Monday 18 June 2018

**Blog Tour** Destination Love by Toya Richardson

Book: Destination Love

Series: Beach Reads Romance Series

Author: Toya Richardson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Day: 1st June

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A woman running from her past. A man with a broken heart. A new future could give them a second chance at love.

Faith Morgan’s lifelong dream comes true when she signs a book deal with a major romance publisher. For the first time in years, she feels the confidence she needs to cut ties with her nightmare of a boyfriend. But when he demands a piece of Faith's newfound success, she has no choice but to put distance between them. She figures about 11,000 miles ought to do the trick. Faith lands in New Zealand and swears off all men for good… until she meets the one who's destined to change her life.

Local businessman Dean Jameson always saw himself as a father in the making. He's ecstatic when he becomes a dad, but his heart shatters when his twisted ex reveals he's not the child's father. Meeting the captivating Faith renews his hope in the future, though he's unsure if he can leave his double heartbreak in the past where it belongs.

As Faith navigates her fear of being controlled and Dean dreads another betrayal, the two slowly but surely fall for each other. When their vindictive exes do everything they can to crush this second chance at romance, Faith and Dean must shed the past to rebuild a future based on true love…

Destination Love is a stirring contemporary romance set in New Zealand. If you like exotic locales, steamy relationships, and happily ever afters, then you’ll love Toya Richardson’s inspiring novel.

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Meet the Author

Writing has been my passion since a very early age. Sadly, it wasn’t until the death of my mum, who was also my best friend, in 2009 that I started to take it seriously. My mum’s wish was to see me published, which didn’t occur until 2014. And now, each book written by me is dedicated to her.

My main genre is romance, with books published in contemporary and paranormal romance. I also have the first of a trilogy published in YA Fantasy, there is an element of romance in this series, although the focus is predominantly the heroine’s quest.

When not writing, or reading my main hobbies are; cinema, theatre, gardening, keeping fit, Formula One racing, darts and spending time with friends.

Tara's Review

“If only he had the courage to say exactly how much he wanted, and needed, to spend the rest of his life with her. She was like oxygen to him, and he was certain he wouldn’t be able to breathe without her.”

When love gives Faith lemons, she decides to make lemonade. Up and coming author Faith has had enough with bad love. Deciding to take some time for herself and visit her aunt, the last thing Faith expects to find is Dean. After being jilted, Dean is only used to playing around when it comes to women. Seeing Faith sparks hope, but past heartaches threaten to destroy something before it even starts.

“What an awesome place to spend two blissful weeks wrapped up in the arms of someone you loved, watching the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. If only he could find ‘the one’ to share this island with. He really was a hopeless romantic.”

Toya sets this story is beautiful Australia, where sun and love set the stage for Destination Love. When reading this book, you can feel each character’s angst and hope. Dealing with loss and betrayal is difficult, but Toya writes about each topic with grace and passion.

“She’d stay strong and wouldn’t cry until she got back to her aunt’s home. And when the crying was through, she’d get him back. There was no way she’d lose the love of her life.”

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