Tuesday 5 June 2018

**Release Day Blog Tour** The Spiral by Charlotte E Hart

Book: The Spiral

Author: Charlotte E Hart

Genre: Dark Romance. Spiralling. Thriller. Paranormal.



Maddy has only one decision left to make after the final bruise—leave him.
And she’s doing it. She's finally free.
Her own home. Own life. Own decisions.
There's no-one to answer to anymore.
But when her job as an antiques moderator leads her to the mysterious Blandenhyme estate and the intriguing Mr. Caldwell, that freedom begins to turn into an unconventional love lost in shadows and fog.
And as chilling voices whisper words to cloud her judgement, and dangerous liasons bring terror and dread to the fore, she finds herself struggling to survive Blandemhyne's sinister misgivings regardless of its beauty.
They say the dead never sleep, that they stalk this earth until retribution is served.
That time has come.

Standalone. Dark Romance. Spiralling. Thriller.

Meet The Author

Charlotte is an Dark Erotic Suspense/Romance author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain. She's lived all over the UK, but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old school England.
Writing and poetry have become a revolution for the soul, and she cherishes every second that she's sitting at the laptop tapping her way into a new character.

"Life is a torrent of differences, different needs and wants, and it doesn't always end that well. Yet we strive ..."
Charlotte E Hart

Most of Charlotte's work is bdsm based and intended for mature audiences only.

Tara's 5***** Review

I finished The Spiral a couple of days ago, and I am still haunted by it. Each and every word that Charlotte wrote in this book mesmerized me. From the very beginning to the very end, I was 100% invested in this story.

“This world I live in is dead. A lie. A jail, if truth be told. Nothing but fragmented dreams and shattered skin. That’s all there is now. Shattered skin.”

Madeline knew nothing but abuse, all kinds of abuse. One day she’s had enough and decides to start a new life. Meeting Jack wasn’t in the plan, but a strange force joined the two of them. What to believe? What’s real? What isn’t? These are questions you as the reader will be asking yourself, just as the characters in The Spiral did. 

“Nothing but times past and feelings of worship for the woman I love as we hover in strange shadows around the room. She’s here now, resting in my arms and desperately moaning her need for connection.”

Reading The Spiral had me on edge for days, trying to comprehend what Charlotte had written. Each word that she wrote is like a line in a piece of art, flowing together to form a masterpiece. So dark, and so haunting, you can’t help but be drawn into the unknown that is The Spiral. This is one book I will not forget!

“That’s all there is now—her, him, and some small part of me clinging onto them in the hope that I might survive whatever this has become.”

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