Thursday 5 June 2014

**Blog Tour** Holding Aces by Nikki Groom


Title: Holding Aces (The Kingdom #1)
Author: Nikki Groom
Release Date: May 29th 2014
Genre: Adult contemporary romance


They say that time heals all wounds.
But mine are set in so deeply, they’ve taken on a life of their own, lurking in the shadows at every turn and haunting my thoughts.

The girl I once was has been replaced by a stranger.
I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I run.
And I hide.
Pretending to be someone I’m not…

Until I meet Denham King.
My burst of color in an otherwise grey world.
And for the first time in my life, I find myself running towards someone instead of running away.

But fate can be cruel,
and I can’t escape my past.
Can I?

**Holding Aces is part one of a two part Adult Contemporary Romance series that contains mature sexual content and language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**


“Good afternoon, Mr. King,” I say with a genuine smile in my voice.

“Ms. Jamesson.” He nods, his smug grin stretches across his cheeks and gives me the ‘I know you were checking me out’ look. “How are you finding your stay?”

“I’m enjoying it very much, thank you.” His eyes haven’t left mine and the corners crease making his handsome face softer. “I wanted to say thank you for breakfast this morning. It was very thoughtful of you. Extravagant, but thoughtful.”

“Good, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Will you be visiting the casino this evening?” He nods his head towards the casino doors.

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s not really my thing,” I say nervously with a shrug of my shoulders.

He leans ever so slightly towards me and his voice lowers to a soft growl. “And what exactly is your thing, Ms. Jamesson?” My heart rate spikes at the way his eyes burn into me, and my mind races with images of what my ‘thing’ could be. Every image involves him in one way or another, and I have no idea how he manages to do that to me.

“I...uh...” I seem to have lost the ability to form coherent sentences and I feel my face flush a little. He obviously finds my discomfort amusing as he’s looking at me with a sexy as hell grin plastered across his beautiful face and an eyebrow quirked as if he’s still waiting for my answer.

“I think the spa and salon would be more my thing. I’m not really a gambler. Anyway, I really need to be getting back to my suite, these bags are—”

“Please, let me take them for you.”

“It’s fine, I can manage, really.” I start to walk away, needing to get out of this space but not really wanting to. In the few encounters we have had, Denham King sends my mind into a spin, but he also makes me feel alive in my soul, and I’m not sure I’ve ever really felt that before. The mix of emotions is not productive to finding the solutions to my current problems. I really have to keep a clear head.

“You are a stubborn little lady, do you know that?” he calls out after me.
I stop and turn back towards him. He stands casually with his hands tucked into his pockets and wearing that smirk.

“And you’re very persistent, Mr. King. Do you know that?”


Nikki Groom is a hopeless romantic, lover of all things happily ever after and firm believer that love makes the world go around.
In her spare time, you will find Nikki laughing with her very treasured family, walking with her beloved dog in the hundred acre wood or curled up in a cosy corner with words and wine.
She lives in East Sussex with her husband and two children. Having turned her hand to many things over the years, Nikki is now proud to add ‘author’ to that list.
Having always been a dreamer, Nikki’s imagination stretches far and wide, which enables her to get lost in faraway places and imaginary people.
Nikki loves to chat, especially about books! You can find her here…

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