Sunday 31 May 2015

**Blog Tour** Drifting Wishes by Ashley N. Miller

TBR~ May 31, 2015

bells chime and deployment creeps closer as Luke and Brie drift into their
adventure as man and wife. Brie spends as much time as she can apartment
hunting and building long term relationships with his friends and family.

is something often taken for granted, but Luke and Brie know better, cherishing
every moment they have together. Tackling obstacles of family drama and leaning
on each other for support as everyday together is a precious gift.

are tough emotionally after he leaves, but together they push through, keeping
their relationship as strong as possible. All either of them can do now is pray
Luke makes it home safely.

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A Marine that despite major obstacles during his
past tour in Iraq is home on a thirty day R&R. 

The story
opens with Luke Harper, a good ol’ boy from the south who wants nothing more
than to return to Iraq and finish his tour safely. However, fate crosses his
path when he meets Brilynn, a fun loving, conservative college girl that is
spending the summer at her vacation home. 

addition to dealing with his alcoholic mother and a father who refused to face
his problems, the short time they spend together before Luke is called back to
Iraq early leaves Brilynn waiting for him to return from deployment and Luke
yearning for the feeling of being with her. 

With the relationship blossoming quickly, reality
is soon to set in leading Brilynn down an emotional roller coaster blinded by
the challenges of separation, searching for answers, resources and understanding
and Luke fighting everyday praying he makes it home alive setting aside his
stresses from the home front.


Ashley Miller is a
writer born and raised in Kentucky. She just recently completed Dandelion Me
which is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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