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**Blog Tour** Road to Wonderland - Ethan Walker

Blog Tour 1st September – 5th September

Day 3 features Ethan Walker

Book: Ethan Walker's Road to Wonderland

Author: LJ Stock

Genre: New Adult


At nineteen, the world has so many possibilities.

Ethan Walker was a typical teenager in that respect. He was happy, living at home with his family and partying when the mood struck. He was in no rush to grow up. His life was a blank page just waiting to be written, but that couldn’t last forever.

Unfortunately, reality came knocking at Ethan’s door, forcing him to face truths he’d never allowed himself to see in the past - truths that soon robbed him of his innocence and youth. With the life he’d always known gone forever, Ethan found himself battling demons in disguise, only to find his own weakness was his worst enemy.

When temptation turned to indulgence, and the ghosts of his past encouraged him to dig deeper, Ethan sought salvation in the form of violence. His fists and fortitude became his bread and butter, but the new turn in his life rejected the familiar and opened the door to more evil.

Inevitably, the darkness tried to sink him, and there was only one constant light that somehow seemed to shine brighter than the promise of escape: the mystery girl with the golden hair. 

In order to survive, Ethan had to dig deep and find a strength in himself not even he was sure existed. Only when he found himself on a path to Wonderland did he start to see a future beyond his past. All he had to do to get there was learn to breathe and not get himself killed in the process.

Road to Wonderland Series book 5 (all books are standalone reads)

Author Bio:

From a young age L.J. Stock was led by her imagination. From the moment she could read she fell into worlds where trees could talk and little girls could move things with their minds.

In no hurry to grow up, she found stories all around her, in the forests of Plym Bridge, the moss covered hills of Dartmoor, then, as she grew older, the wide spread city of Houston, where she currently resides and works. A constant daydreamer, she hopes that one day, her passion can become something more than just a hobby for her.

Still led by her imagination, the worlds have slowly grown from childish adventures to urban fantasies and romances. With inspirational authors such as Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, John Grisham and Stephen King guiding her through her life so far, L.J. Stock has finally decided that it is time for her to go for gold and try land herself on someone else’s future list of favorites.

Putting words on paper is as essential as breathing to her, but on the rare occasions that she isn’t writing, she can be found with a video game remote in hand or curled up on the couch with her pup and a good book. Music is also such an important part of her life, it’s a wonder there isn’t a background soundtrack playing wherever she goes.

A good girl to most, a bad girl to a few, L.J. believes that every genre should be attempted and is more than likely to have tried to release three hundred series’ ranging from vampires and werewolves, to dystopian and even classic romance, before she reaches even middle age. At least, that’s the plan for now.

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The Road to Wonderland Series 

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The Road to Wonderland Series:

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Scott Jenkins interviews Ethan Walker

Scott: *tucking the bottle of jack under one arm, I grab two tumblers and slip into the office, kicking the door shut behind me. I'd been away on business all week. Finding new suppliers, checking out the competition as well as the local talent. Then I got the email explaining about this interview. It weren't like I had to have a reason to grill the kid. I'd been doing it since we were two little shits running around in nappies. Still, this was a "no holes barred" interview. At least that's what I was promised. I'd have to see when the pretty boy decides to show up.

Clocking his chair out of the corner of my eye, I shrug and sink into the little beauty, knowing full well the fucker can't say a damn thing. This is my show after all...

Ethan: *Heading back into the office after taking a piss, I spot Scott in my plush leather chair looking smug as you like with a bottle of the good shit in front of him.* Don’t get comfortable, mate. You ain’t gonna be there for long! What the hell you want?

Scott: *runs thumb along chin, grinning as I kick back and get comfy* Now, now, beautiful.. No need to be like that. *pours the amber liquid into a glass and takes a healthy swig, wafting my hand* Help yourself...

Ethan: *Grabbing the extra glass and the bottle, I fill up his glass and take the bottle with me, falling into the chair on the other side of the desk, and throwing my feet up on it. Pouring myself a shot and taking it, I smack my lips together before half filling the glass.* And to what do I owe the pleasure, and shit flirting?

Scott: *lifts the glass and dangles it mid-air* Word is, you're important n shit, now. I get to grill you for the next hour. Delve into your mind and dig up your innermost secrets. How'd ya feel about that, sweetcheeks?

Ethan: *Leaning forward and filling his glass, I can’t help the smug smile at the little shit.* I think you’re taking your love for me to another level shrek. *Knocks back the whiskey and gives myself a refill.* And  you don’t have an hour. I’m giving you ten questions lad, best be careful what comes out of your mouth. I may count that as one. *Laughs and winks, sipping the drink from the glass.*

Scott: Mate, I've just been away for seven days, drumming up business, fending off the girls.. It was a hard fuckin' week. Amuse me, will ya? *knocks another one back, snatching the bottle up*

So... What have you been up to whilst I was away, working my arse off an that?

Ethan: *Leans forward and wrestles the bottle from his grasp.* Poor wee lamb. You have a hard life, don’tcha? *Chuckles.* I’ve been running the business, mate. Waiting for a beautiful Blonde to give me a call. Which reminds me, mate. Some bird called here looking for you. *smirks*

Scott: Nothing new there then *chucks him a wink*

So.. She still hasn't called? Has it not occurred to you that maybe.. just maybe.. She isn't that into you? Still, I can't blame you for being persistent. I'd tap her fine arse any damn day *grabs the bottle now I've caught him off guard*

Ethan: *Smirks across at him.* Mate, she’s in love with me. She just doesn’t know it yet. Some arsehole must have done a right number on her. This is a beautiful, intelligent and complicated woman, maybe even a keeper. You don’t want to push her into something. *Makes a motion with my arm.* You have to ease her into it.

*Taking another drink and leaning forward to fill his, I lower myself in the chair a little more and get comfortable.*

Scott:  *chuckles* See, that's the thing.. *I pause briefly, tilting the glass towards him* She's different to the others. Any fool can see that. But what I don't get is, what makes her so special that she has you shitting your y-fronts over? She's got you so fuckin' twisted up that you can't see straight. If anyone's in love, mate, it's you.

Ethan: What makes her special? *Scratches cheek and smiles* What doesn’t is an easier question. She walks into a fucking room and it lights the fuck up. I think about her and find myself smiling. Want me to pinpoint the why’s? that ain’t never happening. I just know she’s different, and she makes me wanna fight all that shit I beat in the past, Scotty. She makes me want to be a better man, and I only had the one fucking date. *Grins over at him.* That makes me a pussy whipped fuck, so be it!

Scott: *pours another one and shakes head* Dude!! You really are pussy whipped! *chucks head back on a laugh* I never thought I'd see that day when Ethan Fuckin' Walker sprouts hearts and flowers over a lass. *grins*

Seriously though. I've known you a long time. Long enough to know that she's the one for you *swirls and knocks it back, swiping my mouth with the back of my hand* She's your game changer..

Ethan: *Laughs* Well at least I’m not the only one who see’s it. Now I just gotta get her on board.

*Grabs the bottle and fills the glass, knocking it back before refilling again.*

Scott: Want me to have a word? See this face *points* It can charm the pants of a nun. That Foo loving blonde wouldn't stand a chance.

Ethan: Mate, you have a chat with her and she’ll run for her bloody life! *Smirks.*

Scott: Touché, my tutu wearing amigo. Remind me again.. *Pausing, I lean forward and raise both brows* Where is blondie?

It would appear that your flannel shirt scared the poor girl off *tilting the bottle to my lips, I let out a laugh and down the contents in one*

Ethan: You think I’m going to give you her location? *Smirks* With all these questions I’m starting to think you’re competition! You got a thing for my girl, Scotty?

Scott: *shrugs* Does she have tits?

Dumb question, pretty boy. Honest though? I wouldn't dream of standing in the way of this perfect fairytale. I'm just gonna sit back and watch the magic unfold..

Besides, I've always got our pact to fall back on. Sharing is caring n all that *winks*

Ethan: *Starts laughing and Shakes my head.* Good lad. *Lifts glass and knocks it back* You got more questions for me?

Scott: Na. You're boring my dick off now *adjusts cock*

Anything you wanna share before I boot you out my office? *raises a brow*

Ethan: Yeah, mate, when did you get your period? I’m so fucking proud of my little girl!! Now get the fuck out of my chair!

Scott: The same day as you, twinkle toes, now do one! *kicks his chair, watching as spins across the room* In about thirty seconds a hot little brunette will walk right through that door. I don't want you ugly mug scaring her away *puffs chest and unbuttons shirt*

Ethan: *Picking up the bottle of water on the credenza, I head over and pop the cap, wetting down his crotch.* have fun with that soggy dick, and clean up after yourself!

*Gives Scotty a wink and grabs the bottle of Jack heading out the office.*

Scott: *unzips pants and kicks door shut behind him, cursing* motherfuckingfairy


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