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**Blog Tour** Cutter by David E Gordon

Book: Cutter
Author: David E Gordon
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Power, fortune, and prestige…
Greed, threats, and dangerous liaisons…
Nothing is worth your life, but is your life worth living?

Self made billionaire Robert Cutter made his money investing in struggling companies. Plagued by “accidents", it becomes apparent that someone is trying to kill him. Injured by a concussion in one of the accidents, the agonizing realization is that his not-so-perfect past is coming into clear focus.

Cutter has everything a man could ask for - money, women, cars, houses, and power. But, with the latest attempts on his life, he starts to rethink his life and evoke change.

Soon he begins to realize that was important is no longer that significant.

He thought he had everything, but he had nothing.

Nicola's 5* Review

What a wonderful, inspiring debut from the very talented David E. Gordon. ‘Cutter’ was an absolute dream to read and can honestly say it is an amazing read!!!

Firstly, I would just like to say a massive thank you to David for giving me the privilege to receive an arc of this magnificent book. I absolutely loved it and devoured every single page. ‘Cutter’ is fantastically written and you can tell how much time and effort has gone in to the whole process of writing; from the research, the plot and the characters, the attention to detail was exquisite. It pulled at my heart strings and by the end my eyes were glistening with happy tears.

From a very young age Robert Cutter learned that if he wanted something, then he would have to work hard to get it. So that's what he did. He grabbed life by the balls and went the extra mile to get what he wanted when it came to it. And in the long run, it had paid off.

But now, everything is changing. 

“For most of his life he had been, “the boss”. Now he was starting to feel as if someone else was pulling the strings.”

After a number of attacks, it is soon realised that the attended target is in fact Robert himself. But the question is who? and "What could be so important that they were willing to kill him for?"

These attacks have just put in to perspective how short life is. His whole outlook in life changes and makes him think differently.

"For the first time in his career he did not want to be in the middle of it, he wanted to stay right here in New York."

He wants more in life, and wants to give back to those who have nothing. 


"Nothing was going to stand in his way now. Nothing and no one."

I fell in love with Robert from the start. He wasn’t an arrogant, arsehole of a CEO. He was kind, generous and really took care of those around him. He was passionate about his projects and wanted the best outcome. He had a heart of gold but he didn’t take any bullshit from people either, no matter what their status was.

I also loved Joseph, Robert’s right hand man. He took care of everything, from his security to wardrobe advice. He was always there, and in my eyes they were more than just trusted work colleagues. He was his best friend, the one person he could rely on and the one person who knew him better than himself. You could feel the bond between them and throughout the book it seemed to only grow closer and stronger. Joseph was definitely the person you’d want to have as a friend and colleague.

David gives us no little inkling who the person behind the attacks are at all throughout the book, until near the end. When I found out I was truly shocked, especially when you click on to the whole extent of the reasoning behind it. You will not expect it at all, even if you're trying take a guess at it. 

There are many secret and unanswered questions unveiled throughout the book. David really has done a wonderful job at covering them all so that no stone is left unturned. You will get all the answers you need.
‘Cutter’ truly was an amazing read, and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

I love how you also get the cast of characters at the beginning of the book. I felt as if it added that extra touch, and you got to know each character and their roles beforehand.

Thank you again David for this wonderful honour. You have produced an incredible book full of emotion and intrigue which will have the reader enraptured. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next, and look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Claire's 5* Review

This is a book that will remind you of what is important in life.

Robert Cutter is a self made man, given one chance at success he grabs it with both hands and reaps the rewards, or does he?

He is at a point in his life were he is starting to realise that although he has everything he could ever want career wise and financially, something is missing.

The book begins with Robert’s flashbacks regarding a young boy, struggling to survive on the mean streets, these flashbacks seem to bring home his current existence and make him question his life choices. Around this time it becomes apparent that there are some serious threats being made on his life.

Between keeping himself safe and continuing managing his business he makes a move to help an area severely affected by fires and during this times discovers some people that will touch his life, and heart forever.

There is a great supporting cast in the book, and many twists and turns to keep you guessing. You do root for Cutter the whole way through, hoping he can save the people he is trying so hard to save, whilst saving himself…

I live in Southern New Jersey with my amazing wife, who is also my best friend. We live just outside of Philadelphia and about an hour from an awesome selection of beaches. It was on a beach that I wrote my first short story and I love to spend as much time as possible there. There is something so invigorating about the sun and the blue skies.

While this is my first novel, I am already working on my second and hope to have many more to come. When not working on writing books or my blog I am a husband to an amazing woman, and a father to two fantastic young adults. I am also a corporate finance professional that spends the rest of my time helping executives and business leaders improve and grow their business. It is some of this experience, which has helped bring this story and the sequel to life

Character Interview

Hello, my name is Robert Cutter and I am the owner and chief executive of Cutter & Co. an investment firm in New York City.
Mika: Hello Robert. Welcome to my blog. I’m going to ask you a few questions so my audience can get to know you a little better.
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Robert Cutter: My greatest achievement up until a couple of months ago was making something of myself. I didn’t have much to start with. Thanks to my mentor for taking a chance on me, I was able to accomplish more than I ever imagined. I now have more money than I ever dreamed of, houses, cars, power, prestige, and women.
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Robert Cutter: It’s a tough choice for me. Signing a deal to buy a company and adding it to my portfolio or riding through the streets of Manhattan in my Aston Martin with a beautiful woman beside me. Probably business first, the car is nice but I do enjoy the challenge of turning around a struggling company and making it stronger.
Do you have any secrets you want to share that were not revealed in Cutter?
Robert Cutter: No more secrets for me, well you never know what might happen in book 2.
Do you have any siblings? If so, will we have an opportunity to get to know them better?
Robert Cutter: I never knew my parents, so I don’t know if I do have any siblings.
Any particular scene you enjoyed the most?
Robert Cutter: Towards the end of my story I learn something amazing that changes my outlook on parts of my childhood, and even changes how I see the future me. It teaches me that you should never lose hope in people.
What is the quality you most like in a woman?
Robert Cutter: This is hard for me to answer, because I never really give women much time. In my life, my focus is on work. I run a multi-billion dollar investment firm with many subsidiaries that are counting on me. That leaves very little time for dating, but I do have lady friends. They are beautiful and I enjoy having them around. I always found women to be more of a distraction than anything. (Exhales) To answer your question, the best quality would have to be dealing with me not settling down.
When did you know you were in love with your heroine?
Robert Cutter: It took me awhile to decide that I really loved her. But, we had a connection right from the start. It was hard for me to accept these feelings because I really don’t have the time for this in my life.
Did your story end too soon?
Robert Cutter: I am hoping my story isn’t over.
What is your greatest fear?
Robert Cutter: Not having money and being poor again.
What is your greatest extravagance?
Robert Cutter: My house in Cape May, although I don’t go there this time. I had it built for me and did a take a part in the architecture and design, but I actually have not even seen it yet.
Which living person do you most despise?
Robert Cutter: I try not to hate or despise anyone. In business you have to keep bridges open at all times.  But there is one person who constantly gets under my skin, you will get to know him. I don’t really think he is a bad guy, but he put my friends in danger, and that is unacceptable.
What is your greatest regret? 
Robert Cutter: My one regret is that my mentor doesn’t get to see me succeed. He would have liked that and hopefully he would be proud of me.
Which talent would you most like to have?
Robert Cutter: I would like to play a musical instrument, perhaps the piano.
Where would you like to live? 
Robert Cutter:  I live in Manhattan with a house in Cape May and stay in the best hotels in the world. But, it does get cold here in the winters. I am not sure to be honest if I could ever give up Manhattan, it is just so alive. Constantly moving like I am with running and building my businesses.
What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Robert Cutter: People say that I am a workaholic, but considering how I grew up I just believe that a man can never have too much. People have to make their own luck, and take their chances when they get them. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but so far it has for me.
Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
Robert Cutter: Gordon Gekko. He was a genius.
Who are your heroes in real life? 
Robert Cutter: My real life heroes are police and firefighters of New York who ran into the World Trade Center, and protect us every day. I also think that the doctors and nurses in our hospitals are incredible people. You will meet one in particular who stands out above the rest.
Mika: Great interview Robert. It was a pleasure meeting you. I wish you lots of success.

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