Tuesday 29 May 2018

**Blog Tour** Guilded Secrets by B. C Morin

Book: Guilded Secrets

Author: B.C. Morin

Genre: Adult Contemporary Suspense




Deals are made. Secrets are revealed. And nothing is ever as it seems.
Arianna Westbrooke has accidentally stumbled onto something she only thought to be real in the books she reads and edits. Forced into an assassin’s guild she discovered, she must learn new skills, stealth and above all, that attachments are a luxury she can no longer afford.

Marcus Valentine, the biggest and hottest customer for the guild’s front business has a motto. “No attachments, no distractions.” But distraction is just what this young development mogul gets when he sees the young, shy editor.

Arianna must keep her new career a secret or risk endangering the lives of her loved ones. So when Marcus Valentine comes calling Arianna does everything in her power to stay away. Well, everything except successfully staying away from him.

Marcus and Arianna can’t deny their attraction, despite the glaring holes in the information she shares. But when Marcus is yanked into her world and his life is in danger, will Arianna risk her identity to save him? And at what cost?

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Tara's 5***** Review

This book was unlike anything I have read! From the storyline to the characters, Guilded Secrets had my pulse racing!

“For a moment I sit there shocked about all the personal information she just spit at me. That this woman whom I don’t know has recited things to me she shouldn’t know.”

When Arianna (Ari) finds herself invited to a prestigious ball, she can’t help but wonder why. Upon stumbling onto something no one is supposed to see, she is expected to pay for her mistake by giving up the life she knows. One thing in her life that she is not ready to let go of is Marcus. Rich and arrogant, Marcus always gets what he wants. When Arianna enters the picture, he realizes he will stop at nothing to have her. But her secrets, along with his past makes this new relationship both enticing and deadly.

“I can turn to no one. Though there is one small, very small part of me that thinks this is as cool as the books I read, the rest of me is too busy dying from my previous life to notice.”

LOVE THIS BOOK!! I literally could not put it down! Ari is a well written MC. So strong, independent and smart. B. C. really makes her shine in Guilded Secrets. By the end of the book, Ari will have you cheering! As for Marcus, well...he’s a whole lot of hotness, with an incredible soft side to him. (Swoon). Mel, Josette, Sergei and Bailey round out a great supporting cast for Guilded Secrets! This book is a def must read!!!

“The entire thing seems so surreal to me. One moment, I feel like I am going to have a panic attack and the next moment, I feel like it’s no big deal. I need to settle on one emotion before I lose my mind.”

Author Bio 

Originally from Miami, Florida, award winning author B.C. Morin now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, two children and American Bullhuahua, Max.

When she's not writing her next paranormal romance, adult contemporary, or epic fantasy, she enjoys, spending time with her husband and kids, drinking wine and coffee (not together, ew), pinning things she may not make on pinterest, making clay creations, and not writing her bio in the third person.

Learn more about B.C. and her books on Instagram (bcmorinauthor), her facebook author page, or Twitter (@BC_Morin).

She loves to hear from readers, so write a message, leave a comment or ask a question! 


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