Monday 17 April 2017

**Blog Tour** The Pebble Jar by H.A. Robinson

Book: The Pebble Jar

Author: H.A. Robinson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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At fifteen years old, Abigail Costa might not know much, but there are three things she's absolutely certain of:
Her grandmother, Nonna, is a superhero and she wants to be just like her one day.
The world is round and she wants to see absolutely every inch of it.
And she and Elliot Peterson will be best friends for life.
After over a decade of getting up to no good together and spending every possible moment in one another's company, it seems impossible that anything could ever change.
Enter: the new girl. With perfect blonde hair and a body to die for, she's everything Abbi never realised she wanted to be. And as she starts to notice that something isn't right with Nonna, she finds that some of her certainties aren't quite so certain anymore, and loneliness forces her to dig deep for a strength she never knew she had.

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Our Review

Tara's 5 star review:

"Parents and grandparents stay the same age for so long because we don’t want to believe that there will ever be a day when we’ll have to do all of this on our own."

This books gave me all the feels. I was nervous, scared, upset, happy, destroyed.

Nervous, because reading this book and getting so wrapped up in it, I knew something was going to happen to cause my heart to break. At times I had to will myself to keep going. I was scared because I remember being in Abbi's shoes, and seeing my hero, my grandma, struggle through something that made her seem so small and fragile. I was upset, because The Pebble Jar had me remembering what it was like to be 15, and all the coming of age stuff that a teenager endures, and all the heartache that comes with crushes, and unspoken words. 

I felt happy because in that moment where you finally find yourself, you feel free. Reading Elliot and Abbi's moments put a little smile on my face to remind me that I have come such a long way from that awkward 15 year girl I used to be. I was destroyed because I know what it's like to have someone taken from you to soon. To experience something so heart breaking that you are not sure life can move on. 

"We believed that the stories we’d written for ourselves were as inevitable as the sunrise, simply because we willed it so. After all, what could possibly stand in our way?"

I cried reading The Pebble Jar, to the point where I had to stop reading, because H. A. Robinson gave me all the feels. Her writing opened up some past memories, both sad and happy, and reminded me that in this life, there are ups and downs, but in the end, everything is as it should be. That all the things we experience happen for a reason. Just like me reviewing this amazing book. H. A's writing did something to my soul, it opened me up and let me remember. 

"Everybody needed somebody sometimes, and I was alone and lost, with no idea what to do to help the one person who still cared."

Meet the Author

H. A. Robinson is a jet-setting billionaire with a home on each continent, who spends her free time saving kittens from trees and babies from burning buildings. A graduate of Hogwarts and a frequent visitor to Narnia, she drinks coffee in Central Perk and tames dragons in Westeros. 

In her dreams… 

In reality, she’s a support worker living in a small town in Cheshire, who would almost always choose fantasy over reality. She’s been an obsessive reader from the moment she picked up her first Enid Blyton book, more years ago than she cares to admit, and enjoys nothing more than getting lost in new worlds and adventures from the minds of all the amazing authors out there. 

She’s had the voices of characters in her head for as long as she can remember, and puts them down on paper in order to convince herself and the men in white coats that she isn’t crazy. 

Twitter: @H_ARobinson


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