’s sure she craves.

Evelyn is willing to submit to his dominance, but her emotions are another matter…

Both of Evelyn’s parents were addicts, incapable of giving her the slightest bit of affection, and she’s not equipped to deal with the rush of powerful emotions her relationship with Mr. Parks unleashes. So she turns to the only solace she knows—numbing her feelings with alcohol.

He sees past Evelyn’s flaws, but some secrets hit too close to home…

Just as Evelyn’s heart begins to thaw, Mr. Parks is reminded of his own troubled upbringing and he pulls away, leaving her feeling abandoned.

But another very real danger is lurking, and Evelyn might be very wrong about the source of the threat…

Can she be saved by denying Mr. Parks?

Or is submitting to him the only way to save them both?

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“Did you know he was accepted at Harvard Law School when he was only eighteen years old? I was highly impressed when I read all about it,” Clarke said, pouring hot water into our mugs. I pulled out a teaspoon from the drawer and took the milk out of the small fridge.

“Who? God’s gift to women?” I scoffed, pouring full-fat milk into my tea. The only reason I looked up from the milk carton was because it went quiet. When I turned, just as I dreaded, Parks was standing with arms crossed in the doorway wearing his black suit ensemble and an inward, amused smirk. Clarke cleared an imaginary lump from his throat, picked up his tea cake and mug, then scuttled from the room, leaving me. Shit house.

“Hi.” He smirked. His green eyes were bright and amused as they watched me. I quickly turned my back, placed the carton of milk back in the fridge, and said fuck under my breath for getting caught. “So you think I’m God’s gift to women?”

Oh God, he heard me. I tried to hide my smirk by biting my lip as I turned to face him.

“No. That’s what you think you are.”

“Perhaps you are God’s gift to me?”

I laughed at his ridiculous attempt to sweeten me up. “I am not a gift to you, Parks. And if I was a gift, it sure as hell wouldn’t be from God.”

His eyes narrowed briefly as if he were afflicted. “Evelyn, I notice you have an incredible inferiority complex.”

I blinked at his vocabulary. “Come again?”

He sighed in a way that indicated my obliviousness was adorable to him. “You have low self-esteem.”

“I do not,” I shot back, extremely defensive because that’s what I did. I couldn’t take compliments or criticism. “Why are you even in here?” I glanced around the room. “Don’t you have Jittery Joanna to run around after you?” His green eyes stared at me for a second as though he was trying to figure out who I was referring to. Then he chuckled and pinched the bridge of his nose. It made me laugh, because seeing God’s gift smile was surprisingly refreshing; he completely lit up.

Jittery Joanna is on her break, and as I watched your fine physique strut in here, I felt obliged to follow.” Proving he liked what he saw, his insatiable gaze lowered down the length of my curvaceous body dressed in a tight-fitted black dress.

“Really? You don’t seem the sheep type to me.”

“Trust me, I am not the sheep, Evelyn, but the wolf. I always take the last bite.”

Oh. “Looks like you’re out of luck. Clarke just had the last tea cake.” I took a long sip of my tea as he watched me thoughtfully. I knew damn well he wasn’t talking about pastries. But I wasn’t going to be subjected to his dirty-minded ways. Even if my body was telling me to get sucked in, my sensible mind was telling me otherwise, and I had learned to listen to my head.

“What about your cake, Evelyn?”

I almost spat out my tea. “My cake it out of the question, Parks. Besides, it’s not even my birthday.” I hid my grin childishly, mentally thanking Rihanna for that line.

“Hm,” he growled, taking a short step towards me, getting intimately close to my body. He gently took the warm mug from my hand and placed it behind me. My breathing was on hold, and my eyes were glued to his green, hooded irises. I could smell the devouring essence of men’s cologne. It was a burst of freshness along with strong masculinity. Desperately I wanted to push him away, but before I could, his face was inches away from mine, his cool breath against my lips. I’m not sure if it was consciously, but I could taste the watermelon juice he always sipped on his lips. I wasn’t fond of watermelon, but right then, I craved the taste. He brushed the tip of his thumb across my jaw and spread his fingers out across my cheek. “Is your cake moist now, Evelyn? Would you prefer it iced?” He spoke in a low, husky voice that tickled my lips. His tone commanded my nerve endings to stand to attention like their sergeant major had arrived. Shit. He was a charming, expert, arrogant arse who could most certainly make my cake moist—and he did. Even so, he wasn’t having a slice of me.


British Author Lilly James is a woman with a wild imagination that has to be set free into the arms of a keyboard.

Writing gives Lilly that chance to escape the real world and live in a world of fantasy with her characters.

When she’s not writing you’ll find her singing terribly to music, curled up with her kindle, or doing something boring like everyday chores that unfortunately need attention.

Lilly lives in Wales, is a mother of one beautiful little girl, and loves reading, chocolate and wine. All in that order.

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T Birds 5* Revew

I admit I had some preconceived judgments going into this book.  New author, rich business man, office girl, dominate male, weak submissive female.  Man was I wrong, this was a brilliant book, well written, emotionally driven characters, passionate scenes, head strong introverted woman, controlling yet very protective alpha male who has a sensitive side to him.  This book blew me out of the water and left me with a major book hangover.   I was beating myself up for leaving this on my kindle unread for those few days, if I had known what was between those pages I would have dropped life to get into this story ASAP.

You have heard of people who build walls around themselves for protection, well Evelyn has multiple layers of walls that no one is going to penetrate.  She has had a hard life with two addicts as parents, she struggles with her own addictions and she is the queen of pushing people away and reminding herself why she is a horrible person.  She works in a law firm and lives with her friend, trying to get a second chance at life and is doing a good job at it till Mr. Parks comes to inspect his company.  The way she keeps people at a safe distance is to appear cold, ruthless, mean and stubborn, that usually works but Wade Parks sees something beyond that.  He sees her curves, her sex appeal, and her beauty and knows this is one fragile young woman hiding behind a wall of barbed wire.  He is determined to break her defenses down and get to her soul. 

Wade, who hates it when she calls him Parks, is egotistic, arrogant, forceful, controlling and one of the sweetest, protective men I have read about.  He has substance, patience and determination.  He knows with one touch he controls her body, but even he realizes he is going to have to chase her to get to her mind and heart.  He listens to her when she tells him little crumbs of her past life with her family and he searches to replace those missing items she yearns for now.  He pays attention to what music she likes, the dresses she looks at but can’t buy.  He wants to show her how to be loved and when she tells him words is what she pays attention to, he offers to write her a novel to express how he feels.  When her friend finally has enough of Evelyn’s behavior and the first of many secrets come out, the whole world of Wade and Evelyn collapses and we go to cliff hanger, waiting for the next book and more clues to the mysteries still remaining. 

Did I mention book hangover?  Well I am suffering.  Lilly James not only described Evelyn and Wade and all of the other characters so well, I felt I was living each of their parts.  I so get Evey, I understand that the risk of abandonment and pain once again could be the crushing blow.  I understand feeling that as soon as someone sees you vulnerable they will attack.  As she said, if he finds out her past will he want to be part of her future?  Wade, he isn’t the alpha male that had everything handed to him.  We don’t know all of his secrets but from the way he acted when he learned a bit more about Evey it is clear he has been hurt as well, but he was still willing to risk his heart for love.  The author gave us hints as to why punishment and control was a driving need for him, not a fetish or kink, but as important as the oxygen he breathes.  Those two are perfect for each other, if they would get out of the way and let love and trust grow.  So here is my warning, if you don’t like being left emotionally raw after a cliff hanger, then you want to get this book and wait for the complete series because you will be raw when you finish the last page.  If you are like me and love the reality of the emotions and waiting like the characters have to wait to find resolution, then GET IT NOW……….I am so impressed with this author, she is certainly on my watch list because I think she has a great future ahead of her in the book world.

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