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**Blog Tour** Midnight by Elizabeth Miller

Midnight by Elizabeth Miller~ Blog Tour~ Oct.13th-Oct. 20th
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Colin McKenna is striking and powerful, beautiful and broken…

His mere presence commands attention and he definitely has mine. I'm captivated, drawn to him on a level I don’t understand.

He wants me, needs my body to satisfy his hunger. I’ve given myself freely to his demands. But at what cost? I’m the unknown factor. He had his life
planned out, a very specific path laid before him and not anywhere on his road to travel did Charlie Carter exist. Yet here I am, and his struggle becomes
one of diversion. Should he divert from the path he meticulously planned or digress for an unknown draw toward a stranger, someone so unlike anyone he’s
met before?

Someone with secrets that could destroy his dreams and a destiny filled with power and influence. My past is sealed, protected against curious eyes. I've
moved on and created a life for myself, leaving the pain behind. Until now.

I fell willingly into his bed, stolen moments of passion so intense, they blurred the lines of responsibility and reason. The passion we’ve unlocked
together could be the key to our salvation or the path to damnation.

This is my story, my fall into love and fear that it could end in a heartbeat.
Midnight is an adult contemporary romance, due to strong language and sexual content this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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“So good. It’s too good . . .” he mumbles against my mouth. And it is. So intense and so good my toes curl as I wrap my legs around his backside. I’m close
to overwhelmed, the feel of him buried in me, knowing I’m really here in this moment, and his voice whispering in my ear to hold on, don’t hold back, give
me everything . . . I almost can’t hold on, falling deeply into every sensation and losing myself in them.

I’ve never done this with someone and felt connected in every possible way, not just physically, but emotionally. A rush, a warmth spreads out from my
chest at the realization that this is my beginning—a spring in the middle of winter, the ending of a chapter and the start of another, with Colin as the
central character. Right here, in his bed, clarity reigns as his mouth claims mine again, teasing out a moan so he can claim that too. He owns me. I would
give him anything. Take it, take all of me, take everything and anything. And he does, wringing out every ounce of pleasure. He knows where to touch, how
to extract the smallest whimper and the largest groan. I could never tire of being with him, with him over me and in me, pushing, pulling, driving and
devouring until the ache becomes a need. A need so intense and all consuming, I begin taking from him. Calling out unabashedly to move faster, go deeper,
push harder. Don’t stop, never stop, never stop making me feel this good and needy and so, so full. Please, I beg. Pleading with him, pleading for I don’t
know what . . .

Pushing off of his shoulders, I fall to the bed and he follows, his head dipping to my nipple. Taking me into his mouth, he teases with his tongue and
bites down, hard, only releasing me when I gasp and clutch his hair. But I don’t pull him away; I hold him in place. I want more. He does it again and this
time I go a little wild, raking my fingers down his back and bucking my hips up to meet the increased pace of his.

Everything he’s doing is magnified in the pulse between my thighs. It started as a slow flutter when he first entered me, but it’s built into a steady
cadence. I focus on the feeling of him. I’m climbing high, fast, and he's coming with me. Throwing my head back, I relish in our connection, kneading my
fingers into his back, his muscles flexing with control as he pushes me to a place I’ve never known, didn’t know existed.

I can see the moment when he loses it, loses himself as I have done. Gone is the controlled restraint and in its place is a wild abandon. Giving in to my
demands, his hips thrust with a determined pace, driving forward, pushing harder until each strike elicits a guttural grunt from him and an exacting cry
from me. Sweat pebbles on his brow, beading and rolling, dropping to my chest where it slides between my breasts. I watch, fascinated, as his eyes follow
it down and the black of his pupils blur into the blue with a need so powerful it would scare me if I didn’t feel the exact same way.

My mouth finds his, licking and sucking and tasting. Who am I, but a needy, hungry woman begging for the only thing that can save me? Colin. Only him, it
will always only be him. I give myself fully, joining him in the freedom to feel beyond good, beyond words.

“Don’t let me fall.” Sudden panic overtakes me as my body threatens to tumble from a cliff.
“I’ve got you, baby,” he whispers. “We’re going to fall together. Come with me.” The whisper turns to a demand, forcing me to hold on and together, we dive
head first into an abyss of pleasure so deep and plentiful we drown in it, breathe it, and live through it.


I Love this story.
Midnight’ is the debut novel for Author Elizabeth Miller, and I’ve got to hand it to her, she has done an amazing job with it.
At first I was a bit dubious about reading this. I am not at all in to politics, and don’t understand anything to with it. But, you soon forget that politics is involved at all.
The preface drags you in, and intrigues you. I became hooked and ended up staying up all night in order to finish it.

When Charlie Carter is offered a job to follow Republican candidate Colin McKenna to take charge of his social media campaign, Charlie is at first a bit apprehensive. She has little interest in politics and politicians in general, stating they “are pompous asses in three-piece very-expensive suits”, and knows very little of Colin himself. From the very first time she claps eyes on him, she is shocked to find him so young, intense and downright HOT. There is an instant, electrifying pull towards him that, in all honestly terrifies her.

“I’m in a trance, a moth caught it a spider’s web without the ability to escape. He’s absolutely gorgeous”.
“By his mere presence, Colin McKenna commands attention and he definitely has mine, every nerve in my body is highly attuned to his proximity, shimmering, a spark waiting to ignite.”

Colin, having set his sight on the presidential campaign throws his all in to his career. That is until Charlie enters his life. He tries to keep her at arm’s length; to supress the intense pull he feels toward her. But it’s not long before he can no longer ignore it.

“You don’t know me. You have no idea how complicated I am, how complicated my life is,” he breaths into me, holding me firmly with his eyes while our bodies remain a hairsbreadth apart. “For some reason I can’t stay away from you. I’ve tried, Charlie, I have, but each time I see you I’m drawn back in even though I know I should stay away. You deserve more than me.”
“I can breathe when I’m with you, Charlie. My lungs haven’t felt this full in so long.”

Charlie and Colin find themselves exploring a very hot and passionate physical relationship, making sure to keep it well hidden. But that is soon tested by not only their own secrets and feeling, but outside parties as well.
They want to be together, but can his political aspirations and a complicated past prove to be too much for the newly formed couple?

“You are the only man I have ever wanted, Colin; the only man I will ever want.”

I loved it, I really, really loved it.
It had everything you could possibly want. Love, humour, a plot with lots of twists, and an intense, HOT passion. The characters…for the most part, were lovable and you could easily connect with them. The writing, I cannot fault in any way.
The sexual tensions and heat emanated off the pages and the sex scenes…..WOW. They were HOT!!! So, so HOT. You will need a cold shower. A lot.
You have me intrigued and excited Ms. Miller. I can see many more amazing books being released from you in the future, and I look forward to reading more.

This is just the beginning of Colin and Charlie’s story, and I cannot wait to see what’s to come next. There’s questions unanswered, secrets that need unveiling and fear still lurking in the background.



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