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**Release Day Blitz** Without Truth by Victoria L. James and L.J. Stock

Book: Without Truth - Babylon MC Series Book 3
Authors: Victoria L. James and L.J. Stock
Genre: MC Romance



Determined to be a better man, Drew Tucker is trying to turn over a new leaf as President of The Hounds of Babylon. With the love of his life, Ayda Hanagan, by his side, and the enemy he once feared at every turn now gone, he can finally see a glimmer of hope on the horizon of their future together. 

With Ayda as adamant as ever to never witness her man suffering again, she has a different outlook on their lives. She wants protection. She wants assurances. She never wants to have to feel scared of losing the man she loves ever again. And she’s willing to do anything to make sure she’s the one who can save him. 

But secrets don’t stay secrets forever in Babylon, and when things done in the shadows begin to step out into the light, Drew and Ayda are faced with a hundred different challenges neither one of them see coming. When everything around you begins to turn your hopes into nightmares, who the hell can you turn to or trust?

Lies are no longer an option.

Not for Drew.

Not for Ayda.

Not for any of The Hounds of Babylon MC.

No matter what happens when the truth is finally set free...

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Review by Wendy

Welcome back to Babylon.

I was so excited to return to this series, following the dramatic ending of Without Mercy, for which will ever be ingrained in my mind.  Ask anyone who has read this series and they will tell you, the words “I Love you. Pull the trigger Darlin” brings a tear to every readers eye, as the magnitude of the situation Drew and Ayda find themselves it.

And so Without Truth brings us back to the ‘HOB’ with Drew Tucker at its helm, the President of the Hounds of Babylon, with Ayda by his side guiding him in his new found maturity and with her love, he knows he is a better man. His men know he is a better man because of her too, but they also know that retribution is in the air.  The events of ‘that’ night will come back to haunt them. And Without Truth brings us to that day of reckoning, while continuing to weave a story of family, although not necessarily by blood, of love and of loss.

Victoria L James and LJ Stock write seamlessly, a union of minds that relish in our shock, misery, love and anger.  All emotions which this book conjured up. 

Without Truth was gut wrenching, the ending was not what I was expecting nor what I was looking for.  And yet it was still be most amazing story, the best in the series and had you asked me if I thought Without Mercy could be beat I would have said no.  Now I say absolutely. 

Meet The Authors

L.J. Stock on Victoria L. James ~ What can I say about Victoria L. James? Loads actually, she’s an amazingly talented author and I had the absolute distinct pleasure of writing with her. I also call her a friend. When we first met, we bonded instantly over our love of music, Victoria tends to be as eclectic as I am with her tastes. She finds stories in lyrics and feels the moods in the melodies. 

When we first started writing together, I’ll admit I was intimidated. Here is this woman with a huge passion for putting words onto paper and painting pictures so clearly that you are completely immersed in them. How was I going to keep up with that? I’m not sure I ever did, but over time we’ve built up a repertoire. We bounce off one another and bring our characters to the forefront and hope that the interactions are as real as they appear for us. 

On a more personal note, Victoria is bright, smart, kind, intelligent, funny, caring and witty. She can see so much in the world around her and always has time for anyone. Victoria lives in sunny ole Yorkshire with her family and her cats - had to mention them - and can normally be found in the playground of her imagination, listening to the Foo Fighters.


Victoria L. James on L.J. Stock ~ There aren’t many people you bump into in life that you want to both work and spend your free time with. From meeting L.J. through the wonder that is the internet, we soon came to realise that we had a hell of a lot in common. Music was where our friendship truly began, but our writing partnership flourished not too far behind. I always felt like my writing was missing something, and it was only when I read L.J.’s work that I realised what exactly that was. It was missing her influence! 

After spending over a year working together, day in, day out, not a moment goes by where I don’t thank the Twitter Gods for bringing this amazingly strong and talented woman into my life. She’s an inspiration, a positive force in every situation and one hell of a talented writer. To say I’m honoured that she wanted to create a new world with me is a gross understatement. I’m blown away. One day, I hope I get lucky enough to visit her in Texas, where she lives with her family and her zoo of animals, so we can write by her pool and take part in our other dream… The great Taylor Kitsch Road (stalking) Trip. Who needs a yacht in the Caribbean when we have that to look forward to, right?

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