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Book: The Last Shot

Author: Sarah Hubbard

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ New Adult


Annie: As a child I was unwanted and unloved. Tossed aside until my maternal grandmother came to claim me. Life got better after that, and it got better still when I met Ethan Michaels, the boy down the street who was determined to make me feel like I mattered. At first he was my friend, but then he became much more. But love isn’t real. Not in my world.

When Ethan left to pursue professional hockey I had to make a clean break. I couldn’t wait for him to find someone better, couldn’t wait for him to break my heart. It’s better to leave than be left. But now he’s back, and I can't run from him anymore.

Worse…he won't let me.

Ethan: Annie Fraser owned me as a kid. She owns me still. When I got my first contract to play professional hockey I asked her to come with me, but she wouldn’t leave Rawdon, not while her grandmother was sick. I understood. Still, I wanted to stay together, do whatever I could to keep her.

But she wanted to run.
I loved her enough to let her.

Now I’m back in town and I’m pissed. I think I hate her. I’m sure of it. Until I see her… and those old feelings come rushing back. I won’t let her walk away again. I don’t care what it takes.

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Nic's 4 Bare Naked Stars **** Review

Sara is quickly becoming one of my go to authors when it comes to diversity in reading. I love how she can write different genre’s and yet never lets it affect her writing or story-telling. They are all still flawless.

‘The Last Shot’ is a beautifully written second chance love story about Ethan; an up and coming big shot hockey player and Annie; a newly graduate nurse.

Growing up feeling unloved and unwanted has left Annie with a lot of doubt and vulnerability in her mind. She feels undeserving and would rather end things than risk getting hurt. Which is exactly what she does when Ethan, her childhood and only love. As soon as he signs his first professional contract she breaks things off adamant they were destined to fail. That way he could pursue his dreams without her getting in the way.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the 3 years since she broke things off Ethan became a hot headed hockey player who let his anger drive him without a care in the world. She was his only love, and he hates her for the way she broke his heart.
Returning home after his brother ends in hospital he comes face to face with her; the only woman he has ever, and never stopped loving.

“That’s the thing about love, I guess. It makes you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. It makes you forget what you want in order to make the other person happy. Makes you hold on long after it’s good for you, because the thought of losing that love is crippling. Losing her again---completely---would finish off what’s left of my broken heart.”

All the hate he thought he felt towards her disappears, and he is determined to get her back. To him, she is his. Now he just needs to fight for her and convince her to give their love a chance.
“Would she come with me so I can follow my dream even if it means giving up a job she loves?”

I loved this story. The characters. The plot. I had everything that kept me reading and enjoying what I read. The pace was perfectly set so it didn’t feel rushed, the characters well developed and very likable….except for a certain doctor. I smiled, I laughed and I held my breath in hope these two could work out their issues and finally get the HEA they so deserved.

I can’t wait to read more of what Sara has to offer us, and very much look forward to her upcoming novels.


I want to defend Ethan, because Charlie's on the outside looking in and I don't like him thinking that Ethan is...whatever he thinks Ethan is. He can't know how Ethan helped pull me from the darkness that consumed me when I first came to this town. He made me smile, for the first time after my mom abandoned me. He spent all of his time just being there for me, loving me, making me feel like I mattered. On the outside and to the press he might look like a jackass but I know better. They only see the self-destructive Ethan. They don’t get to see the side I see, the side he seems to save just for me. 

Author Bio

Sara Hubbard is the author of romantic fiction. Her debut novel BLOOD, SHE READ released fall 2012 and was a NEORWA Cleveland Rocks winner and a RCRW Duel on the Delta finalist. Her first contemporary novel, Beautiful and Broken was an Amazon bestseller. Sara lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her two children (four if you count her husband and her needy labradoodle) and works as a registered nurse.

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