Wednesday 28 March 2018

***Review*** The Game by Sylvie Stewart

The Game

A Carolina’s Connections Novel- Book 4

by Sylvia Stewart

Follow this fun and unforgettable cast of characters as they find their way to love and a happily ever after! Carolina Connections is a series of steamy romantic comedies all set in North Carolina. The characters are real and down-to-earth; their struggles and triumphs are easy to identify with, and their humor is accessible. 

And did I mention the steamy part?

Each book in the series can be read as a standalone

They say opposites attract. Someone needs to tell that to Emerson Scott.


All I ever wanted was to play ball. When an act of sheer stupidity took that dream away, I feared I’d never bounce back. But now I have the opportunity to coach an up-and-coming phenom, and I'm giving it all I've got. The fact that I've been lusting after his smoking-hot sister only sweetens the deal. Emerson may be buttoned up like a school librarian, but I play my best when I’m under pressure … and I always bring the heat.


Never lose focus. That’s rule number one. My life is a series of carefully calculated decisions, all aimed at ensuring a successful future. The last thing I expected was to find myself suddenly acting as guardian for my younger brother, but I can adjust for his sake. I’m not about to let one change make me lose sight of my goals. Unfortunately, my brother’s very hot and very young baseball coach doesn’t give a fig about my plans. He has a plan of his own—one that includes making me fall for him. Gavin Monroe may play like a pro, but that boy will never win this game.

Our Review
Review by Kristie *****

The Game is a slow burn, with an equally slow build...but a sensuous center, and a super sweet finish...

Marking the fourth installment of the Carolina Connections series by award winning author Sylvie Stewart, The Game has something for everyone. A sweet love story featuring a straight-laced career woman, and a fun-loving but dedicated baseball coach, this book is guaranteed to make you smile...and swoon. Emerson Scott is a workaholic, with big career aspirations as a high-powered corporate lawyer. Determined to make it in the “good ol’ boy” world of global contracts, hostile takeovers, and golf swings, Emerson has her eyes on the prize and a strict regiment. A sweetheart of a woman, she loves her family and friends dearly, but doesn’t seem to have enough time for them...let alone a man. When her brother comes to live with her, his baseball dreams land her in the sights of a sexy, and very determined, young coach at the local Baseball Academy. Though she can feel the attraction from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she refuses to give into temptation. But, 

Gavin Monroe is nothing if not persistent...and patient. When the former major league hopeful sets his sights on her, his aim is true...and his endurance tested. How does a young, hot-blooded male win the heart of a stubborn, determined career woman?  With baseball of course...and sandwiches...
The Game was a sweet and very sexy read, filled with fun moments and plenty of humor. Much like the drink of the same name, this story simmers in your blood like a slow comfortable screw against the wall. The plot and storyline have a slow build that may leave you wanting and impatient at first, but the sweet happy ending is worth the wait. This is not a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kinda book, and I loved it!  The characters are real, and dynamic, with individual personalities and attitudes. Each one easy to love...mostly...  The chemistry and sense of family, and love between them is awesome. A family I would truly love to belong to!  Though I keep touting the sweet, gooey center of this book, don’t be fooled...there is plenty of heat and “batting practice” to be had as well!  An all around great book, that left me smiling and ready for more. 

About the Author

Sylvie Stewart is an author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Comedy. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two kids, one of whom likes to read almost as much as she does. Sylvie is the author of the Carolina Connections Series which begins with the story of Laney and Nate in "The Fix". The second installment of the series is coming in Fall 2016 and features the story of Fiona and Mark. "The Fix" has reached the top 10% in paid e-book sales on Amazon and has gotten great feedback from authors and readers alike. When Sylvie isn't writing and being a mom, she enjoys the great outdoors of North Carolina and, of course, a good book.


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