Wednesday 2 May 2018

**Release Day Blitz** All of You by Fabiola Francisco

Book: All Of You (Rebel Desire Book 3)

Author: Fabiola Francisco

Genre: Women's Fiction/Contemporary Romance

Releases 2nd May



Cassidy Rae Pressman comes with way more than Jason Stone bargained for, yet she is exactly what he’s been searching for.

I want what all my friends have.

He doesn't need my baggage.

I can't stop thinking about her.

Romance isn't my priority, my daughter is.

I want to show her she can have it all.

He thinks we can be a family.

Her and Rae are my family now, and no one will take them away from me.

He stays even when it's easier to leave.

I'm going to give her her southern fairytale.

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Can you sing us a song, Jason?Rae looks up at me.
Sure. It might sound a little funky today.I clear my throat and choose one of our older songs, something more upbeat.
I sit up on the couch, keeping hold of Cassidy Raes hand, and begin to sing.

Open road, windows down,
Dont need nything else
but you by my side,
Singing along to my radio,
Holding my hand in yours

Swimming in asphalt
And drowninin you,
I’ve got nowhere to be,
I’ve got all I need
Driving with you

I catch myself strumming my fingers, as if I had a guitar. Old habits are hard to break. Mid verse, Rae stands and begins to dance. I chuckle, but stay on beat.
I look over at Cassidy Rae and wink as I sing the words to her. Half way through, I mix it up and transition to another song of ours—smoother and slower. Rae continues to dance, causing Cassidy Rae to giggle and look between her and me, her eyes gentle.
I stand and put my hand out for Cassidy Rae to take it. She takes her time to stand, and I dance with her, still singing.

Youre sunshine and honey,
Youre whiskey on my lips,
Warm and sweet
Youre a slow-down ride
And back road trail,
Getting lost in evergreen

I twirl her around, and before she can come back to me, Rae has taken her free hand. Spying her other hand, I hold it and the three of us dance.
Copyright 2018, Fabiola Francisco

Author Bio:

Fabiola Francisco is a contemporary romance author from South Florida. Writing as been a part of her life since she was a teenager. Even at that age, she dreamed of happy endings with emotional twists. Her novels include Perfectly Imperfect, The Restoring Series, Sweet on You Duet, and Red Lights, Black Hearts.

Her passion for books and writing has inspired her to write her own stories. She writes novels readers could relate to and grow with. She’s currently working on writing more stories that connect with readers on a deeper.

Fabiola also loves expressing herself through art and spending time in nature. In her spare time, she loves to cuddle with a good book and a glass of wine.


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  Love You Through It $1.99:

Tara's 5***** Review

“He’s handsome, successful, and obviously sweet, so why is he trusting of me? For all he knows, I’d try to take his money and run.”

I love the Rebel Desire series, and All of You is now my favourite book of the series. There were so many powerful moments, there were some tears shed, some butterflies and smiles.

“We may not have known each other for a long time, but there’s no doubt in my mind that I will do anything for her and Rae. I want her to trust me.”

Cassidy Rae has always been a strong and independent woman, looking out for her daughter and herself. But she’s always secretly wanted the dream...the happily-ever-after fairy tale. But with the struggles of single motherhood and a sick parent, Cassidy threw those dreams away. Meeting Jason opened Cassidy’s eyes to something more. Something so strong that Jason can’t believe his eyes when he first meets Cassidy Rae. Deciding he’ll do whatever it takes to make Cassidy his, Jason must overcome some of his own struggles.

“He kisses my temple and I sigh. I’ve never had a man care about me like this. Then again, I’ve never dated a man.”

This book (well Jason) tugged on all of my heart strings. From the emotional situations to the sexual chemistry, Fabiola left no stone unturned. Throw in the crew from Rebel Desire and you have All of You! An amazing book, detailing real life struggles and how it’s possible to find love when you least expect it!

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