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**Blog Tour** This Time Around by C. Kaye

Book: This Time Around
Author: C. Kaye
Genre: Contemporary Romance


A Second Chance at Love…

Raef Alvero has been groomed his entire life to take over as CEO of Alvero & Alvero. He’s also spent his entire life trying to please his father…Even if that meant giving up the one woman he ever truly loved. Now fate has intervened. Raef is faced with handling the buyout  and closing down of a chain of hair salons…one in which Gemma works. Five years has passed since Raef decided to leave Gemma, but everything comes rushing back when he walks into the salon. All the pain, all the memories…all the love. And he knows he won’t let her go again. Not ever, no matter what else he has to give up.

Can be a dangerous thing.

Gemma Warren knew the salon franchise had been sold …but she never expected the new owner to show up at the shop –and she really never expected he would be the same 6 feet of seduction who left her heartbroken and pregnant 5 years ago. But what she’s feeling –aside from total shock – isn’t hatred. The feelings of love Raef left her with have just been buried deep in her heart ,and now that he’s back, keeping them secret from him will be as impossible as keeping their daughter a secret. With pictures of little Charlotte displayed all over the salon, Raef would know immediately he had a child. Then what…? Could he ever forgive Gemma for hiding her?
A second chance is all they need, some time to forgive, but there’s a sinister plan already set in motion—one that will threaten not only Raef and Gemma’s happiness, but the life of their little girl. 

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Our Review by Tara

"I sob as my heart breaks. I survived him leaving me once, but I don't know if I can survive it again. Why did I ever trust him?"

What do you do when the love of your life walks out the door?  Do you move on?  Or do what it takes to get them back?

"As I drift in and out of sleep, I know this will be another night filled with dreams of Raef. I tell myself I don’t love him anymore. My dreams tell me I do. "

Gemma and Raef were true loves,  soulmates. But one poor decision puts their relationship to an end.  Gemma held on to a secret that would have turned her relationship with Raef into something more. When Raef let Gemma go, it was all for his father. But when he runs into Gemma again, Raef can't hide the love he's kept inside all those years apart. Can these two lost loves trust each other once again, and let love lead the way. 

"We stand for a moment with inches between us as we stare into each other's eyes. I reach for him and he quickly grabs me, pulling me tightly into him. I feel the wetness of his tear against my cheek. We don't speak any words, we just hold each other. "

C. Kaye put a lot of love into this book, and it shows. Filled with emotion, and twists and turns, This Time Around has you rooting for true love!

Author Bio

Growing up in rural Louisiana, I dreamed of one day being a writer. Although it took many years to achieve that dream, life has been fulfilling along the way. Being a wife and a mother are the things I consider my biggest accomplishments. My family is number one in my eyes. 
By day, I work in a public school finance. At night and on weekends, I become a writer. Outside of work and writing, I enjoy reading, photography and traveling. I am obsessed with all things Disney and Thirty Seconds to Mars. In addition to my husband and son, my three favorite men are Mickey Mouse, Jared Leto and Shannon Leto. 
I can’t forget to mention my two babies, Beaux--our half Yorkie, half Labrador doggie--and Kat--who is actually a cat.  They complete our little family and have helped with our empty-nest since our children have become adults. They are very spoiled and have a hard time understanding why they can’t be in my lap when I am writing.

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