Wednesday 5 April 2017

**Blog Tour** Dutch by Madhuri Pavamani

Book: Dutch (The Keeper Series #1)

Author: Madhuri Pavamani

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date 4th April

#dutch #thekeeperseries 

DUTCH is Madhuri Pavamani’s first book in a stunning new,  suspenseful urban fantasy series that will take you on a wild ride of danger, love, sex and magic. 


I've spent years holed up in the deepest, darkest parts of the city, fighting to keep Death and her Poochas from crossing the dead back to the living. My skill with a blade is bested only by my menace, my despair, my anguish - the strongest weapons I yield.

Then I meet Juma Landry and it all goes to hell. 

She is beauty and love and sex and light, everything I am not. And she makes me want things I haven’t desired in years. But the monsters of my life, the evil lurking in the dark corners of my soul, those places craven and vile, bind me to a past I cannot shake free. As the most skilled Keeper for The Gate, nothing and no one can prevent me from excelling at a job I never wanted. I do it because it is my legacy, a fate I cannot outrun, but when Juma becomes my next assignment, each of her nine lives to be ended by my hand, I must decide: the legacy I never wanted or the love I don’t deserve, and put Ellis in harm’s way.  Can they overcome their fear of relationships or will they destroy each other? 

“Full of sex, magic, and turmoil...poetic and utterly beautiful. I can't remember the last time a book made to stop and think, wow.” Meredith Wild, #1 New York Times bestselling author 

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Review by Tara

On earth, we all go about our daily lives, working, eating, sleeping. But there's a part of our world we don't see. The stage between life and death. The Keepers, the Poochas, the Gate, and Death herself. Their jobs are to control the afterlife. To ensure that the ones deserving get to return to their lives, and the undeserving ones meet their fate with Death. 

"I am now thirty-seven, and let me tell you, this world is anything but magical. My name is Dutch Mathew I kill for The Gate and I am a Keeper."

In a deadly game of cat and mouse, Dutch finds himself chasing his most prized possession, Juma.  Dutch is a Keeper, and his job is to rid the afterlife of Poochas. Juma is the ultimate Poocha, skilled at bringing the Deaders home to their loved ones. But when Juma's fate is decided, she must outsmart Death and her Keeper.  Can Dutch complete his one assignment where the poocha means more than the next kill?  And can Juma can survive the one thing that can end her heart and her soul?

"The path of nine lives, each filled with crossing the dead back to the living, each filled with power and love and magic, each filled with fear and loathing and pain. Because to truly live, one first must die, and my kind died nine times. Nine times."

Dutch is an interesting read. The way Madhuri writes is intoxicating. It's like nothing I've ever read before. The flow, and the adjectives used, sent my mind into a whirlwind!  I had to go back a few times to process what I had just read!  Madhuri sets up each scene with so much description, and feeling. Take your time with this one, it's an intense ride!

Meet the Author

Madhuri Pavamani is the author of the paranormal romance trilogy, THE SANCTUM. A Southern girl with Northern sensibilities, a slight twang, who still uses the word y’all, but never fixin’, she has an affinity for writing twisted love stories and dark poetry. A graduate of Barnard College, and incapable of leaving the bright lights of New York City, Madhuri works in Manhattan, but rests her head in New Jersey. She loves whiskey, tattoos, Bukowski, and yoga. Her upcoming urban fantasy trilogy, THE KEEPER SERIES, will be released from St. Martin’s Press in 2017. 

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  1. Tara - thank you so much for reading DUTCH and your review. Am just thrilled you enjoyed the first foray into my world of Keepers and Poocha and magic and love. xx, Madhuri