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**Destined to Fall by Tamsyn Bester

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When Cassey Emerson graduated high school 3 years ago, she packed her bags and left the dusty trailer park she called home in the rear view mirror. Since then, she has worked hard to give herself the life, and career, that she always dreamed of. As the Publishing Assistant at Knight Media, her dreams are slowly but surely coming true…
But something is missing…
Kyler Knight is young, rich and the heir to the multi-million dollar fortune that is known as ‘Knight Media’ – the biggest and most successful media company in Chicago. When his father decides it’s time for Kyler to learn the ropes as successor, he didn’t think it would include working with someone like Cassey Emerson.
Their attraction is immediate and Kyler is everything Cassey should stay away from. He can’t give her what she wants, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. When one passionate night changes everything, Cassey must decide whether or not she can accept what Kyler is offering, or walk away from how he makes her feel.
Suddenly, things change, lines are blurred, hearts are broken and Cassey is left to pick up the pieces after her hot, steamy relationship with Kyler becomes so much more…
Can she move forward or was she always destined to fall?
*This is an Adult Contemporary Romance Novel. Recommended for readers 18+ *

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We’re completely naked, and the feel of Kyler’s hard muscles beneath my fingertips is sending my libido into overdrive. He rests his hands on my bare hips, circling his thumb slowly, and pushes me towards his King size bed. The edge of the bed hits me behind my knees and Kyler stops.
“Lie down on your stomach,” he instructs. His voice is deep, commanding and dark. I shiver, causing Kyler’s cock to harden against my thigh. I spin around and crawl onto the bed, deliberately swaying my hips side to side. If he wants to drive me crazy, then surely I must return the favor. I lie down, propping myself up on my elbows and look behind me from over my shoulder. The bed dips and Kyler moves closer on his knees. His hands slide around my waist and he lifts me up so that my bum is propped in the air. I feel him lean down, blowing hot air across my shoulders and biting the soft flesh of my neck. A moan escapes my lips. He’s driving my delirious and the fun hasn’t even begun yet. “Tonight, I will take what I want from you, as many times as I want and you will love every second I’m doing it,” he growls. “I won’t stop until you’re completely and entirely consumed with pleasure, and filled with nothing but me.”
His words leave my breathless and wet, and he knows it. I close my eyes as he leans back. His hands move around my bum, rubbing slowly until his fingers brush my soaked entrance. One finger slips in and then another, and he rubs slowly, adding a bit more pressure. I whimper and push my bum out more, wanting to pull his fingers deeper. I hear the sound of foil ripping, and then his fingers disappear. I’d be disappointed but I’m too wound up for what’s about to happen next. The only sounds are our collective heavy breaths and it only adds to the heady anticipation.
Kyler shifts behind me and the head of his cock probes my sex. I like it; how he makes sure I’m ready to accept all of him. He pushes in a little further and I feel myself stretching to accommodate both his generous length and delicious thickness. His hands tighten around my waist and he enters me fully until I feel his thighs pressed against mine. “Oh God,” I moan, clutching the comforter in my hands. ‘”Feel me, baby,” Kyler breathes harshly hissing through his teeth. He starts moving faster, in and out, and just when I think I can’t take anymore, he slows. He’s prolonging it, I know, but I need him to deliver on his promise to take from me what he wants over and over and over again.
“Kyler,” I moan out his name, a plea.
“I’ve got you,” he says.
His hips increase their pace and he pushes into me faster and faster and I bite my bottom lip. I feel it building, deep inside. Kyler’s hand reaches into my hair and he pulls my head up. My back arches and his stroke deepens, making me scream out in pleasure. My body is on fire and I’m slowly losing my mind, but it’s the most glorious feeling ever. Kyler’s balls slap against my skin and the sound encourages him to go even faster, and harder. He lowers his body and cups my breasts from behind, never slowing his hips.
“Jesus,” he growls next to my ear. “You feel so fucking good.”
“Harder!” I scream. “I want it harder!”
The bed shakes beneath us as Kyler’s murderous strokes harden, the sound of slapping skin filling the air around us. His hands squeeze my breasts and the tip of his cock hits me deep. Every. Single. Time.
“You,” he bites out. Slap. “Are.” Slap. Groan. “Mine.” Slap. Moan.
Kyler’s hand slides down my sweaty torso and stops between my slick folds. “I can feel myself moving inside you,” he grinds out. “Do you know how hot that is? Do you know how crazy it makes me?”
“Hmmm,” I whimper. He starts rubbing my clit and pushes into me, once. Twice. When his cock hits my core the third time, my body explodes and my orgasm shatters the world around me. I shake, my body pulsating as Kyler finds his own release. He collapses into me, our chests moving up and down while we catch our breath.
“I’m not done yet,” Kyler says. “Not even close.”
He wraps his arms around my waist again and pulls me up, sending an after-shock wave through my system.
“Kyler, I don’t think - ”
“Ssshh,” he interrupts me. “Trust me.”
He stretches his legs out in front of him and I’m straddling him, my back to his front. He lies down on the bed and grips my hips. He starts moving me, slowly at first, until I’m sliding up and down his cock. He wasn’t lying when he said he has stamina. It’s been ten minutes since our first orgasm and he’s already hard again.
“I need to see you,” I tell him.
“Ok,” he replies, lifting me up so that I can turn around. He slips back inside me and I press my hands to his chest. He rests his hands behind his head and smiles up at me. It’s smug. “Your turn,” he says. “Ride me.”
“With pleasure,” I tell him with a smug smile of my own.
I start moving and rotate my hips, around and around and then up and down. Kyler’s breathing accelerates and I know I’m doing it right. I bring my hands up and rub my breasts, pinching my nipples between my thumb and forefinger.
“Oh fuck,” Kyler breathes harshly. His eyes watch me carefully and even with only the moonlight streaking through the large windows of his bedroom, I can see his eyes are black. Seeing him so turned on, because of me, only encourages me and I decide slow and steady isn’t going to cut it. Kyler has unleashed something in me and there’s no way I’m shoving it back. So I lean back and steady myself on Kyler’s thighs, digging my nails into his taut muscles.
“What are you - ” his words are cut off when use my legs to move up and down his cock. I’m in complete control now and the power is an absolute turn on. I increase my pace and start bouncing, riding Kyler hard. Our skin starts slapping again and my moans fill in the silence in the room. Kyler’s fingers dig into my hips, and without warning he sits up and flips us over before slamming into me again. Something about it tells me he doesn’t like that I was in control but I’m too close to the edge of another orgasm to care right now.
“Yes!” I cry out. “Yes! Yes! Oh fuck me, YES!”
My back arches, my toes curl, my nails bite into Kyler’s arms and another explosive orgasm rips me into pieces. I scream Kyler’s name as he joins me, our bodies humming and vibrating together. He leans into me, resting on his forearms on either side of my head, and keeps rotating his hips as we ride out our wave of ecstasy.
“Fuckit, woman. You’re going to kill me.”
He kisses me, his tongue probing my mouth as gently as his cock moves inside me. Slow, lazy circles.
“I could think of worse ways to die,” I chuckle into his mouth. My hands slide down his damp skin and I clutch his tight bum, grinding my hips into his and pushing him deeper. I’m too exhausted, yet completely satisfied, to go another around, but I like having Kyler inside me. He brushes my hair off my sweaty forehead and kisses the side of my mouth.
“Shower?” he asks.
“Uh-Uh,” I reply, shaking my head.
He chuckles and I feel it travel to where our bodies are still connected. He sucks in a breath, his eyebrows lifting up in question.
“You need rest,” he states emphatically. “But let me clean you first.”
He goes to move but I wrap my legs around him. He looks down at me, a determined shimmer in his eye.
“Ok, baby. If that’s how you want to play…” he trails off. Seconds later he’s lifted me off the bed but has managed to keep us glued together. He walks us to the bathroom, me wrapped around him in every sense of the word, and steps into the shower. He shows me what he can do in the shower and it has nothing to do with getting clean, and by the time we climb into bed, I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. Kyler’s arms tighten around me, pulling me close into his chest.
I’m asleep, but I can still feel the smile on my face.
And I’m happy. But I shouldn’t be.

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Tamsyn is a 22 year old blogger turned author from South Africa who has an insatiable hunger for New Adult Contemporary Romance novels, coffee and chocolate. When she’s not getting caught up in yet another steamy romance with a new book boyfriend, she can be found spending endless hours working away on her laptop in pursuit of her Marketing degree and a career in book Publishing. Tamsyn is a Brat when it comes to books and believes that every story, no matter how challenging, should have a Happy Ever After. Tamsyn currently has 2 novels available Beneath Your Beautiful, Precious Consequences, and is getting ready to release her 3rd novel Destined to Fall.

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Nicola's Review

5 Bare Naked Stars *****

This is the first book I’ve read from Tamsyn Bester and I just have one thing to say.  I Loved It!!!!! Really, I was completely hooked right from the first page and didn’t want it to end.

Cassey Emerson learnt from a very young age that if she wanted anything she’d have to work her arse off to get it. With a shitty upbringing and low life parents she became a strong and independent woman.  Packing up and moving away from that life, Cassey strived to get the life she had always dreamed of. She has the promising career at Knight Media, the most amazing best friend. Everything is coming together. Apart from the one thing she’s never had, Love.

Enter Kyler Knight. (Helllo sexy!!!) Tall, sexy, chocolate brown hair, did I mention he’s sexy? 

Anyway...he’s not looking for love or a relationship and is very upfront about this fact to the women in his life.  Little did he know that when he meets Cassey, everything will change.
There’s no denying the attraction that they both feel towards each other,

“We stare at each other for a moment. The temperature in the room rises, and the sudden sexual tension crackles to life between us. I imagine that if the energy flowing between us now had a sound, it would be like a crack of lightening, loud and obtrusive.” ~ Kyler

“I barely know the man, and yet I’ve envisioned being fucked in every position, on every surface at least a hundred times.” ~ Cassey

But, they both want different things. Cassey –love. Kyler – no strings attached style relationship.  Kyler is a very persistent guy when it comes to wanting something and Cassey is no exception, and he tells her as much.

“I will have you, Cass, whether you admit it or not, and it won’t be long before you give in to me.”

But Cassey still has reservations. She doesn’t want to be “another notch on his very busy bedpost”. And it’s up to her best friend Quinn, to have a wise word with her.

“..think about this: every once in our lifetime, we meet someone who sets us on fire, and the only thing that will douse the flame is if we give in, even if it’s just for one night”.

I love Quinn. She has been Casseys’ best friend since college and is the closest thing to a family Cassey really has. She’s funny as hell, sassy and wants nothing more than to have Cassey find someone who will love her and deserve her. She is not afraid to jump in and protect her and isn’t afraid to talk her mind when it comes to Cassey and Kyler.

“God, I’m more excited for Kyler to clean out the cobwebs between those gorgeous legs of yours than you are. Which reminds me, I hope you waxed, no man likes bush diving in the Amazon jungle, sweetie.”

And one night is all it takes for Cassey to relent and agree to what Kyler wants.  She vows to walk away when things get too much. But soon gets addicted to him. Feelings intensify and she can’t find it in her to walk away knowing she is setting herself up for heartbreak.

“A few more days won’t hurt, I tell myself. I’m not falling in love with him, but I feel something, and we agreed that as soon as that happened, this is over. I’m simply not ready to let him go yet.”

"He became my drug of choice,”

But it’s not just her that is having these feelings. Kyler’s feelings are growing just as much. They are both just confused and scared to tell each other how they’re feeling.
Will they pluck up the courage to tell each other how they really feel? Will Cassey get the man and love she so desperately wants? Or will it be too late?

I can’t say enough how much I loved this book. I loved the storyline, the characters, and loved watching Cassey and Kyler’s story unfold. This kissing will leave you hot and breathless and the sex!!! God, the sex will leave you needing a fan or a cold shower. Really, it was a brilliant read and can’t recommend it enough. You really won’t be disappointed.

I will leave you with this quote, which was one of my favourites in the book and think it’s a perfect way to end it.

“Find the woman who will be your reason to live, who will stick with you, not during the good times but through the hard times, and who will tell you when you’re being an ass. Find the woman worth keeping, for more than sex, the one you can see your future with. And when you look at her, you’ll know you’ve found her.”

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