Monday 24 August 2015

**Blog Tour** The Favor by Elle Luckett

Book: The Favor
Author: Elle Luckett
Genre: Erotic Romance

Katherine “Kit” Morgan was a try anything kind of woman. Where her heart led, her feet followed, so it was par for the course when she found herself in a submissive position with a female Dominant.

Comfortable and happy, she embraced her new life. She moved to New Orleans, took up residence with Mistress Kayla, and became a member of the club where her Mistress was a pillar of the small community.
When an old friend of Mistress Kayla's contacted her for a favor, Kit found herself packed up and shipped off to the Louisiana swamps with her companion. She never once expected to fall in love with the old antebellum home, let alone be drawn to the owner’s moody and mysterious grandson, Jared.

Before she had time to get comfortable, Kit discovered that the favor the old man had asked Mistress Kayla for included her talents, and a request she knew she couldn’t turn down. Torn between obedience and desire, Kit agreed, only to discover that nothing in her life would ever be the same again.

Elle Luckett was born in Houston, mainly in the mind of L.J. Stock. As the darker side of a generally light personality, she became the voice that would tell lustful stories, something born from a very vivid imagination and an amass of characters with some interesting habits and tastes.

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5 stars
I absolutely love the path Elle took when writing a BDSM story.  Instead of focusing on establishing a Dom/Sub relationship and the sex, she took us behind the scenes regarding trust, love and loyalty.  Along with this she writes about when life takes a different and unexpected turn, leaving us with choices that no one would want to have to make.  Life become crazy when you agree to do a favor for someone soon becomes a life changing decision?

Kit felt her life purpose was to be a sub, to serve and obey her Mistress Kayla.  Their relationship saved each other from the past they needed to escape.  Kayla had an old friend who used to provide refuge for her as a child from the fighting and dysfunction between her parents.  Stumbling upon Charles secret, Kayla started investigating BDSM and found she was meant to be a Dom. 

Charles has asked Kayla and Kit to help him on a project, namely his grandson.  With the plan in place, Kit is supposed to find out if Jared is not only accepting of BDSM but is he the natural born Dom as his grandfather believes he is.  After a “false start” soon Kit and Jared start to become interested in each other and the testing begins to form. 

I won’t go any farther with this story other than say, things aren’t always as they appear.  What could start out with your convictions firm, you can soon find yourself a toxic turmoil where choices are going to need to be made and betrayals will shatter your heart.  Friendships and love can be broken instead of strengthened and everyone has skeletons and secrets they are willing to go to extremes to protect.

My heart went out to Kit numerous times as she tries to navigate her way through this maze of confusion and fear.  

Jared was intriguing to watch as his European ego begins to melt and he sheds his royal attitude for a more natural and accepting view of life.

Charles broke my heart as we watched him finally be honest about how he has felt over the last twenty years.

Kayla was devastating to watch with her pain that she has hidden because there is no real solution to her problem. 

People shouldn’t be changed and it is going to take a selfless person to let go or accept the reality of their situation. 

I am so impressed with this author’s ability to make me so focused on the dynamics of the relationship and forcing me to question what I would do if I were confronted with such a dilema.  So many times I have read BDSM books yet never have I ever considered what happened in situations like this.  There is a level of human angst and confusion that you often see in books today, but Elle did a fantastic job at keeping this story realistic from the events to the emotions surrounding the events.  I am looking forward to reading more from this author.  

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