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**Release Tour** Bent by Hollis Wynn

Bent (A Love's Complicated Novel) by Hollis Wynn

Genre: Women's Fiction/Sweet Romance

Cover: The Coverist by Ande


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Carrigan Castle may be broken but she’s finally free. Free of the bonds holding her back. Free of her painful past. Free just to be. With the death of her mother, it’s time to leave her small town behind and find her own way—even if it means letting go of her ideals. 

A cross-country trip is about to take her to a brand-new life she never imagined. When Whit Barklay unexpectedly enters the picture, she begins the ride of her life—one filled with thrills and twists and turns. It’s time to figure out where she belongs. It’s time to find her way. Will Whit detour Carrigan from finding her true chance at happiness? Or will he be her North Star, pointing her to a better life with him? 

One cross-country train ride to a brand-new life.

One man she never expected.

One relationship she’s too scared to begin.

One risk she may not be willing to take . . . 

Unless he can show her she’s only bent and not broken.

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Review By Tara

“For the first time ever, I choose myself. I have to—I don’t have any choices left if I want to survive life. My life. It’s scary, but it’s true.”

In a life where she has to fend for herself, Carrigan suffers a tragic loss. A loss that leads to freedom, even if she is all alone. Deciding to leave her past behind her, Carrigan jumps on a train into the unknown. Meeting Whit opens up many possibilities, but will they take Carrigan where she wants to end go?

“Love isn’t something we walk out on because someone upsets us or hurts us. Love is unconditional. Love is love—even when it isn’t what we think it should look like.”

You cannot help but feel for Carrigan in Bent. From a tragic childhood, to finding out about lost loves, and hoping for new ones, Hollis takes our hearts on an emotional roller coaster. Hollis describes Carrigan’s new found freedom to a tee, while taking us back through the tough times in her life. Mix in some new friends, some eye candy, and a hot job and you have Bent. 

“It is my hope that there comes a point in my life where he stops fighting the love he says he feels for me. I hug him as hard as I can because I know this this is the last time for us. I hope that one day he chooses me, but I know that’s not in the cards for us.”

Author Bio

Hollis Wynn is a thirty-something gypsy who calls home anywhere that she lays her head. Though she may have a black thumb and can't even keep a house plant alive, her life is full of love, fun and insane adventures wherever she goes. Her family supports this habit as long as she regales them with tales of places she's been and treats picked up along the way. 

Hollis has been writing stories for years and finally took the leap into publishing. You'll find her desk covered in multiple drafts of her latest work in progress covered in pink ink, and cupcake crumbs and multiple empty wine glasses tossed nearby. 

Her debut novel Bent releases December 12, 2018.

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