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***Release Blitz Tour*** The Honor Series by Angel Payne

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The Honor Bound Series 

Wet (book #5), Hot (book #6) and Masked (book #7)

by USA Today Bestselling author Angel Payne. 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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T-Bomb, Tait Bommer’s call-sign, has never described him more accurately. A loose cannon with a penchant for pissing people off, he’s now responsible for a major screw-up during the First Special Forces Group’s most recent mission. His mess has earned him two weeks of mandated R&R on the shores of Kauai, where the ultimatum is clear—straighten up and fly right, or don’t return to active duty. But he’s such a train wreck that even his best friend, Kellan Rush, isn’t happy about having to pull babysitting duty.

When their “vacation” is interrupted by a stranger bearing nothing but a glare, a Bowie knife, and a lot of curves in a tiny bikini, they wonder if the trip hasn’t been hijacked by island spirits. Surely they’ve found a goddess in this dark-haired beauty who not only sees their emotional scars but opens their spirits by exposing her own soul.

“Therapy” takes on new meaning when illicit desires become explosive passion…and their goddess’s sweet submission. Neither man wants to leave the island paradise, a torment that’s intensified when an old adversary threatens to steal their goddess—and rip their friendship apart.
Will Tait and Kellan let jealousy triumph? Or will they unite as brothers at arms for the most important mission of their lives in the name of the greatest cause of all—saving the woman they love?

                                             Wet Review
5 star review by Kristie

A smokin’ hot, sexy, sensual, and suspense filled adventure sure to evoke gritty, raw emotions from every reader…

Wet is the fifth installment of the Honor Bound series from the incredible Angel Payne.  What happens when three people, all with their own issues, enemies, and demons to slay come together in a common goal?  You get absolute magic.  That is exactly what Ms. Payne delivers with Wet.  Tait, Kellan and Lani each need something…but don’t realize they need it until they find each other.  With stunning expertise, imagination, and planning, the author brings to life a unique and fantastic plot and storyline.  Add to that incredible characters that are as distinct, independent, and truly real as the story itself and you have Wet.  The interactions between the characters, and the relationships that are formed will make you laugh, swoon, and yes…even cry.  The gamut of emotions you will traverse on this epic adventure are breathtaking.  Ms. Payne brings you to the brink and back with flawless talent, and a true passion for the written word.  The characters were real, the story captivating, the passion scorching, and the action exhilarating.  I can’t wait to dive into the other Honor Bound novels, and add more Angel Payne to my library.  Another author to add to the list of favorites, for sure.  


They could run from everything…except each other.

Grounded by fog, Zoe Chestain is stuck in an airport bar with the choice of spending the night with her two drunk roommates or one dark and delicious stranger. The Vegas show dancer decides to live dangerously and succumbs to a night of the stranger’s dominant passion. But her cloud of sensual bliss is blown apart when she and her friends are taken hostage during the next morning’s plane hijacking. Zoe’s horror deepens when her kidnapper reveals himself as her partner from the night before.

Shay Bommer is one of the army’s best. A Special Forces soldier following the footsteps of his brother, he’s aware of the risks of infiltration with the enemy. But going deep undercover on this mission with one of the CIA’s most sought-after criminals has cost him dearly. He’s lost the trust of the most breathtaking submissive he’s ever had in his arms, the camaraderie of his unit, and the esteem of his brother. But he’s on a quest to rescue a priceless treasure—his mother.

Zoe’s danced to some crazy songs in her time, but no amount of wild choreography has prepared her for the adventure with Shay—or the return to his bed that means surrendering more than just her body. As they run from the bad guys, the good guys, and everyone in between, she learns about the man behind the masks, and the Dominant for whom she’s always longed. But staying with him means dying with him. The heat is on. Can Shay and Zoe’s love survive the flames?

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When the masks come off, they know it’s real.

Dan Colton was once the CIA’s golden boy—a get-things-done cowboy who believed it was better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. But performing the devil’s work was easier when he had the face of an angel—a damn good asset to have whether he was charming agency superiors…or training submissives in his dark dungeon role-plays. But that face was taken away, disfigured in a fire during an act of bravery.

Tess Lesange, known around the CIA’s Vegas office as “The Laser,” has only one Achilles’ heel—the brooding agent who once wouldn’t give her the time of day. Since Dan Colton’s accident, they’ve become friends, even trusting each other with some of their kinkier secrets. What are friends for, right?


Still seeking the submissive dream, Tess takes matters into her own hands and journeys in disguise to one of the desert’s most elicit kink clubs. When the Dominant she meets is beneath a mask and wielding a familiar voice, she wonders if karma has conspired to fulfill her deepest fantasies…and how high a price she’ll have to pay for it to come true. Is she willing to sacrifice the friendship she’s built with Dan for one unforgettable night in his dungeon?

Buy the Book: http://amzn.to/2BzGTak

Masked Review
5 star review by Martha

Masked is Book 7 in the Honor Bound Series.   This whole series has been amazing and takes you on such a wild ride with each and every character.   They are all struggling to find control in their own ways.  Angel takes you on one amazing ride after another through love, heartache, loss and finding where you belong.  
This whole Series is highly recommended.
Masked was such an amazing book and such a great story! This is definitely a 5 STAR read from Angel Payne.

This book is full of dominance, insecurities and the will to find ones worth. Dan is your true dominant with a rough past. He has been through much more than anyone should ever have to endure. He has had one constant and positive in his life... Tess. Even with all of his visible scars he is still the most magnificent man she has ever seen. Tess would like nothing more than to experience Dan's dominant side in more ways than she can count. Can she make him see that she could handle all that he has to give? She would give anything for that once in a lifetime experience. Is she worthy of him? Is he worthy of her? 

These two have such an amazing bond and OH so much more... They will take you on an amazing ride and journey finding themselves in ways they never believed possible. It takes so much for them to see that they too can be "normal." I loved the moment he realized that taking care of a sub could mean so much to him... He has somewhat of an internal battle with this thinking... "Meanings" are for normal people, remember? People who have their heads screwed on straight. "Meanings" are for the rest of the world, asshole. Not you. Will Dan be able to finally SEE his worth and ability to have a meaningful relationship?

Will fate intervene and allow these two lost souls become one?

While I have loved EVERY single Honor Bound book this one is my new favorite ;)

Buy the Books Today:

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2yQYQjs

Meet The Author:

USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne has written for four publishing houses, and is also independently published. She loves to focus on high heat romance with emotional twists. She has numerous book series to her credit, including the Honor Bound series, the Suited for Sin series, the Cimarron Saga, the Temptation Court series, and the Secrets of Stone series (with Victoria Blue).
Angel is thrilled to be an author for the bestselling Misadventures series, and looks forward to the launch of the Bolt Saga, featuring her super hero Reece Richards, launching in Summer 2018. Angel lives in Southern California with her soul mate husband and beautiful cosplaying daughter. As an “anime family”, they enjoy attending pop culture cons together.



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