Tuesday 1 December 2015

**Release Blitz** Surrendering to Paradise by JW Snootz


Release Blitz Dec. 1st -7th!!
Surrendering to Paradise by J.W. Snootz
~ Surrender may be the only option ~
Release Date: December 1st 2015
The second full length novel of The Paradise Series.
Book 1 Swinging in Paradise
Book 0 Seeking Paradise (The Prequel)
Book 3 Snowing in Paradise (The Denver Novella)

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Surrendering to Paradise!

Paradise Book 2
~ Surrender may be the only option ~
Sacrifices made. Lies Told. Surrender or Fight?

Come join the crew as they get answers, find lost loved ones, and much more.
Over their extended vacation on the island of Beora West, will the crew finally get to head home? Or will something about their new found saviors cause them to surrender to the grip paradise seems to have on them? Let the journey of self-discovery and remembering what is truly important in life continue. New characters and so many questions finally come up with answers. However, will the answers you seek lead you even deeper into lives you want to root for? After all, they have been through how do you just pack up and forget it all?
Mysteries Answered…Decisions Made…How will the Crew be Changed Forever?


Author Bio
I have been writing since elementary school, by never learning to print as a child, and having to learn cursive writing inspired me to write a lot as a youth. Writing my first novella at only 10, and staying in the 100 page realm for a long time, finally getting a push from my wife to create more elaborate stories here I am. Growing up all over the Midwest and traveling extensively you will always find some truth in all the stories I write.

I love to write in a variety of different genres and enjoy reading a lot of different story types as well. I love 80's movies, Bruce Lee Marathons, all things horror and zombies. I also love to hear from and interact with the fans and other authors so always feel free to say hi and share your kind thoughts.

You may visit my website and find out more about me, my social media outlets, and my books of course www.jwsnootz.com  

"If you don't like the truth then don't make it the truth!"

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