Friday 25 March 2016

**Blog Tour** Forever More by Rachel De Lune

Book: Forever More (The Evermore Series, Book 2)
By Rachel De Lune
Genre: Erotic Romance


What if you had everything you wanted within your grasp, but let it go?

Isabel Fields stands on the brink of a new life. She has the Dominant/submissive relationship she craves with the man she loves, but her past continues to haunt her.

With Isabel, Sebastian York can release the sexual Dominant he’d always tempered. He doesn’t intend to let her go, even when she bolts in panic. Together, both could experience the freedom to explore their relationship and sides of themselves previously stifled.

Their love is tested when issues of trust rising from Izzy’s past marriage and her damaged heart take their toll. They may have fallen in love, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be forever more.   
Izzy and Seb have two choices: grow stronger together or be pulled apart by the past.

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Meet the Author

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven erotic romance. She began scribbling her stories in the pages of a notebook several years ago. Today, she’s still scribbling stories of dominance and submission and is looking forward to releasing more books to the world. 

Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes, lingerie and chocolate, in-between being a mum and a wife. She would love to give up her day job to devote more time to her scribbles.  For every woman who’s ever desired more. 

Our Review

Tammy's 5***** Sexy Bare Naked Stars

Forever More picks us right up were More left us with our hearts breaking.  In More we were introduced to Isabel (Izzy) and Sebastian (Seb) and Phil.  Phil is a total douche of a husband but Izzy was so torn about leaving him.  Then one night she walks into a bar and meets Seb and her life is changed forever.  She was struggling on starting the divorce process and then Seb walks out of her life wanting more from their relationship. He didn’t think she would ever go thru with the divorce.

As Forever More starts Izzy has asked Phil for a divorce but she still hasn’t seen Seb since he ended things with her.  I was so proud of Izzy for gaining the strength to go thru with the divorce.  She felt like a total failure as a wife. She had such a hard time pushing forward and filing for divorce. But things don’t go as smooth as she had hoped.  There are many bumps in the road as she tries so hard to gain her divorce.  Will Phil let her walk away or does he have a different plan in mind?

Seb and Izzy finally get back together but things are full of trials and tribulations.  Seb has his dream girl back and he wants to never lose her again.  He starts pushing for big commitments from Izzy.  He thinks he’s being a loving boyfriend but that sends Izzy in a spiral.  She feels like she’s lost all control in her life and she can’t even cope.  Are Seb and Izzy strong enough to fight all the ups and downs and survive as a couple?

"It's just that there's so much I'm unsure of, it's daunting. The new relationship with Seb is moving really fast. Yet I'm not even divorced. I want to close that part of my life, but Phil's not making it easy. I don't feel in control of how my life is progressing I feel adrift, like I've lost part of me, of Izzy."

I really liked More but I absolutely LOVED Forever More.  It truly took me on a ride that left me breathless one minute and tears the next.  It was such an incredible story. 

I’ve got to say this is one HOT SEXY book!  I highly recommend this series.

I can’t wait to read the next book or series by Rachel De Lune.  I’m really hoping we get a Jess book (Izzy BFF).  I would love to read her story! She’s a very unique and fun character that I want to know more about.


I sense Seb behind me. Just being near him sends a low pulse of current over my skin, making me hot with desire. His hand gently sweeps my hair to one side as he plants soft kisses on my neck. “I’ll turn the heat up. You’ve got far too many clothes on for my liking, Izzy.”

He moves away from me but I remain still. We’ve never been together as just us, without the pretence of exploring my sexuality. Will it be the same?

“Why are you still standing there, sweetheart?” He turns me to face him and his eyes are dark, filled with blues and greens.

“I… I wasn’t sure.”

“Oh, sweet girl. I want you naked beneath me, and if you don’t hurry up and start taking clothes off…” he pauses to run his finger down the centre of my chest to the top of my jeans, “… I’m going to strip you myself.” My breath catches at his words, and the familiar ache at the bottom of my stomach makes me want to squirm. I run my palms up his chest and rest them on his shoulders.

“As you wish.” I smile with my eyes, and it sparks the reaction I want. Seb pulls off my jumper and unbuttons my shirt. He peels it from my shoulders to my wrists, restraining my arms behind me. His hands move quickly, fulfilling his threat to strip me. He picks me up, carries me to the bed and pushes me back so he can pull my jeans and knickers off. I start to struggle to free my arms but he’s not undone the buttons at my shirt cuffs and I can’t free my hands.

“I wanted you naked, but seeing you like this, Izzy… Keep the shirt on.”


MORE (The Evermore Series, Book 1) 


Miserable and dejected in her marriage, Isabel Fields encounters a stranger in a bar promising an opportunity to change her life. Nonetheless, she must make a decision she thought was reserved for other women. 

Sexual dominant, Sebastian York, specializes in igniting passion in his lovers, but women always come and go, and he’s never had a woman to call his own.

Leading Izzy, a natural submissive, on a journey of sexual awakening, their casual arrangement soon grows too confining. Seb satisfies everything Izzy has craved and she instinctively bows to his dominant personality, fulfilling his every desire.

Their casual arrangement ignites Isabel’s long-buried passion and touches her heart, but Izzy struggles with the emotional turmoil that plagues her soul.

Sacrifices will have to be made by both, putting their love to the test. Izzy stands to lose the marriage she dedicated years of her life to, but has a chance to gain a relationship she's always longed for. All depends on whether Sebastian proves to be the love of Izzy’s life, or leaves her wanting more…

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